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  1. It's insane to hear all the things she says. And the most scary thing is she has so many people voting for her. It means they agree with what she says.
  2. What happens in Vegas gay bathhouse won't stay in Vegas gay bathhouse,
  3. He also needs a punch in his face, if you ask me
  4. Terrible tragedy. The major problem with these appartments building is the owners never want to see their condo fees raised. They want to pay the minimum. But when there is major renovation needed, they have a big problem because they don't have the money in bank to pay. Owners have to pay a special contribution and they're not happy.
  5. Wow so prouf of him. It takes a lot of courage to do this in that kind of sport. He has all my admiration.
  6. Two years is not enough. It should be permanently.
  7. Did I just read GAZA IS NOT OCCUPIED ??? Shit, some people are so dumb, that's just insane. No wonder why this World is going so bad.
  8. I refuse to watch that shit. All of this because "she stole" 13.88$ worth pf marchandise at a Wallmart. Shameful.
  9. At 1st I read Kardashian, I was like... wtf ???!!!???
  10. And what about all the millions of people dying from Covid in USA ?? It's more death than during WW2. That is a war too.
  11. I guess civil war is not war, then, Wow, so much bull in just a few sentences.
  12. According to press, Trump offers pardon for 2 million, An associate of Rudy Giuliani told a former CIA officer that a Trump pardon would 'cost $2 million': report
  13. are you getting the vaccine, yet, @San ? It's distributed since december, here, but it's going pretty slowly. At this rythm they will take almost a year to vaccine everybody. (sorry to derail this thread, btw ! )
  14. I just wish for you, Aussies, the virus won't come back during your winter. We had almost zero case during last summer, after our 1st wave. Now that winter is back it's totally out of control.
  15. Billy Santoro, a disgraced gay porn performer who called for police to shoot Black protesters, has blamed his abhorrent remarks on drug addiction. This kind of guy makes me want to vomit
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