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  2. So here's a nice story from today here in Glasgow. The UK govt send in immigration vans to detain asylum seekers, locals come out in force, surround the fuckers and block the street leading to their eventual release after a stand off with police. The power of COMMUNITY and internationalism. Stick your 'hostile environment' up your arse Bozo.
  3. I have a feeling it's gonna get worst unfortunately... there are so many acts of violence between Israelis Jews and Arabs... Lynches on people, Synagogues are burning down, vandalism in stores... It's really fucked up. It's not everywhere, but it very concerning... and so many people express hate right now... It's like people are blind with hate... Scary shit... hope it will get better... There will be a truce eventually between Israel and Hamas, but the situation between Arab and Jews In Israel will take time to fix
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  5. Nothing sticks to him. It's so fucking infuriating!!
  6. https://www.elcorreo.com/internacional/oriente-proximo/marcado-casa-pueden-20210513184607-ntrc.html weird, I had never heard about the arab minority in israel, and now this news appears in the news. In this case, some members of the arabic minority from israel are scared because they have written a sign in their house and they fear an attack. acediace, I really hope things don´t go further with this!
  7. Of course younger generations in Israel are sick and tired of all of it. not only young people... I think that the main reason Netanyahu is being voted again ans again is because of fear... for some reasone some people feel that he bring security ... why? i don't know. Israel is having conflict with Hamas every few years, people are dying and still "he bring secuity"... Its fucked up. see this as the same thing that happend with trump in usa... there are more and more voices of people that are sick and tired and want Netanyahu out, but the election system here is fucked up too. Many people a
  8. The biggest problem in the whole discussion has always been and still is, it is impossible to criticize the State of Israel, its politics and actions, without being put in the anti-semitic corner. Of course, it all is result of the Holocaust. Especially in Germany, at least in politics, there is no open criticism when it comes to Israels policies in the region. It's a no go. The level of self-censorship is astounding. Of course, it is not helpful in any way. I would like to believe that the majority of people, especially the younger generations in Israel are sick and tired of this confli
  9. It's difficult to get a handle on what's going on here from outside but I do know that the very worst worst worst people in the west support Israel no matter what, and I do wonder why that is.
  10. In the end it's people who suffer on both sides. And leaders are the ones who are to blame. Spain had a terrorist group which killed more than a thousand people for 40 years. It disappeared only five or so years ago. Most of the victims were innocent people. And the roots of the problem were incredibly complicated. People from both sides suffering. Once terrorism steps in, things get violent and full of complicated actors. I hope you stay safe.
  11. I agree that ther is something problematic about what's being reported and what's not... I dont really blame ignorance about what's happening here from people around the world, Its the media fault. But people need to understand that and take... I also totally agree that theres provocative acts from the Israeli side. The "leaders" from the Israeli far right have done stupid action especially recently that raised the heat of everything that's happening these days... I only wish for better days. Cause I am truly horrified from recent events. With Hamas what's happening will stop eventu
  12. I only know about what reporters say, which of course is far less than what a person living there experiences. And I love learning. What is reported normally is this. This is an example of what happened in the year 2000. Being my first month as journalist in the newspaper it impressed me very much: - Things are quiet (in terms of international news) - Ariel Sharon goes to the Mosque Esplanade (is that the name in English?) on a Muslim sacred day. It's packed with Muslims. - A tumult is made. - Teen-agers throw stones. - The counter attack is brutal. - Chi
  13. And as someone who live here and the memories of his childhood are - buses exploding, terrorist exploding themself at restaurants and rcokets being sent to his neighborhood, I can tell you that The Palestinian side provokes Israel side too... "provokes" is a very small word to explain this.... Hamas is a terror organization that specificly taget civilians... Hamas are not those who "responds". they are those that causes the problam and they DO NOT care about Palestinians too... especially not Gaza
  14. After 20 years of working as a journalist (now not anymore) I've seen a pattern in this conflict. Israel always provokes Palestine and when Hamas responds they clutch pearls and kill dozens and dozens. The blatant racism against Muslims is incredibly nauseating, especially considering that most living in Israel are descendants of people who were prosecuted during Nazism. The fact that they didn't learn the lesson of how religion can't be a target to discriminate and kill makes you wonder. After a whole century of unfair and fabricated wars in the Persian gulf area, and the
  15. Is it not in the Spanish news?????? I only watch Euronews now so I don't follow Spanish news but normally these issues are widely covered!
  16. Jews and Arabs Inside Israel, not between Israelis and Palestinians from Gaza or the East Bank. And we are talking about mixed cities that have lived in peace and quiet for many years.... I'm sure you gonna hear about it and see it soon, So many horrible videos and pictures... True madness... You would've thought that a global pandemic will make people cherish life more... guess not
  17. I have the feeling that this is happening with most of left winged political parties everywhere
  18. sorry but I haven´t seen anything about it on the news here...which two groups are fighting? I´m asking this out of ignorance
  19. Why? Her country is in war and she is worry and she is not blaming any side as she should and anybody else If you think that picking sided here is gonna make thing better you are wrong. You only see the Palestinian side? You really dont give a fuck about the israeli side right? You know how many rocked has been send here lately from Hamas? They even started by sending to Jerusalem, their "holy city" Children and women are daying from both sides... it's not about picking who is right or wrong, it's about how both sides need to accept reality and think about how to move on...
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  21. I don't ask for things I don't think I can GET!

    1. funkydita


      I was lonely when I was young. Not in the way people usually mean. I was lonely for all the things I wasn't gonna get. 

    2. Stanley Timberlake

      Stanley Timberlake

      Why funkydita! You have spirit after all. I used to think you were all sugar water.

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      A fine little scandal, no?

  22. The slovenly pig's supporters will probably love him even more for it.
  23. I think the next couple of decades are going to be interesting, particularly with seemingly more socially conscious young people reaching voting age, I wonder on what basis they’ll cast their votes eg economic v progressive social issues? Also how will the landscape change as ageing voters (literally) die off?
  24. The CCJ is hilarious. I would be mortified if I had a CCJ issued against me. His credit rating must be worse than the country’s.
  25. Frankly, the left will only survive if they finally understand that it's not about left or right. It's about rich and poor. Sadly most socialist parties are so part of the rich agenda that the voters are fed up.
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