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  1. You might think images that have direct references to child abuse are "artists disturbing the peace" but I don't. I have friends that have to deal with this kind of stuff and it's unbelievably horrible. It isn't conservatism thinking that papers which refer to actual child abuse is unacceptable It's this kind of trying to act cool and not be shocked which enables serial abusers to continue in plain sight such as Uncle Terry, Harvey Weinstein etc. https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2022/nov/29/balenciaga-apologises-for-ads-featuring-bondage-bears-and-child-abuse-papers
  2. It seems they've got more child photography that's even worse https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11478251/Balenciaga-campaign-features-book-Belgian-Michael-Borremans-known-depicting-naked-kids.html?ito=native_share_article-nativemenubutton
  3. Would you believe the father, a conservative republican, was also a pornstar under the name Dick Delaware so not exactly taking the moral highground anytime soon.
  4. Their clothes have become a joke. Shock value with outrageous prices that's turned the brand to trash. Keep it for the Kardashians.
  5. I discovered today he's known as Space Karen on Twitter.
  6. Yes, I saw something along those lines and it does make you wonder along with Zuckerberg, they think they're bigger than government and can shape the agenda. They want to get anyway from 'corruption' but all they really want is to take the reigns of power. However, it's hilarious to see just how terrible Musk is. There will be multiple lawsuits heading his way for the way he's dismissed staff globally. And I didn't realise he didn't create Tesla, just ousted the former CEO.
  7. Isn't it just Vine that died when Instagram came along?
  8. I knew about this guy wanting to be Korean but wasn't aware of the rest. Quite the wild ride.
  9. I think it's also the fact that Facebook isn't popular with the young, use among the older demographic is likely declining too. I don't use it very often and many of my friends don't use it so much now. He's thrown so much money at the crappy metaverse to try and be the next big thing but it looks like a children's game from the mid 2000s.
  10. Everything is relative. Plenty want Boris back but he's still being investigated for lying and if found guilty could trigger a general election which the Tories don't want to risk. Sunak is generally regarded to have handled the COVID situation pretty well and there is literally nobody else who seems capable. I think Gove has stabbed too many people in the back. But yes, the markets stabilised, the pound went up and things settled down when he was appointed.
  11. That's the express though. Only old ladies read that and they're probably not happy there's an Indian doing the top job. Sunak has stabilized the markets and is generally seen as a safe pair of hands. The Tories won't be getting rid of him as there is literally nobody left who is any better.
  12. Just been reading that Elon might be backing away from the free speech thing as advertisers are threatening to leave the app if hate speech is allowed.
  13. My friend got a prediction for a £650 bill just for January. However, it's now looking like bills will be capped at £2500 and anything more will be paid back over ten or twenty years. But the cost of everything else is still going up. I've not known things as bleak as this since 1980.
  14. Far right radio host, Alex Jones, lawyer "accidentally" sends all his texts to the lawyers for the parents of Sandy Hook victims.
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