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  3. If parties of the Left unite they will win. This is Italy part II: that cunt Meloni won because the left was divided.
  4. nop! next elections are in July!!!!!! Sanchez wants to win, at least , he wants to profite the bad situation of all the mini political parties to his left.I bet he will win again
  5. Oh and not to mention THIS. Left parties are so STUPID always arguing about the tiny things that they are left out because they don’t unite
  6. Well, sign of the times. In my region Aragon the left was doing a very poor job so I understand the victory of the right. Our health system was very good and now I had to wait three fucking weeks to have an appointment with my doctor. And in terms of environment they were planning a catastrophic project in the Pyrenees that thankfully was scrapped. Yesterday frankly I didn’t know who to vote for the regionals. About next general election in autumn who knows. Media propaganda is in full mode and many citizens are not aware of the good things that the central leftist government has done.
  7. what a shitshow spain has after yesterday´s elections. The right and the far right can gobern together in nearly everywhere
  8. That photo on the right is just one of those ageing filters people have on their phones!
  9. Hoping the CF for You Can Dance digital unmixed versions starts on MInfinity... 😍

  10. Oh about the issue of sanctions: Spain has bought three times enriched uranium from Russia this year. How? Through a US company to avoid sanctions. Let’s not ask for sanctions that affect regular people, let’s ask ourselves if rich people are suffering them at all. In 2014 when Russia invaded Krimea there were sanctions regarding exports to Russia. Farmers in my region took it very badly because many products went to Russia. But Merkel two weeks later traveled to Russia to meet Putin to get more gas. What kind of joke is this?????
  11. I understand. But sanctions against the well being of population have never worked. There is not a single example of success. Cuba, Iran, Venezuela…. People suffering poverty and the regime is still there. Sanctions against Russia should be against oligarchs and those funding Putin.
  12. Because if you look at interviews with regular RU ppl on Youtube (at least in Moscow and Saint Petersburg), its obvious most want to disassociate with the madman, the war etc. They do not want to talk politics, do not want to think about it and make their best to prove they have zero input in the war. However even if Putin has illegally occupied the most powerful position in the country, they still have a lot to do with the war and are probably the only ones who could stop the madness. If for example 20 million ppl descended on Moscow, I don't think Putin would manage to deal with them with the harsh measures he used for the thousands who dared to protest. The others are more ... how should I say... stupid and are actually supporting the madman and are believing his propaganda (including the antiUKR, antiWest, antilgbtq propaganda). They have to understand there is a price to be paid for the support of the neonazi regime. Why should they be allowed to visit the West if they are antiWestern, want Europe to be weakened etc?
  13. Why should regular people suffer? I never understood sanctions that make regular people, among them oppressed people, far worse.
  14. When will Europe stop granting visa to Russian citizens? Why can they still travel around Europe as if nothing happened? Travel restrictions are in place for Russian oligarchs and politicians but obviously not for normal people. What has changed for normal people in Russia exactly? Western brands in supermarkets were replaced by Russian brands, which may be still produced by Western companies secretly doing business with Russia. Have normal Russian people experienced an hardships? Well, except for having to live in this rotten state. The German foreign ministry said the reason why they still have not imposed travel bans on normal Russians is that it would be harder to get Russian dissidents out of Russia. Makes me wonder if they have ever seen a Bond movie or ever heard of the Cold War, when such operations took place regularly.
  15. The fact is Russia has conquered 20 - 25% of Ukrainian land but that is not enough to call it victorious .Ukrainians are defending and they are planning a counterattack to regain some of their territories It's absolutely insane to claim they are planning to attack Russsian land with Western arms ,that's not gonna happen even if they could
  16. I don’t agree at all. Especially after all the investment to not be dependent of Russian oil and gas. If only the matter would be to please China so they don’t help Putin with arms.
  17. I think it´s more complicated than this:I think the western governments are starting to plan how to leave ukraine alone and try to have better relations with russia, and they are spreading the news
  18. The absolute lack of credibility of some media is nauseating. Especially when simple common sense makes the lies so evident.
  19. Ok let’s stop with the disinformation. Ukraine has difficulty DEFENDING its territory, it’s impossible they attack Russian land. @promise to try that tv is lying to you. Take good note because they may be lying about other things.
  20. I don´t know. But the countries providing weapons to ukraine, apparently told them that they should keep this was as a defensive war
  21. Even if UKR was planning an attack on RU land, I wouldn't blame them. RU has been attacking UKR for a year now. Why should UKR NOT attack RU territory. If for example France attacked Spain, would Spain be obliged to keep the war within its territory? Why? In the end of the day UKR keep getting devastated by RU, while RU suffers (no direct) consequences of its aggression.
  22. Katie Price hitting that tats and tits large and looking to have a 17th boob job.
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