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  4. If you are reading this, please delete my account in its entirety.

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  7. Wow! I can't believe the size of the damages. Do you think the lawyer did it deliberately? And will he be tried for perjury?
  8. No, that's not all the punishment. They're now going to work out what he owes the victims.
  9. Recession on the way. Grim, grim stuff, with the absolute worst people at the helm.
  10. Check your PM Kurt!!

  11. Just $4 million? Not enough for what he's put those families through. I don't think you can put monetary value on it but after they asked for $150 million, seems like somewhat of a slap in the face to the families. This man calls himself a "performance artist". So, even though he knows what he says isn't true, even though he knows his supporters lap it up and will harass these families, he as recently as this week has said Sandy Hook is fake and the families are "actors". He was also at 1/6 insurrection. Really hope he gets investigated and a proper punishment. Enough of is enough of this bullshit.
  12. Hi zephyralexxx, hope you're okay!

    Wanted to write you this in a private message, but apparently it's deactivated, so I'm posting this here instead 🙂

    I was just reading through the Out and About Thread and saw the discussion you were having yesterday with some members re: MJ (if we can call it a discussion at all, since it was mostly a barrage of personal attacks and ad hominem). Just wanted to tell you, don't let these ppl get you down and keep up your posts! I noticed before how crazily aggressive some people get when other forumers don't agree with them, throwing all sorts of insults against others - simply because they can't accept others' point of view.  

    I had those type of discussions before with these members - for them, it's all black and white (no pun intended 😅 ), either you must condemn MJ as a monster or if you don't, you're automatically a pedophile enabler.

    Pay no attention to it, there's no use to understand these people or reason with them. It's sad because Madonna herself has been the object of attack and ridicule so many times, so you'd think we as M fans would be more sensitized...yet some members have no problem doing the very same thing with other artists (not just MJ). I think you said something similar a couple of times, I totally agree with you on this.

    Unfortunately, it's this kind of thing (among other reasons) that reduced my interest in posting here...but I do still enjoy reading through some threads from time to time, mostly also because of members like you who still show a balanced point of view regarding M and state their opinion in a civilized way, without picking fights with other members and coming up with insults.

    TL;DR, I appreciate your postings and hope you don't let the stuff some of the ppl said to you get you down. 

    Cu dragoste from another (half)-Romanian member! 😊

    1. zephyralexxx


      Hi Nonoka.

      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

      Yes, I am facing these attacks since 2019 when I dared to say her that M's Eurovision performance was a disaster. Recently I've been a communist homophobic and pedophile endorser. I honestly tell you that if I felt down in the beginning because of these attacks, now I've learned the lesson that if you don't agree with them, you are reduced to their insults. So I'm not bothering anymore, but in the future, I will express my point of view even if the same situation is repeating. I don't care.

      On the other hand, being a Madonna fan for 30 years, I am more balanced now and I can express my admiration for her or simply criticize her when I feel to.

      I think this is the first private message I got from another fan on this forum, since 2007 when I became a member.

      I like the ending: cu dragoste, asemenea, from me, as well 🤗


    2. Nonoka


      Hey Alex!

      It's good that you learnt not to care anymore about what those members say - I am glad there are still people around here who stick to their opinion and do not care about conforming to others' points of view (and after all, isn't that what M always taught in her art? 😄)

      I didn't realize you've been a member for so long! I've been here since 2011, and even in this time, the forum has changed a lot - and, unfortunately, mostly not for the better IMO..but let's stay positive 🤗

      Looking forward to your future posts!


    3. zephyralexxx


      Definitely! Let’s stay positive, it’s the best thing to do her or any other social media 🤗🤗

      Keep in touch!


  13. Far right radio host, Alex Jones, lawyer "accidentally" sends all his texts to the lawyers for the parents of Sandy Hook victims.
  14. Yes I understand. I guess its what Jazzy says, they had very catchy songs and that makes them seem better. i think they seem bigger to me because music was so DIRE with so much grunge and angst and suddenly bam!!!! Pure pop.
  15. I was always fascinated by this, but became even more fascinated since 2005 when I saw how sunrise and sunset looks on Mars captured by NASA's Spirit Mars rover. I even applied on a NASA archive job but it was impossible when there was only 1 job in the whole world at that time
  16. same.. I often tear up, just thinking about how vast the universe is, all what we don't know, how insignificant we are, and how everything one day will be lost, forgotten forever..
  17. That's like finding out your Dad listens to S Club Juniors. I quite liked Girls Aloud, but I don't think they were in any way impressive. I see this as similar to Harry Potter. Everyone being told to like something even though they know it's actually really derivative shite.
  18. I think Spice Girls were a really great group for like the two years that lasted. Manufactured or not they were so impressive that they are still incredibly great. As persons I admit I have no idea about them but truth is that most manufactured artists are usually incredibly stupid.
  19. Sporty seems to be the most down to earth one but unfortunately I find her voice quite unpleasant. They don't even have a camp factor for me - just went straight from manufactured corporate trash to middle aged housewives. There seems to be a conveyor belt of the same old faces doing the rounds on these talent shows. I liked X Factor back in the day, but what a lot of contrived shite, really.
  20. My brother was telling me about Posh Spice Victoria Beckham and how she wanted to stop a football team Peterborough United from using their nickname "The Posh" Even though they were called that for decades. She opposed them registering the name. Seriously, what a stupid vain idiot. I remember them saying Margaret Thatcher was a spice girl and empowering etc. I often wonder how there are so many incredibly talented singers and entertainers in the world and people with either little or no talent become stars. I put the Spice girls in that category ( excluding Sporty Spice who I think has talent ) and it shocked me how many flocked to their reunion concert. Scary Spice is always in Australia hosting something and is now one of the judges on The Masked singer. We are like her second home.
  21. Same! A lot of manufactured nonsense for little girls and teenage gays.
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