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  1. same.. I often tear up, just thinking about how vast the universe is, all what we don't know, how insignificant we are, and how everything one day will be lost, forgotten forever..
  2. nothing more fascinating and intriguing than the mysteries of space.. also glad we're at a point now where people don't say you're delusional anymore for speculating that we're clearly not alone! For anyone else who's into this, I recommend the movies Europa Report, doc "a journey through the universe" (it's for free on youtube) and Sunshine for the visuals and lovely eerie vibes! thanks for sharing these wonderful images @Jazzy Jan
  3. Ive been seeing videos of parents screaming and crying to officers, begging them to do something, while they hear gunshots.. it took 40 minutes before the cops went into the building. there's no words
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