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  1. She is crazy, offensive and idiotic. She sickens me.
  2. What absolute ignorant idiots. That poor little bear cub was so frightened and would of been waiting for his mother to return. This obsession people have of taking selfies all the time makes them stupid and idiotic to the extreme.
  3. Hi Jan,

    So sorry for not responding to your last PM, but Jonski and I were suspended because of comments made in the old Gaga thread a while ago. When we returned, we can no longer send PM's, access certain parts of the forum, and our post count has been reduced to 1 😂It'll probably return in the future, but right now...we can't do anything. All we are allowed is seven posts per day.



  4. It is frightening and infuriating to watch someone sink so far down the rabbit hole. To think this woman once made a tv show that spoke to the working class in such a clever true way. Now, she is a paranoid delusional crazy woman who supports and sides with a man whose values she would of once despised and spoken out about.
  5. Although I am not American, as we see and hear about Trump all the time, everyone has an opinion on him. The only people I know who like him are people that are notoriously hard right, are openly and proudly racist and are always whining about "The Woke" I also have noticed that overwhelmingly women can't stand him. I can only imagine how American women must feel given that he has helped take away their rights. Surely there comes a time when having rights taken away from you is far more important that any misplaced ideology that does not even represent what people think anymore.
  6. Surely Americans can see how unhinged, dangerous and revolting Trump is. The fact that he still has so many followers is frightening.
  7. Exactly. Another idiot who is a disgrace to the people she claims to be fighting for. Has every fact wrong and is crawling to the MAGA crowd who would detest everything transgender.
  8. The way some republicans are still crawling to Trump and his rabid cult is spineless and disturbing. Also how can anyone support that dangerous nutter Marjorie Taylor Greene ? It is mind boggling how she can still be employed after her dangerous views have been fully exposed.
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