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  1. Anyone surprised... Tesla's Musk says he's leaning towards DeSantis for president https://finance.yahoo.com/news/teslas-musk-says-hes-leaning-173817378.html
  2. The cult of personality built around him is bizarre.
  3. I believe he's also being investigated, financially, on several different fronts, including possible illegal stock stuff. And a lot of past issues with Tesla are coming out regarding product quality, the issue with the self-driving thing, and worker-related stuff.
  4. xo. :brenspin:

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  5. I say it all the time when he comes up in conversation, but he's basically a real life caricature of a Bond villain. Besides the obvious examples, there's always been something very 'off' about him. Sometime about him I don't trust...a gut sort of feeling. Had it for years long before his bullshit of the past couple years. And then there's the bizarre cult of personality built around him. Very concerning...
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