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  1. Almost cartoonish how little attempt there is at obscuring who she's referring to as "speculatori finanziari" in her political mythos, who plot against traditional Italian culture and push LGBT acceptance to destroy the family using their banking powers. Surprised she doesn't throw in a line about "those little hats they wear".
  2. This man seems more like a ticking time bomb than a savvy strategic thinker, it's just a matter of time until there are more sacks of cash from sheikhs, letters to elected politicians telling them what to do, and "serve me, peasants" candid camera moments. Ready the popcorn.
  3. I hope they didn't take the news too hard.
  4. It's the same sort of thing from The Guardian or whatever else, failing nation-states need scapegoats and Britain's ruling oligarchs are pushing a mass hysteria as economic and cultural decay metastasize into full systemic collapse that chronic political dysfunction is unable to address in any way.
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