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  2. Putin, Berlusconi, Biden…. If they were women there would be jokes all over the place. They are embalmed mommies.
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  4. This is REAL courage! These women are an inspiration for the world.
  5. Tax fraudster NEYMAR backs Bolsonaro https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/brazilian-soccer-star-neymar-backs-bolsonaro-ahead-sunday-vote-2022-09-29/
  6. Oh god, they're suing to FORCE him to buy the platform? Can't they just sue for damages
  7. thank god most other leaders of the party were appalled but seems fishing on the right edge is en vogue. I just hope that before we have the next elections he will be out of the leadership position. Our current chancellor is also often missing in action as well, even worse than Merkel had been.
  8. It’s scary that the CDU is vomiting the xenophobia that is usually expected for AFD. In Spain the equivalent to the CDU fell in vote intention when did the same and fueled the popularity of the far right.
  9. Yeah I’m surprised at so much fanfare about this sabotage as nobody was expecting Russian gas this winter. Of course the environmental disaster is a tragedy. There’s in Twitter a monumental campaign by Russia accusing USA of the sabotage They’re DESPERATE
  10. That statement is not funded on real data either, and Merz is known to produce plenty of gaffes such as presenting himself as ordinary person (which just happens to have villas, private planes etc). You know a statement is bad if the politician in question retracts it just the day after and every leading politician in your own party calls it unfounded and just wrong and un-called for.
  11. Well, I´m sure they have fear of doing it, but at least they can see that they are not alone
  12. Actually the demise of Britain started since they turned their back to Madonna.
  13. I wouldn't wipe my arse with The Express. Really is the journalistic pits. Just stay away from the riots and you'll be fine!
  14. I've been following this on the news. Inspirational indeed.
  15. Thanks for sharing, @Jazzy Jan every single one of these women standing in solidarity with that poor girl who was killed is a hero in my eyes
  16. I’ll be in London and Brighton early next year - for the first time in three years since the beginning of the pandemic, I’m sort of scared lolz. I wonder if England is really as cray cray as I keep reading and hearing about it. I mean Brexit, Covid, Ukraine, the Queen’s Death, an economy that is in the toilet, a new crazy PM, FEL not hitting #1…a country can only take so much I guess.
  17. I have a very mind connection with Iran for years, since I started following Iranian men in instagram and talking with them. It’s an inspiring culture victim of the worst religious totalitarianism. I pray the women and men of Iran are finally free. These women are such an inspiration
  18. well Biden has a hard time remembering his own name
  19. I am more scared watching the UK than watching Italy to be honest. Because it’s very scary how a bunch of people from an officially non extremist party is destroying completely a prosperous and rich country. And I do think that it can happen to any country. And to come back from this mess could take decades if the worst scenario happens. I feel very sad.
  20. Precisely they could have invested the 50 billion pounds in creating industry. Now that much technology is scarce because China is in shambles it’s an opportunity. Biden is doing it really well. No wonder the dollar is so strong nowadays. The EU is investing a lot in industry too, in this case related to renewals. UK decided to borrow 50 billion to give it to the super rich!
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