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  2. yes , before social media people couldn't express their hatred , now they are mean practically about everyone
  3. they are stupid. Plus so many people making fun of Charles's cancer diagnosis. Think of the monarchy what you will but I don't find that funny at all, ppl are really fucked up .
  4. I think the majority of the world supports Gaza, unfortunately the ones with power don’t, evil cunts! God help this soldier
  5. It saddens me how nobody cares about people living in Gaza. It's just pure evil!
  6. He’s not the bravest, is he? More like a coward.
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  8. Any country’s leader can be viewed as a nationalist, someone who acts in the nation’s interest (think of any USA president or British prime minister). There are also the so-called “nationalists” who are more populists, who step over dead bodies to achieve their personal goals to rule forever (think Mugabe, Ayatollah, putin)
  9. He was the only viable opposition in RU. He has questionable past/decisions/nationalistic affiliations. However he was a hero even just for the fact that he decided to return back to RU, understanding he may be jailed and/or killed. He faced both. And Assange? Uou!
  10. Unfortunately he was a Russian nationalist, believing in great Russia. He supported Russian invasion on Georgia referring to Georgians as rodents. In 2014 he opposed the invasion on Crimea but also said he didn't believe Crimea could be just 'handed back' to Ukraine after post-Putin Russia.
  11. what the media doesnt want you to see, this guy is not a fucking hero. He's a xenophobe, racist and nationalist. Also read few places this guy was a CIA asset. I don't condone his murder though. Hero is Julian Assange.
  12. Well with the Pope and the global head of the Catholic Church it’s not surprising
  13. Oops gotta correct myself here. Italy is the ONLY Western European country that does not perform gay marriages… so it will be the last one, it it happens
  14. Knowing those motherfuckers I won’t be surprised if they burry him in some unknown place without marking the grave This regime is inhumane …. Russia needs to cease to exist in the way it does now, there is no excuse for it to be… black is called white there and white is called black! I hope it implodes from within the way it did in 1917 and then 1991… but this time definitively and for good!
  15. They refuse to send back the body to his family. It says a lot on how he was treated.
  16. https://www.newyorker.com/news/postscript/the-death-of-alexey-navalny-putins-most-formidable-opponent
  17. I must say I am surprised and yet when I think that it’s the cradle of gay sex, it all fell into one place As far as Italy, it’ll probs be the last one to do so. It’s still very conservative and very much in denial! I see some minor progress, and follow some openly gay Italian guys on Insta etc., I even follow some openly gay (cute) politician from the northern region of Trentino (I’m sure there are more) - but it’ll be probably the last one to legalize the same sex marriage in Western Europe… but I think they eventually will!
  18. I hope I live to see Putler overthrown… but people of Russia are unfortunately either too scared or too brainwashed! I hope this awful tragedy serves as some kind of a push to stand up against this demonic regime that managed to turn the whole country into one big fucking concentration camp
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