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  1. I wouldn't be surprised either. They are everywhere and that's their tactic. They will do everything they can to hurt democracies around the World.
  2. She kinda has a point, though. You’ll tell me time have changed, but still, it’s a little hypocritical.
  3. Great news Jan. Very happy for you and Australia. A very good news! Murdoch is a scumbag, glad to see his influence is slowly going away. People are waking up.
  4. The guy has ZERO idea of what he is doing : Twitter said on Friday it had reinstated the "official" grey verification badge given to some accounts, days after removing it.
  5. I agree with you, @Raider of the lost Ark - that design is absolutely horrible. And I'm one of those who would never buy a Tesla, just because it has something to do with Elon Musk - a disgusting and vile human being.
  6. Same here ! People from the right use that word everytime, just to insult anyone who has a different opinion. Most of the time, they are white male, 40-60yo. They totally feel threatened by anything that might interfere with their comfort.
  7. Not sure RON DE SANTIS is better, though. In fact, I think he's worst. On surface, he might seems more "respectable" and "intelligent" than Trump, but underneath, he does far worse things.
  8. Just read this very interesting paper where they say the biggest loser of these midterms election is TRUMP : The U.S. midterm elections could be a death knell for Trump
  9. And some people think it's funny to watch, so they vote for her. Too bad for them, it's not a SNL sketch.
  10. I talked about it in the M insta thread: They vote for these kind of people (Trump, Taylor Greene, etc.) not because they believe in what they say, but because they love the shit show. That is so depressing.
  11. It's not the red wave they predicted. Guess there's still a little bit of hope.
  12. Yes, I guess they are (same happened with TRUMP vs BIDEN), but Luna is definitely the least worst.
  13. Insane how it’s so close… this World is completely fucked up. Makes me sick.
  14. Yes it works ! I'm gonna watch it later this weekend, thanks for posting !
  15. A few of them, maybe, but I don't see a mass of people doing it. People are so cheap these days, they refuse to pay 10 bucks a month to subscribe to Spotify... That's the "new economy".
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