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Twitter and Elon Musk


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13 hours ago, karbatal said:

I agree. I think a lot about why narcissistic dictators are appealing to people. Putin, Erdogan… Why ruthless unfair businessmen have such support. 

And yesterday I was reading in Twitter people applauding the drastic reduction of employees. As if they don’t understand that people are to fix things or develop new things. Just like a football team doesn’t have only 11 players, but up to 20: in case you need new tactics or someone gets hurt. I guess stupid people support stupid figures.

Yes.  Everyday people applauding and cheering on mass sackings and congratulating Elon Musk.  They would applaud him if he hired new people for the exact same jobs he sacked others over and payed them only $5 an hour. They would say what a great businessman he is. 🙄

Kanye West is allowed to come back to Twitter too.  So wishing war and death on Jewish people is now OK and simply freedom of speech.  😢

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