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  1. If I remember correctly, there were a small few that liked Trump here years ago. They've either left or been very quiet about it since.
  2. THIS exactly. Various experts in certain fields are questioning what are the possible bigger things at play here. Twitter is a powerful tool in this world, affecting many different things. What it becomes, if it implodes, how it may be used going forward, etc. has massive implications for a lot of things going forward. Lots of interesting things to consider. That's all I was getting at.
  3. Thank you. With all honesty, this constant narrative that those of who don't agree with or join in the constant criticisms about the supposed current state of Madonna or her social media feed is a really tired and insulting one, and it's made this place a really miserable place to be sometimes. The finger-wagging, name-calling and scolding is just not cute anymore. And it wasn't even necessary to bring into this thread.
  4. First of all, who exactly are "addicted loons", and who are you calling that? Because no one here sees this man as any sort of hero. In fact, quite the opposite. All I thought was that there's some interesting perspectives right now from experts who study authoritarianism, media, disinformation, etc. regarding who funded the deal, who he is/was in communication with for the deal, what are the long-term ramifications of all this and how does it affect future issues regarding protecting democracy/communication/elections/etc. There's a lot of things ringing the alarm to them beyond the obvious of him just being an egomaniac.
  5. So, is he just that incompetent and egomaniacal? Or is sinking twitter part of a bigger plan (considering who backed his purchase)? Musk’s Twitter Buy Makes No Sense – Unless It’s Part of Something Bigger https://bylinetimes.com/2022/11/07/musks-twitter-buy-makes-no-sense-unless-its-part-of-something-bigger/?fbclid=IwAR1eeWtiWkgdZfyK7AGJ6460a59iRlw4jHz6-dzlhlcl84wjDBJ7OI5bxlI
  6. As someone said, he really has absolutely NO idea what he is doing.
  7. Never underestimate the sheer stupidity, willful ignorance, and apathy of many Americans. Let alone our incredibly short attention span.
  8. ps. Just because some of us aren't constantly posting about it here doesn't mean we aren't paying attention.
  9. I've been following all of it, especially the 1/6 hearings that are just absolutely mind-blowing. Those hearings alone should be the biggest wake up call. The future feels bleak.
  10. So now he officially owns twitter. Watch, he's going to let Trump back on.
  11. What's wrong with being anti-monarchy (or other forms of government)?
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