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  2. I blame the parents. I am a parent myself and I can see how all this unfolds before my own eyes, against my better judgment. Kids get spoiled, they don’t even know what to wish for on their birthdays or Xmas. Weird times. They don’t go out, I must force them to play outside. They return after 30 mins because they’re bored. Everything on a screen is the only acceptable entertainment for them. I don’t feel hopeless yet, but it’s hard. They are used to getting everything instantly. I’m rather strict and there are things they won’t get from me, I won’t buy them skins or packages for stupid online games. They also don’t get smartphones before a certain age. Other kids in their school they seem to have everything I have as a grown up. No restrictions, full access to internet and apps, every gadget you can think of. I’m talking about 10 year olds. Other parents seem to pride themselves in giving their kids everything they want. It’s a certain demographic I won’t specify any further, but let’s say it seems important to them that they can afford these things and everyone gets to see it via their kids. Sorry for my slightly off topic rant. I just hope I raise them to be something more than a consumer. The obsession with brands and products even among the youngest is off putting and concerning.
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  4. The Israeli authorities are stoping military action to let aid through into Gaza. Not a moment too soon either !
  5. She did indeed it’s a joy to have her back. As someone who has recently gone through 2 deaths from cancer I draw comfort from her and The King they are human at the end of the day trying to make the best of the cards they are dealt, like we all do. The nastiness is shameful they are people.
  6. She looked stunning! I saw a million beautiful photos, she genuinely seemed happy and glowing, under the circumstances. So many nasty people said she’s dead or the RF has killed her, so disrespectful and evil. People will believe snd say anything in order to hate the Royals.
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  8. So has the conviction changed America’s opinion? Or is Trump heading to the white house in November still?
  9. We don’t get to know much either since we left the European Union.
  10. Catherine looked beautiful as she took her place on the iconic balcony with The King. Its wonderful to see her again and the whole country is rejoicing.
  11. It’s amazing to see her again as a Brit I feel very proud. She is incredibly loved in my country
  12. I’ve enjoyed them so far but it’s been fast and furious this last fortnight they are everywhere ! Good for you!!! Labour certainly get my vote as well!! Any more Brits in ??? Who’s voting ??
  13. I expect Labour to win. I will be voting for them most likely. Possibly Lib Dems might get my vote, but Labour have it in the bag for my constituency, so a vote for the Lib Dems might be wasted. I hate the electioneering and TV debates. I don't know who they appeal to.
  14. Any other Brits in following the election campaign? You can hardly move with TV debates and press coverage !! I think Labour are returning to power with a comfortable majority But I think the conservatives will be hammered next month and may for the first time in history, become a lesser party in parliament with the reform party becoming the main opposition! Its changing times in British politics
  15. The Princess of Wales Catherine is to take part in The Kings birthday celebrations this weekend. It will be her first public appearance since reviewing her cancer diagnosis
  16. Ya, 'vibes' are def. a major, potent and accurate (a LOT of the time) thing. Happened in 2016. Even on her 'best' days never truly felt Hilary had IT. Atp absolutely feels like T/Maga hellscape coming. Biden is *current President so of course HE will get more media laser focused scrutiny than Trump (or any other nominee). And Trump is really, truly also in BAD, deranged, demented, demonic shape now. But the media is FULL Hillary e-mail now but now it's 'Biden's age'. & yes it's absolutely working. Trump & his brain rot is waay worse than 2016. But he's more noisy & rants w/ 'vigor'. That's what the masses in the US are drawn to (vs. frailty, feeble, weakness) unfortunately. Biden pulsates those things. 'Issue' isn't the job Biden done or policies- it's specifically HIM and Harris. NY Post, X, etc...can hose out all the bullshit and deepfakes but in *real time everyone is still seeing & hearing a walking dear/headlight bumbling, corpse. Biden has aged from 90 (when he was 78) in 2020 to 105 now. Dude is in rough shape. Ya, it's at 'that' point now of voting for a cactus covered in poop laying in the ICU over Trump. Whitmer and some other Governors would effortlessly crush Trump. Dems are INSANE, in denial & deserve the war zone shit post election they'll get if they don't do something asap. Of course they won't. This is HRC 2016 and RBG not retiring. Forget Maga but almost day ONE Dems pleaded they don't want 4 more years of Biden.
  17. THIS. It appears teenagers in the 50s were more rebellious. But what is there to rebel against nowadays? Generations before them fought for all the freedoms and liberties they enjoy. Yet many of those young people are quite ignorant why they even have those freedoms, they may think society has always been this way. Even worse, they seem to take those freedoms forgranted which is a dangerous game which can be seen in the U.S. People in the U.S. thought no one would touch Roe vs. Wade and a womans body autonomy would be respected. Look at Florida and the bible belt states and their Anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Well, Generation Z is good at putting the blame on people while being unable to get things done on their own. Just look at the climate change movement. Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion. Blaming boomers for all that is going wrong with the climate as if nothing has ever been done in the past in regards to environment or climate. I remember very well what was going on in the 80s with dying woods because of sour rain and how polluted the rivers and lakes were. And people took on the challenge. Nowaydays the rivers and lakes are as clean as they have never been before The woods are in a better shape, but still in a dire situation. Now the issue is the climate and not the pollution. At the same time, Generation Z is worshipping on the altar of consumerism like no generation before them. The newest IPhone, this newest this and newest that. Do they care how those products are produced? For workers and environment alike. Just yesterday I saw a short on YT where one of those influencers did an ad for Temu. A pair of sneakers? 1 dollar! Great! Why care it only costs 1 dollar? It may have been produced in a concentration camp in China by a political inmate and most likely consists of chemicals that cause cancer. But what the heck, it looks great on Tik Tok. They tell others to drink water, yet they drink the wine.
  18. Im an older millennial and just about everyone I knew growing up did pretty cringe worthy stuff in retrospect. I was a real well behaved kid but would still sit in the back of my mom’s station wagon with no seatbelt with my face against the back windshield at times. It’s weird to me the Gen Z generation a lot of that behavior is just replaced with memes. It’s always a good thing regardless of age to have loving and supportive parents. But yeah it’s just different today.
  19. Its not just that: I mean whose president wont get crucified for giving up 20 percent of a country's territory through "peaceful" negotiations? Also, this could very well be a ceasefire so that RU gets some years to recuperate and then invade another part of Ukraine and/or other Eastern European country?
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