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Twitter and Elon Musk


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13 hours ago, karbatal said:

I agree. I think a lot about why narcissistic dictators are appealing to people. Putin, Erdogan… Why ruthless unfair businessmen have such support. 

And yesterday I was reading in Twitter people applauding the drastic reduction of employees. As if they don’t understand that people are to fix things or develop new things. Just like a football team doesn’t have only 11 players, but up to 20: in case you need new tactics or someone gets hurt. I guess stupid people support stupid figures.

Yes.  Everyday people applauding and cheering on mass sackings and congratulating Elon Musk.  They would applaud him if he hired new people for the exact same jobs he sacked others over and payed them only $5 an hour. They would say what a great businessman he is. 🙄

Kanye West is allowed to come back to Twitter too.  So wishing war and death on Jewish people is now OK and simply freedom of speech.  😢

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35 minutes ago, karbatal said:

I wish Madonna knew someone in her team is paying 8 dollars a month to Elon Musk for a stupid blue check while all the cool people have told him to fuck off 

that's the first thought that popped in my head. those celebs who DONT pay will be the cool kids. 

her team is full of contradictions. on the one hand, they're so behind and slow with so many things. on the other hand, they're the first pay Elon and get into NFTs..

then again, if im not mistaken, Oseary is pals/befriends him, so that's probably the reason

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OMG he’s given back the blue tick to those with more than a million followers and in their bio it appears they paid but lots of accounts say they didn’t pay and ask for it to GO AWAY :rotfl:

He is the most useless business man ever 

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#TwitterDown: Thousands of users hit with ‘rate limit exceeded’ error message

By Ramishah Maruf, CNN

Updated 1:29 PM EDT, Sat July 1, 2023

New York CNN — 

Thousands of Twitter users across several countries were unable to access the social media site, or faced difficulty and delays, Saturday. 

“Rate Limit Exceeded” and “#TwitterDown” are the two top trending topics on the app in the US, for those who have use of it. The former had over 40,000 tweets as of Saturday noon.

Reports of outages began around 8 am EST, according to DownDetector, and shot up through the morning. As of noon EST, DownDetector showed more than 7,400 outage reports across the website.

Users, including CNN journalists, flagged that their feeds weren’t loading and that they were met with an error message saying, “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.” Others reported errors saying the site cannot retrieve tweets.

Musk changes policy

Hours after users began reporting the problems, billionaire owner Elon Musk tweeted that the site had applied temporary limits “to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.”

Verified accounts are limited to reading 6,000 posts a day, he tweeted, while unverified accounts are limited to just 600. New unverified accounts are at 300 posts a day.

Musk began offering a blue verification check mark for users who sign up for its Twitter Blue subscription service to grow revenue.

Many expressed their frustration ith the connection problems. Other trending topics in the US included: “Wtf twitter” and “Thanks Elon.” 

Just yesterday, Twitter appeared to be restricting access to its platform for anyone not logged into an account. It was not clear whether the change was an intentional policy update or a glitch. Most of the reported problems Saturday were on the website, at 44%, followed by 39% of problems reported on the app.

CNN has reached out to Twitter for comment, but the platform responded with an automated poop emoji.

Twitter users faced similar wide-ranging service disruptions in March, one of the largest outages since Elon Musk took over. More than 8,000 users reported disruptions in that instance.

Musk is trying to turn around the platform, which faced an exodus of advertisers, with the onboarding of a new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. 

CNN’s Clare Duffy contributed to this report.

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He put a limit on how many tweets a person can see :dead:

He is clearly out of servers. What a MORON 

And of course now the amount of time on Twitter will be less which will affect advertising. This should be VERY temporary or it means the death of the platform 

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2 hours ago, Sanctuary1995 said:

I use Twitter only for porn, I need a lot less than 600 posts to shoot 🫢😝

Actually it doesn’t work like that. If you open a tweet with thousands of replies your time expires that very minute.

Anyway it seems the moron paid his debts because Twitter got back to normal today again. I guess someone explained to him the basics of a business. Useless prick.

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2 hours ago, jonski43 said:

Who the hell is going to leave and go to Zuckerberg's Threads though? Like he's any better in the CEO stakes. 

Actually Zuckerberg is so angry at the EU laws forbidding to send users info to the USA that he threatened to stop giving services to Europe :lmao: They can only sustain their business model with our data as commodity. And it’s getting increasingly more difficult. He’d better think of a good business model for his next project besides getting Twitter users.

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The rate limit warning has stopped for me so all is good again it seems. For now. I've been on twitter since 2008 and unless Elon keeps fucking up I really don't see myself joining another platform. Unless of course twitter shuts down or something and I have no choice. 

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Sad and crazy to think that this guy could literally end homelessness in the United States, remain a billionaire and this is what he squanders his wealth on. What a waste of air.

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