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  1. We are commenting on TWO issues here: Balenciaga and that Belgian painter. The comments about Renaissance and art are about the painter, NOT about Balenciaga
  2. I was so focused on the comparison with Reinsssance that I answered too strong. I’m sorry you are right. I don’t agree much. Old paintings depict nakedness as beauy or as nature. Not sexualised. But then again those children holding the prepuces may be a criticism to the mutullation of babies for religious reasons and not sexual either. So I’m not sure if I agree or disagree. I would need more data
  3. I was just a regular journalist in a small outlet. But people should get clear that since 2005 with the absolute debacle of sales most outlets were bailed out by big banks and investors from funds. Most outlets are now right wing and anti social measures.
  4. After working 20 years as journalist I have to say NONE. None as a whole. You can get good articles and reports as long as the interests of the owners are far away from the issue. Nowadays I only watch Euronews. Simply because whatever they report is from a Brussels point of view so news about Germany, Italy, Spain or whatever are so detached that they are usually accurate. They have nothing to win supporting one side or the other. In this Político article they use a DIRTY TRICK. They write as source an UNNAMED top official of the EU, whatever a EU top official is for someone in USA, and then bring Borrell name taking out of context an old quote from an old interview. The same with Macron and Schulz. That is pure low class of journalism. Now I wonder who could profit from dividing EU and USA and putting the spotlight from Moscow to Washington? Maybe the same country which financed the selective targeting of Cambridge Analytics using precisely Politico? Mmmmmm maybe PUTIN?
  5. Very serious with articles aimed to far right through Cambridge Analytica and Ben Shapiro as columnist. Politico stopped being a serious newspaper years ago.
  6. Oh I doubt there’s a discussion about any biased Politico articles. After all, a loser dictator is killing innocent population and cutting gas supplies, I doubt anybody is going to get angry at USA unless they are truly psychopaths.
  7. It is funny too that some UK political figures think that the EU needs the UK. I wonder when will they open their eyes.
  8. It means to access the eu market and grants and schemes but not being a member of the club. They keep much political sovereignty but of course they have to accept the four fundamental freedoms of the EU: movement, capital, goods and services. And contribute to the EU budget. Difference between Switzerland and UK is that Switzerland is rich and the UK isn’t anymore. The UK will not have to integrate directives not related to those freedoms but they can’t have a voice in long term decisions.
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