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  1. Yes I understand. I guess its what Jazzy says, they had very catchy songs and that makes them seem better. i think they seem bigger to me because music was so DIRE with so much grunge and angst and suddenly bam!!!! Pure pop.
  2. I think Spice Girls were a really great group for like the two years that lasted. Manufactured or not they were so impressive that they are still incredibly great. As persons I admit I have no idea about them but truth is that most manufactured artists are usually incredibly stupid.
  3. I didn’t know Geri Halliwell was a Tory supporter! I saw a picture of her with that Lizzie woman!
  4. Should we close this thread? I don’t want any of you in jail
  5. It’s so incredibly hot this summer in Spain that I would move to that Fraserbourgh in the middle of the North See right now . I would be the happiest cleaning lady
  6. They seem more and more similar to The Windsors tv series the more is revealed
  7. And what’s this story that William has a female prostitute lover because he is into pegging????? Is this a smoke curtain to cover that Bin Laden mess?
  8. I watched an interview today with an expert and it seems he used a term in Hungarian that was not longer used because it was used to describe the Jewish population in the 30s
  9. Horn. This conversation is very February 2022. It won’t be pretty. Let’s support those being murdered now and let’s denounce USA when it happens again. Because it will. Sincerely, Karbacunt
  10. I hope he goes bankrupt and he wakes up bald again
  11. Agree 100% The sad thing is that transgender women have to face so many difficulties, that privilege women like Rowling or whoever could simply laugh at the woke language at home and focus the effort into more important causes. Instead of adding pain to a collective.
  12. Because the TERF discourse about women being erased is that trans are not women. It’s the same as the big replacement racist theory. Only bonkers think that. Or the same as when cis men claim that feminists are emasculating manhood. Frankly I think all are cunts. Midler included.
  13. For claiming women are being erased because of the new form that people are using as “people who menstruate” to difference when a woman issue involves women who were born with reproductive organs. For example the new anti abortion laws in USA As opposed to trans, who are women but don’t have female reproductive organs. Yes, the world has got this absurd. What’s the need to differentiate? NONE Making that difference erases women? NO. What’s the result? These TERFS claim that transgender women are not really women.
  14. If the real problem of women were that they are being “erased”… Half the population being erased, mind you. Of course being called British instead of woman erase them? Or being called citizen instead of women…? Anyway she’s a transphobic.
  15. Why do media focus on people with mental issues? Because they can keep their anti trans campaign
  16. How can people still clap and cheer royal families is beyond reason
  17. And it didn’t make major news internationally. Which really says it all.
  18. This happened on Friday and I can’t get it out of my mind. Hundreds of migrants from Sudan, fleeing from war and violence, tried to jump the fence between Morocco and the Spanish city of Melilla (an enclave in Morocco coast belonging to Spain for 500 years). There was such avalanche that more than 30 died asfíxiated. I have no words. The brutality of Moroccan police during the situation, the complicity of Spanish authorities not condemning the tragedy, the absolute hypocrisy of all of us greeting white refugees and blocking black refugees…
  19. It would be better to link articles instead of copy paste. I get dizzy scrolling
  20. Any other European has seen a Tesla?
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