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  1. Maybe she wanted to look like Mariah Carey meets Michael Jackson?
  2. The second amendment is a constitutional right. To change it you need at least the Senate and the House to change it - but I believe in the senate you need a super majority of 60 votes. It has practically become impossible to do that. It took them ages to finally pass legislation on something like background checks or whatever. I mostly blame the NRA and their lobbyism. In any case this is once again such a tragedy and unfortunate misery which could have been prevented.
  3. The House has gone red though, hasn’t it? In that case get ready for bi-weekly indictments of Biden on any given subject matter as a form of revenge porn.
  4. Come on Twitter do your thing and drag this cunt through town on a regular basis.
  5. I’ve run out of popcorn. Need to grab a bucket or two before the supermarket closes. This is getting too good. Oh my God
  6. So strange that a PM can simply quit in the UK and then some elitist members of a party can install a new one just like that without Parliament or the public voting on this. Meanwhile that new PM can introduce legislation which will have severe consequences for everyone down the road. How come people aren’t on the streets and protesting for a new general election?
  7. You are right. Would be even funnier if it wasn’t for: One of my all-time favorite TV show is Babylon 5 (don’t judge) and the more I think of the situation in the UK the more comes this to my mind:
  8. To quote John Connor from Terminator 2: We’re not going to make it, are we? People I mean.
  9. And yet the majority of the English (and Welsh?) would vote for those right-wing nut bags again. Like seriously, what else needs to happen to change that shitshow?
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