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  2. Well basically the govermnent has decided to shit on demorcracy. They forced a law to push the age of retirement from 62 to 64 without letting the parliament vote. Macron is NOT going to resign as he is 100% megalomaniac.
  3. I´m surprised that nobody is talking about what is happening in France...any french follower here that can explain the situation better ? do you think he is going to resign? I´ve read somewhere that maybe it should be time to start with the sixth republic...
  4. We know that holidays are close when we heard about the first english man killing himself from a balcony.
  5. Last week
  6. What a horrible manipulative tweet. The evil trans person (not even confirmed the shooter was trans), the poor christian family. Not an excuse for the shooting of course, but I knew the minute it was reported that the shooter was trans (allegedly), right wingers would have a field day. Of course, guns have nothing do with it. As always. I'm sure, Republicans are celebrating. Now trans people are not only groomers, they are killing children as well. What a f*cked up country the U.S. are.
  7. This is just horrible. Another reason why vulnerable people should not have access to guns.
  8. A Jessica tour! Amazing! Would she step out of a disco ball like Confessions? Or rise up through the stage a la RIT?
  9. Do people in UK know that around 5 British people a year die in Spain falling from a balcony because they are very drunk? In 2018 they were 11. In Spain we call these deaths “balconing” and today happened the first one of this season. It only happens with British tourists.
  10. Yay! What a relief! I was kind of expecting this, but you never know in NSW...very conservative and/or greedy in most parts. Chris Minns means well and I hope they can deliver their promises while being good economic managers because that's always the element that seems to lose Labor elections. Almost entirely Labor across Australia
  11. Love them @Kim I know you love these Aussie political commentators too
  12. Antony Green already has called it for Labor
  13. The juice media have done it again great "ad" for why we need to vote the bastards out.
  14. I voted early last week. I am hoping for a change in government the Liberals are horrible. So corrupt and have sold off everything and wiped out our forests and animals they just don't care and I will be disgusted if they get back in....But with the economy tanking and interest rates rising I am worried people will vote with their wallets and vote the Liberals back in due to the lie they are better economy managers. I hope I am wrong. I am in a liberal land but we voted teals in the federal election so I am hoping we can do the same again.
  15. So, what do our NSW members here think is going to happen in the state election of New South Wales ? Will NSW kick the Libs ( actually the name of the conservative government for our international members ) out or buck the trend nationwide and vote conservative ?
  16. Earlier
  17. Everything Brexit related is such a mess that at this point I wonder how any brexiteer could be happy. Funny thing is that in the EU the UK is barely missed. There is zero news about anything negative for the EU after Brexit.
  18. Brexit is the shit show that keeps on giving: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2023/mar/20/dup-ian-paisley-vote-against-northern-ireland-post-brexit-deal
  19. I hope so ! He is already claiming he will be and wanting his supporters to protest.
  20. Are the rumors true he is being arrested this week?
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