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  1. He’s not the bravest, is he? More like a coward.
  2. They refuse to send back the body to his family. It says a lot on how he was treated.
  3. Tragic. Here’s someone who fought for what he believed in. He has all my admiration. A real HERO, indeed. May he rest in peace.
  4. Thank God, for a bit of sanity in this thread. Thank you @Raider of the lost Ark to bring this up. The comments I read about the West, here, kinda make me want to throw up. Some of you tend to forget that if you leave freely and (most of the time) safely, that’s because you live here. If, as a gay man, you can have a boyfriend, you can marry, you can express freely, that’s because you live here, in this part of the World you hate so much. Not happy? Move to Russia, China, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. Then we’ll talk. Of course we’re not perfect. And yes, everywhere in the World the far right is getting stronger and stronger. Doesn’t mean we’re all like that. And it doesn’t mean we’re not aware. Stop being so patronizing and condescending. I’d be curious to hear, what are you doing, concretely, for this, apart writing shit on a Madonna forum? Enlighten us. And don’t play the "journalist" card. You seem to be so more intelligent than us, you can do better than this. And btw, I read articles about this tragic situation, every day, in the news. I read about United Nations positions and about International court of Justice. So yes, we know what is happening. I don’t need Twitter post for that.
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