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  1. How can people still clap and cheer royal families is beyond reason
  2. And it didn’t make major news internationally. Which really says it all.
  3. This happened on Friday and I can’t get it out of my mind. Hundreds of migrants from Sudan, fleeing from war and violence, tried to jump the fence between Morocco and the Spanish city of Melilla (an enclave in Morocco coast belonging to Spain for 500 years). There was such avalanche that more than 30 died asfíxiated. I have no words. The brutality of Moroccan police during the situation, the complicity of Spanish authorities not condemning the tragedy, the absolute hypocrisy of all of us greeting white refugees and blocking black refugees…
  4. It would be better to link articles instead of copy paste. I get dizzy scrolling
  5. Any other European has seen a Tesla?
  6. How is it possible that anybody would chose Boris over Nicola makes you realize why the human race will sooner or later destroy themselves.
  7. The Rwanda mess is so incredibly heart breaking
  8. This is UK too. I post this because it’s important to remember that many many people in every country is very different from its government
  9. I think it’s more a USA thing? I haven’t seen a Tesla in my life
  10. Sad thing is that instead of being kicked out because of their sociopath politics they are to be out because of parties. Illegal as they are, he should be out because of his horribly unfair and pro billionaire politics.
  11. Didn’t Theresa May win that confidence vote but left anyway months later? You can’t really do anything when half your party thinks you are shit.
  12. And little people defending him…
  13. I think the main problem is that most people look for reassuring information nowadays. If they support brexit they don’t want to be informed about the consequences. In fact they rather feel it’s fake propaganda. But they don’t feel they’re swallowing propaganda when it suits their beliefs. This phenomenon has always been part of society but nowadays it’s almost the common denominator in almost all issues. Maybe because their blind support would seem pointless if they faced they are backing the wrong party/politician/idea? And information being a product nowadays means that you get more profit if you feed that reassuring propaganda than being the impartial channel that you should be.
  14. In a way or another most traditional media, not only public funded ones, have become totally Orwellian. They barely inform about the real scandals anymore because it affects their interests. BBC protects the Boris figure and others protect other things. Imo journalism is dead nowadays.
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