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  1. I don’t drink any alcohol nor do I smoke weed. However, if one is permitted by society so should the other one also be.
  2. @frzndrwnwrldadmit it, you are @horn in disguise Usually it is he who posts such outrageous pieces of “news” articles
  3. @Kim Are people aware of this in the UK? Do they even care?
  4. Doesn’t any proper Senate bill which does not go through “budget reconciliation” need like 60 votes in order to pass? If so good luck America doing any significant reforms either way.
  5. He looks like a ghost. What are these conservative nut jobs smoking?
  6. Seriously Horn where do you find all these insane “news”
  7. What the fuck? Are they for real? How is this legal?
  8. Does the Secret Service also provide their services when they are in jail?
  9. Only if it’s a conditional pardon or there is a formal mistake.
  10. If it’s a federal crime, yes any US president can do that.
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