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  1. She kinda has a point, though. You’ll tell me time have changed, but still, it’s a little hypocritical.
  2. Great news Jan. Very happy for you and Australia. A very good news! Murdoch is a scumbag, glad to see his influence is slowly going away. People are waking up.
  3. The guy has ZERO idea of what he is doing : Twitter said on Friday it had reinstated the "official" grey verification badge given to some accounts, days after removing it.
  4. I agree with you, @Raider of the lost Ark - that design is absolutely horrible. And I'm one of those who would never buy a Tesla, just because it has something to do with Elon Musk - a disgusting and vile human being.
  5. Same here ! People from the right use that word everytime, just to insult anyone who has a different opinion. Most of the time, they are white male, 40-60yo. They totally feel threatened by anything that might interfere with their comfort.
  6. Not sure RON DE SANTIS is better, though. In fact, I think he's worst. On surface, he might seems more "respectable" and "intelligent" than Trump, but underneath, he does far worse things.
  7. Just read this very interesting paper where they say the biggest loser of these midterms election is TRUMP : The U.S. midterm elections could be a death knell for Trump
  8. And some people think it's funny to watch, so they vote for her. Too bad for them, it's not a SNL sketch.
  9. I talked about it in the M insta thread: They vote for these kind of people (Trump, Taylor Greene, etc.) not because they believe in what they say, but because they love the shit show. That is so depressing.
  10. It's not the red wave they predicted. Guess there's still a little bit of hope.
  11. Yes, I guess they are (same happened with TRUMP vs BIDEN), but Luna is definitely the least worst.
  12. Insane how it’s so close… this World is completely fucked up. Makes me sick.
  13. Yes it works ! I'm gonna watch it later this weekend, thanks for posting !
  14. A few of them, maybe, but I don't see a mass of people doing it. People are so cheap these days, they refuse to pay 10 bucks a month to subscribe to Spotify... That's the "new economy".
  15. Pretty sure that would be the end of Twitter.
  16. I don't see the problem tbh. They are humans, aren't they ? The same "scandal" happened with that woman, the Finnish Prime Minister. So what ? They're entitled to have fun, just like us. Let's judge him for his political and economic opinions/decisions. Not because he's having fun.
  17. is he ? Oh wow, just looked at some recent pictures and you're absolutely right.
  18. Oh my god keep it going ! Better than many tv show on Netflix
  19. Just like this story : Animal Rebellion Protesters Pour Milk in Shops Across UK — Including Harrods How stupid can you be? These spoiled kids get so much on my nerve.
  20. Attention seekers - they put the spotlight not on the cause but on themselves. I swear, I get so much angry at the leftists, sometimes, they always shoot in their own foot
  21. So dangerous to go out to in Singapore... You'll never know when you'll be punched by some random locals Two women punched, kicked by strangers at Marquee nightclub - Singapore; police probing attack SINGAPORE - Two women were clubbing at the nightclub Marquee together when they were allegedly attacked by at least two men. One of the women - Ms Leeanne O'Donnell, 23 - posted on Instagram an account of the incident, which happened early on Sunday morning at the club at Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. She said she was attacked after she tried to help defend the other woman - Ms Julia Wong. Speaking to The Straits Times on Monday, Ms O'Donnell said she had gone with Ms Wong, 25, to Marquee at 11.45pm on Saturday to meet their friends. While dancing on a podium at about 2.30am, a man with chin-length hair, who had been at a table in front of the women, approached Ms Wong before punching and pushing her off the metre-high structure, said Ms O’Donnell. The pair later learnt from eyewitnesses that the attackers had asked Ms Wong for her name but she was punched when she leaned in to hear what they were saying. Said Ms O'Donnell, a part-time receptionist: "I jumped in to push the guys attacking her away only to be pushed down and kicked as well. "I was in shock the entire time and could not remember who the attackers were." They were assaulted for two or three minutes, and it ended when the Marquee bouncers arrived and the attackers fled the scene, said Ms O’Donnell. Ms O'Donnell was taken by ambulance to Raffles Hospital for treatment. Later that day, she went for a check-up at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and her hand was put in a cast. She also had to undergo scans on her eyes. She said the incident left her with a sprained arm, bruises on her face and shoulders, and vision impairment. In response to queries from ST, the police confirmed that a report was lodged and that investigations are ongoing. A spokesman for Marquee said assistance was immediately rendered to the two women and added that the nightclub is investigating the incident. Though affected by the incident, Ms O'Donnell said it has not put her off returning to the club. "We are feeling better now, just laughing it off to make ourselves feel better about this terrible experience. "We are definitely scarred by this incident, but we understand it's the fault of the attackers and we may consider going back again after we recover," she said. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/police-investigating-attack-on-two-women-at-the-marquee-nightclub
  22. During this time wealth gaps widen but hey! Blame the migrants!
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