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  1. The product quality is supposed to be rather poor as well. There's a case that sorta went viral here of a car expert that got one and it had loads of small and not so small details that Tesla tried to clumsily solve with a quick fix and eventually got him to sue Tesla and win.
  2. You see them here in Madrid every now and then. Quite a few taxis too.
  3. Are you guys just catching up with this? Pretty much all confirmed cases here either attended the Maspalomas pride party or a Labour Day party at the largest sauna here in Madrid so of course it's being stigmatized as some sort of "gay disease" by the most ignorant areas of the population, some even assuming sex with monkeys must have been involved somehow. So the usual.
  4. Whenever I see him being all smug I remember I'm actually seeing this guy:
  5. I wonder which city will be declared the capital of Gilead when we get to that point.
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