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  1. Oh by the way after reading some comments in the NY concert thread I think many members in this forum are complete CUNTS who don’t care about what is happening to Palestine people. Bunch of supremacist racists. I’m completely fed up.
  2. Agree. And very evil guys. This genocide made me understand too why millions of people allowed the atrocities of the Nazis. Because they DID NOT CARE. Just like nowadays people don’t care about this disaster. Because they consider Palestinians subhuman.
  3. Is it too late for these two demented to go home? Between this botoxed genocidal and the Trump CUNT there’s really no hope
  4. Israel citizens surely start understanding that when a psychopath rules the country they will be affected sooner or later too
  5. I don’t know who she is but she is a Queen!!!!!
  6. People in Germany give the correct answer: demonstrations against far right to show they don’t want those cunts. Kudos!!!! On the other hand I am very surprised that Germans don’t see the correlation between the rise of extreme right and the victimization, stigmatization and dehumanization of people with Muslim origins in the country. I watch the German news every day and the Palestine genocide is gaslighted. They show the sorrow of Israel families whose members were kidnapped or killed by Hamas but the information stops there. There is a correlation between gaslighting such important news and ethnic cleansing and the rise of parties that say that Germany is too full of the very same brown poor people. Unless society understands that being brown and poor is not necessarily being a terrorist or complicit of terreorism, the numbers of AfD will keep rising.
  7. Colonialism and servilism is the base for this savage capitalism we live. You only need one rebel to change it all
  8. That’s because they don’t see themselves as poor people. It happens around the world. In the 80s a regular family could buy a flat. Nowadays people in their 30s have to share a flat because they can’t afford the whole rent, not to mention buy it. And yet if you ask them they don’t consider themselves poor. So they give power to the parties benefiting the high class and oppressing the poor. And if they can’t afford rent or the wages are too low is because immigrants. So they are fucking vile racist too.
  9. I mean, they think people are stupid
  10. They are so out of touch with reality that didn’t count on the fact that nowadays traditional media no longer controls the message. Most proofs presented in The Hage by South Africa were social media posts by the Israel army, showing the genocide. The same videos that citizens have seen too. Neither Israel nor USA counted on that. People have seen all.
  11. Kamala Harris trying to explain to generation Z why she is complicit in a genocide and failing miserably. They have already lost the election. The orange man must be clapping and dancing
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