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  1. Thanks for pointing that out (and for the other reply! Always love to see room for discussion ) My comments were about the painter, not balenciaga, who i believe wanted to provoke for publicity. Theyve been trash for years.
  2. Where's the glorifying of abuse? They're paintings of naked children. The Italian Renaissance, Rubens (Borremans' biggest inspiration) DaVinci, Botticelli, Velazquez, El Greco,V. D Weyden.. so many with paintings of nude children. Many of these are some of the most incredible works of art ever made. if we go this route, might as well burn all the museums and churches down.. just ban all historic art that shows nudity
  3. Borremans is an incredible painter. Art is supposed to be strange and make people think. I cant with gen z and do many people on social media looking to get offended these days. Not everything is literal. Sorry but.. since when are the youth so fucking prude? This feels like the conservative alt right jumping in with their usual “wont somebody please think of the children” anti sex and homophobic “propaganda”. Dont fall for it.
  4. So, I'm seeing some different perspectives on this that I can appreciate. Turns out the women were indeed not so foolish and impulsive. I like this take on it:
  5. they're actually doing more favours to the oil giants. proves once again they only care about getting attention. and yes, it possibly inspiring some copycats is what im scared of as well. speaking of.. it's picasso's 50th death anni with lots of exhibitions all over the world.. i'd be very sad if it inspired some lunatics to destroy some of his work
  6. seeing how foolish they are, they probably don't even know who liz truss is. and.. you know.. it's a little harder to get it perfectly in frame for a short tiktok video. by the way, it gets even more pathetic. apparently they choose to vandalise an oil painting to protest climate change. they dont know where oil paint comes from?
  7. they clearly don't. and if they picked it because it's one of the most expensive ever sold, they failed. even if there's some damage, they probably only made its value increase. that said, still think the gallery was in on it.
  8. it's in a frame, there's a glass in front of it, so it's safe. so much for the bravery. from the looks of it, seems like the gallery agreed to it. so, what's the point? why this work? cuz it shows sunflowers and these idiots think they're greta? van gogh is probably one of the last artists whose work you should pretend to vandalise for "justice". it's like destroying a kahlo piece in the name of "women rights"
  9. that's actually the first thing i thought of elton has probably been "campaigning" to perform at her funeral for years like the leech he is.
  10. while Im no fan of the monarchy, those pseudo woke people on twitter are the worst. these are the same people who shared those "cute" gifs of queen elizabeth's 70th jubilee, or said trump should have respect for "classy" elizabeth when he walked in front of her for a second. fuck those hypocrites. they're spreading a ton of misinformation as well, only to get attention for themselves. if they truly cared as much as they pretend to online, they'd be doing charity work or community service instead of trying to get hit tweets. there's so many sheep online. always repeating the same stuff without doing any research.
  11. I grew up always hearing what an awful woman she is along with the monarchy. My dad taught me well. When I was maybe 15, I said something negative about queen elizabeth on madonnalicious, and got attacked by either a mod or member with a ton of posts/popularity there, saying "she's an amazing woman! how dare you?" I was so shocked with how defensive some people can be about the monarchy. this isn't a matter of liking a musician or a movie star for their work.. it's the epitome of nepotism, where a select few just happened to be born in all the wealth (and some power). why would you worship something like this? i can understand being fascinated, but not "liking" these people oh, and the same goes for diana, whom is a favorite on twitter. why do they act like she was an outsider? she was the chosen "perfect princess" for charles, because she had stronger "blue blood" than camilla. she's not much different than anyone else in that family. if she were alive today, i'm sure she wouldn't be so liked
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