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  1. FOX News knew all along it was bullshit. FROM THE START. That makes me want to puke. ‘The Whole Thing Seems Insane’: New Documents on Fox and the Election Democracy is at stake but all they can think of is rating and popularity. Don't ask why I hate Human beings so much.
  2. There is so many, they don’t even talk about it in the news, here, these days
  3. Who needs DAILY MAIL when you have the Politics and World Events section of MadonnaNation ??
  4. I had a meeting online with a colleague, this morning. She lives in Scotland. She was devastated. You could see she couldn't think about anything else.
  5. Let's all go there and have some fun ! Apparently there are still tickets for M in that stadium,
  6. I've been to Stockholm, once, and I remember a guy in Kungsträdgården, he was so hot, I would have done a lot of dirty things to get in bed with him,
  7. Numbers are getting higher and higher every hours. Tragic.
  8. More than 6000 people dead apparently.
  9. At least 2 800 people dead - and probably more, according to CNN https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/05/europe/earthquake-hits-turkey-intl-hnk/index.html Such a tragedy.
  10. Yes it's crazy and frightening. We can thank Trump for that mess. Scary.
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