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  1. funnily enough it only works against minorities or oppressed groups. But surely it wouldn't be an excuse to rob a bank or assault the house of a white heterosexual rich man.
  2. @IsaacHarrisyou know I laugh many times at Beyonce, partly joking because I really don't think she's that bad. Well she posted this beautiful tweet in honour of this Spanish gay boy who was beaten to death. I think this is very touching
  3. In my opinion it's a reaction from privileged groups when it's clear they are losing their privileges. A reaction against a multicultural society, a reaction against liberated LGTB, women reaching goals.... Opportunistic politicians turn that fear and anger into a right wing wave. It happens in many many countries now. I am optimistic though, because we are unstoppable and they will end up alone.
  4. The extreme right is running rampant with the complicity of powerful media. The hate discourse against children immigrant for example. And Justice is a joke, a brunch of Franco followers. This week they exonerated a leader of the extreme right party of embellishing because "it was so badly done it can't even take seriously", they allowed their political campaign against migrant children "because they are a social problem" and yet a rapper is in jail for saying the former king is a thief (he is and it's proven) and a leftist politician will go to jail because she used force trying to stop the eviction from a vulnerable family. Not to mention the fact that the Catalonian politicians have FINALLY been released. Thanks to the leftist government (mainly forced because the Strasbourg Court was about to declare illegal the sentence). And you can't imagine the UPROAR of the right wing people. Spain is going fast the Trump route, just like other countries.
  5. Horrible Horrible Horrible And the attitude of extreme right people. The trumpisation of Spain is disgusting. And dangerous.
  6. What an amazing story. What an amazing woman. And once again it was drag queens who helped too.
  7. ? What's this absurdity to do with the pharma industry?
  8. Delicate issue that only fuels hate against transgender. What he needs is a psychiatrist.
  9. Thank you for such a good post. I had no idea about those super high fees!
  10. And that building was in front of Miami Beach! Surely it was expensive to live there?
  11. I guess there should be mandatory renovations. Inspections every five years or something? It's like that in Spain. What I don't understand is why the owners don't realise that if the renovations are done the price goes up..Some years ago we installed a lift in my building and we changed the heating system. As we didn't need the big heater in the basement, we built store rooms for each flat. Every owner had to pay 25.000 euro but we had some subsides and the government paid half of it. Now our flats have increased in value!
  12. Maybe I'm used to the European constructions. Even after decades of complete abandonment they're still standing. I've read that houses in USA are not build like in Europe, but I thought at least buildings were better..
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