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  1. It's the same sort of thing from The Guardian or whatever else, failing nation-states need scapegoats and Britain's ruling oligarchs are pushing a mass hysteria as economic and cultural decay metastasize into full systemic collapse that chronic political dysfunction is unable to address in any way.
  2. An attempt to launder the numbers on the coming mass layoffs by pushing people out (the top tier talent at the company will be the ones taking their readily-available escape routes to not have to deal with any more boy-king tantrums), but probably also another symptom of his always-worsening boomerbrain raging at this cruel newfangled world killing the Mad Men fantasy.
  3. He'll have to settle for president of South Africa, the feudal mentality of his blood emerald clan only wanted an Apartheid fiefdom and didn't think that flying the pageant winner mother over to get the kid natural born U.S. citizenship like so many rich Russian and Chinese maternity tourists have in recent times would have any use. Barred from the White House forever
  4. Shouting "I'm a Republican now!" loudly and repeatedly as his strategy knowing that this story was about to break is...telling.
  5. Hard to use Tesla as leverage for impulsive vanity projects when it's tanking, and his increasingly-erratic behavior and bizarre public statements revolving around the drama of Twitterworld diminishing investor confidence in it by the day is a major factor in that.
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