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  1. Did that announcement wipe even more from the share price?
  2. His son Lachlan is taking over and I think someone here said he's as bad, if not worse, than daddy
  3. It's working though. Every time he goes on about it and his charges, donations go up. Victim culture works on both sides.
  4. this just makes me really sad. The woman is 49 but clearly needs help.
  5. Yes, Instagram's answer to Twitter is called Threads. Lots of people threatened to leave Twitter and then came crawling back a few weeks later
  6. It's a shame the company is no longer on the stock exchanged as I'd love to see the effect on the share price. I'm expecting it to return to Twitter at some point. It's such a strong brand and X is nothing. Oh and I just saw a news headline that threads has lost half its users already!
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12343921/Model-worlds-biggest-cheeks-concerns-fans-goes-knife-extreme-surgery.html
  8. Who the hell is going to leave and go to Zuckerberg's Threads though? Like he's any better in the CEO stakes.
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