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  1. In the end it's people who suffer on both sides. And leaders are the ones who are to blame. Spain had a terrorist group which killed more than a thousand people for 40 years. It disappeared only five or so years ago. Most of the victims were innocent people. And the roots of the problem were incredibly complicated. People from both sides suffering. Once terrorism steps in, things get violent and full of complicated actors. I hope you stay safe.
  2. I only know about what reporters say, which of course is far less than what a person living there experiences. And I love learning. What is reported normally is this. This is an example of what happened in the year 2000. Being my first month as journalist in the newspaper it impressed me very much: - Things are quiet (in terms of international news) - Ariel Sharon goes to the Mosque Esplanade (is that the name in English?) on a Muslim sacred day. It's packed with Muslims. - A tumult is made. - Teen-agers throw stones. - The counter attack is brutal. - Chi
  3. After 20 years of working as a journalist (now not anymore) I've seen a pattern in this conflict. Israel always provokes Palestine and when Hamas responds they clutch pearls and kill dozens and dozens. The blatant racism against Muslims is incredibly nauseating, especially considering that most living in Israel are descendants of people who were prosecuted during Nazism. The fact that they didn't learn the lesson of how religion can't be a target to discriminate and kill makes you wonder. After a whole century of unfair and fabricated wars in the Persian gulf area, and the
  4. Is it not in the Spanish news?????? I only watch Euronews now so I don't follow Spanish news but normally these issues are widely covered!
  5. Frankly, the left will only survive if they finally understand that it's not about left or right. It's about rich and poor. Sadly most socialist parties are so part of the rich agenda that the voters are fed up.
  6. Those kind of people decide to be ignorant. It suits their own personal beliefs. They say things like that but they simply think they are the exception and the hospital cuttings or whatever will affect others. Conservatives always change their tune when the are the ones affected. And turn conservative again once the problem is solved. I've seen it many times.
  7. Especially when 2020 was the perfect example that conservative measures DON'T WORK AND ARE DANGEROUS. Cuttings in health care, lack of money for furlough... Left politics is what kept many countries from misery. Just look at Americans with Trump. And jet, conservatives are winning. Frankly, people are getting more and more stupid by the hour.
  8. Fewer and fewer vote ideas. Nowadays most vote so immigrants don't come and whatever the conservative fearmongers have spread through social media with bots. That's happening in many countries. The conservative can kill children and people would vote so "communism isn't established" or "my country is great again" or "fuck the leftist and feminists".
  9. Very interesting thread. How on earth now society seems to cope with such scandals and incompetence (dangerous incompetence) is really worrying. Not so long ago people were more aware of the situation. Somehow it seems to be social media what has changed the landscape. The UK government has been lucky that the vaccine rollout has been smooth and that one single dose of the vaccine brought results. If not, the amount of bad decisions would have been catastrophic. I guess that herd immunity is Boris only lifesaver.
  10. At the cost of thousands of lives. Absolutely horrid people
  11. In fact, those nostalgic of Franco in Spain call "progres" as an insult in Spain
  12. To be honest, half the society in many countries tolerate every crazy or horrible thing from conservatives, for fear that the left parties bring more immigration or whatever they fear. Nowadays the president of the Madrid autonomy in Spain is a female trump, absolutely crazy and half the people there vote her for fear of some imaginary communism that the left parties would bring. Only if the leftist people mobilise to vote en masse will those politicians go, as it happened in USA.
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