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  1. Of course. In fact, I say legalize it all. End the "Drug War". THIS.
  2. THIS. It's a 21st century American autocratic/fascist movement. Plain as day.
  3. He's a classic grifter, con-artist and sociopath, just like his other fascist right-wing cohorts and supreme leader Trump.
  4. This dude is nothing more than a sociopathic, grifting, lying, attention-whore...along with the rest of these right-wing assholes. This is all just another ploy for attention because he clearly can no longer get a real job, and even the batshit fringe he panders to have gotten hip to his antics.
  5. He's pure evil. The last few decades of right-wing politics in the US is ALL him. Nailed it.
  6. This criminal asshole needs to be tried for treason or sedition. Or something. Again.
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