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  1. True I know Victoria. Queensland and ACT has banned it. All have Labor state governments in power which the Murdoch press absolutely hate. Our right wing Federal government would never ban it. Especially with Hillsong church member Scott Morrison as Pm
  2. Yes. I know so many like that. They are also in general heartless, whiny and privileged. Example - We are Lockdown in Melbourne for at least 2 weeks and people who won’t be earning wages or have been stood down will be getting a payment from the government. So they should be as they have no way of earning any income during the lockdown. Had to listen to one of these types of people that you mentioned above, about how unfair it was that her taxes went towards that and she should also get paid if bludgers were getting handouts. When I replied to her that we were still working and getting a wage during Lockdown so did not need a payment, she still sulked and went on about the socialist left etc. Why are these ultra right wing people so selfish and heartless. She hates so called “ lefties and greenies” and always excuses the big corporations etc.
  3. Corruption and the mega rich looking after each other while breaking rules is disgraceful. With so much of the press now being Murdoch ruled, it not only hardly gets reported but is completely accepted. People would of been furious about this 30 years ago. Now, they just shrug.
  4. Love it She took on Marjorie and won ! Such a great show.
  5. Kim, that sickens me. I now understand the reasons people have become disillusioned with the opposition ( thanks to the UK people that contribute to this thread ) but I still find anyone liking and supporting Boris insane and morally bankrupt. It is like watching a horror play. At least many Americans understood and were disgusted by Trump. Where is the outrage over Boris’s callous disregard to victims and complete inept performance. He does not even DENY what Cummings said. Just bumbles along and people shrug it iff. Utterly terrifying to be honest. Imagine him leading the UK in a war.
  6. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Try to deflect and bury bad news by talking about frivolous so called feel good big events. Boris is a lying inept heartless idiot only interested in himself and the right wing media not only let him get away with it, they actively protect him. Just disgusting.
  7. Dominic Cummings revelations about Boris Johnson are now getting a lot of media attention worldwide. Have seen major reports of it in Australia a lot now. Boris does not deny the shocking allegations and instead just vaguely waffles on about other things. He is an absolute embarrassment to the UK.
  8. So sadly true. The damage Murdoch has made with ultra right wing reporting now mainstream and accepted is horrifying and so insidious too. They expertly know the triggers to inflame people and don’t care if it is factual to their stories or for the damage they do.
  9. It is terrifying indeed. Having fools who crave power in charge is dangerous. Seen it in the workplace to know how damaging it is. Having leaders in charge of countries who are so incompetent, arrogant and stupid is catastrophic and so damaging to everyone. The Murdoch press should take a lot of the blame. They gleefully pick and choose who to endorse to suit their own selfish agenda. Then manipulate the way people are told information.
  10. Absolutely horrifying reading Cummings Coronavirus evidence. Boris the clown and his party are not only heartless but inept and unprepared. Imagine him being in charge in the World wars. The fact this narcissistic evil fool who achieves nothing is popular is terrifying. Also that people shrug off this evidence with apathy and therefore excuse him.
  11. So sad. People’s lack of humanity and lack of compassion is growing stronger worldwide. Terrifying.
  12. So infuriating. Who do they think has been in power in ages ? Ultimately calling the shots. Who does not value public hospitals and are all for the rich ? Yet, they instead blame Labour and vote for the party that actively wants to keep people poor and working class. Does my head in why people are so stupid. Same here. Our conservative party takes away penalty rates for hospitality workers and some of those exact same workers vote for them. They are their own worst enemy. You won't ever see the so called upper class or high income workers deviate away from the conservative party. They are smart as those parties will always look after them. It is senseless and crazy that working class people vote for a party that will NEVER look after them.
  13. Very interesting article @funkydita Excuse my ignorance as don't live in the UK, but Labour must be absolutely appalling if people are choosing Boris over them. His response to Covid has been disgraceful. So many deaths on his watch. The corruption on top of that. Has the vaccine roll out saved him or was he on the way to victory without it ? Where did Labour go wrong ? Is there no hunger amongst the UK people to have an alternative party that has different values ? Are people really that apathetic that they just accept Boris and his corrupt inept party as decision makers in their future. Surely there must be some passionate people who want to lift Labour back into serious opposition. Every time I see Boris on television, I just think how dreadful he is and how the UK must shudder to have him as his leader but he seems so popular.
  14. So depressing. Boris is a bumbling corrupt idiot and his party is heartless. Yet everyone is voting for him. Working class who vote for the Tories are voting against their interests. It is like the workers voting for pay cuts and loss of conditions at work in favour of bonuses for their bosses. Something else that is frightening is how many people now think anyone who votes for the opposition are dangerous crazy lefties. The media has been pushing that agenda for so long now and it has seeped in.
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