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  1. Just absolutely amazing @Jazzy Jan. I follow the NASA on Instagram. It’s just incredible all the wonderful pics they post. And I swear, you can see by the likes, it’s one of the few things that is universally loved.
  2. People thinking Russia and China are so great, should go live there. It’s PARADISE, apparently.
  3. booooooooo hooooo hooooo, poor Putin, we should build a statue in his honnor. Should appear on every history book cover in the world, as the supreme leader.
  4. Well, that’s good news for all of us.
  5. There’s more and more guns and guns shooting in Canada. Want to know the reason why? Illegal imports from USA. When you live beside a rotten apple, there’s a big chance you get rotten too.
  6. I love you too @KalamazooJay - Glad you understand my point was a discusion and nothing against you. I also agree about the fact it's really a "war" between urban cities and rurals. We live the same in Canada. Big urban cities are generally more left than rurals who tends to be more right.
  7. More Americans voted for Hillary than any other losing presidential candidate in US history. (see here). By adopting their narrative you're just falling in their trap. That's what I'm saying. Blaming the "WOKES", blaming Bernie, etc., it all comes from them, from the work they are doing (and by them, I mean Republicans, Chinese, Russian, Fox news, etc.) to stir shit and divide Democrats. I agree with you that Democrats have a lot of work to do and are making really bad choices (Chosing an old uncharismatic man as candidate being a perfect example of bad choice), but I think the main problems have nothing to do with people not voting for Hillary, because they did. Democrats have a big problem at conveying their message. That's where they should start to work.
  8. What a twisted logic. And spreading these kind of comments, you’re playing their games and just make them win.
  9. What a real piece of shit. This guy makes me want to vomit.
  10. So sad and tragic. USA, wake up! It doesn’t happen anywhere else, when are you going to wake up ? 🥹
  11. I told it already : ugly inside and out
  12. Very happy for all of you guys !! Such a great news ! Much love from to
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