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  1. Cutting down a 300 year old tree - such a heartless, awful and useless thing to do. Incredibly sad.
  2. Same here. I think he is a compete ticking timebomb. Just stunned at the grip he seems to have on the Republican party and how much support he still seems to command.
  3. Do people not have an issue with the protests and storming parliament to overturn an election ? What I find so staggering. That is fascism to the dot. I understand that people are conservative voters but there is a huge difference between being conservative and supporting fascism and crazy conspiracy theories. When I see Trump and the likes of Marjorie Taylor Green etc having support, it is like we have regressed back to the dark ages.
  4. I have hope that people outside the MAGA cult will reject Trump. Americans always have held pride in their democracy and Trump and his cult like supporters have done everything possible to destroy democracy. It would be insane to elect him back in as President and would be goodbye to their valued democracy.
  5. The way some republicans are still crawling to Trump and his rabid cult is spineless and disturbing. Also how can anyone support that dangerous nutter Marjorie Taylor Greene ? It is mind boggling how she can still be employed after her dangerous views have been fully exposed.
  6. I think everyone on this forum would know of my intense hatred of Rupert Murdoch. I don't like hating people but he is one person I freely admit to hating. The way he has pushed his agendas for years through owning so much of the world's press is frightening and so under-estimated. I could go on about his wriggling out of the phone hacking scandal - that stuff with Rebekah Brooks was the biggest set up of all time to get him off. Not to mention how his papers all hire right wing writers who are racist, sexist and hate unions with a passion. To top it all off, he owns so much of the worldwide press, both print and television. He gloated about the coverage of the Sydney siege and did not even mention the 2 people that were killed when he tweeted that they got all the news first. He used to tweet about his hatred of Julia Gillard as well. O'h and he owns Fox news and the NY post. Says it all.
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