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  1. Omg the rampant transphobia in today's Observer. Is there any news outlet we can still respect?????
  2. It is happening in so many countries exactly the same. It is sad because meanwhile those mega rich are getting richer. Or getting places in the House of Lords... And some people think the poors are the leeches
  3. They are just happy it's not a "communist leftist tree hugger pronoun trans defender pro European".
  4. They're too busy being FLOODED by the recent trade agreement with Lichtenstein and Iceland and Norway. Twitter was a complete celebration today. Are people aware that those three countries population amounts to a London neighborhood?
  5. Yes Stonewall was trending the other day and I read the tweets and I was appalled. Of course an LGTB group is going to defend our trans members!!!! What did those bigots expect?
  6. And our community was lucky that the pandemic started before pride. If not, be sure we would be to blame, as women have been blamed in Spain since 8 March 2020. But I'm optimistic. The time of the white straight Christian ruling all is over. They feel cornered and angry. But society has evolved already. Their time is over.
  7. I expect that the LGTB community is next in this reactionary crusade in most countries. Women and immigrants have already been targeted.
  8. And it's a sociological phenomenon affecting other issues too. Just look at the Instagram thread: things that would be laughed at from other people are applauded there because "it's our team". As if our team had the right to do all.
  9. Only some years ago it didn't matter who told the info. People knew an scandal and they reacted. Nowadays it's as if something is told by the "leftist press" it means it's not valid. This is the Fox News syndrome we watched unfold in the USA and now it's everywhere.
  10. How could we as society in only 15 years turn so stupid? This is happening everywhere! This would be the biggest scandal. People would be outraged. But look at USA, where those who instigated the attack to the white house are comfortable. Look at Spain where the stupid major of Madrid kept all open amidst deaths and she's reelected with the biggest majority. Look at Sweden, where they openly followed the herd immunity path and thousands died. This is so scary! We've turned a complete bunch of stupid population.
  11. Omg that account of horrifying psychopath decisions told by Cummings! I don't know where to start. Just this alone... "Cummings also said it was suggested chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty should inject Johnson with the virus on live TV to show it was nothing to be scared of"
  12. Very good!!!!! I can't believe it has to be Dua who goes and openly denounces this situation. Kudos for her!
  13. Ok Let's think of this as if this were a usual conflict. For example a school conflict. A new group of students comes and takes the part of the playground where others have been always playing. Their grandparents used to play there so they feel it's their right to take it. The others can stay, but they have to play in the worst corner. They new students take it because they have the support of the biggest bully in the school. The students try to defend themselves and use the playground but the new ones use such indiscriminate force that little children are hurt and others are
  14. The good thing is that the support for the Red Cross worker and the poor Moroccan children has been so incredibly big that there's a backlash against the opportunistic xenophobs. I'm optimistic by nature and always feel that for every bitter person who shouts there are a lot of good people who help and support silently.
  15. I've read that for the first time 20% of the democrat voters are against Israel using full force to defend against Hamas. I guess that's why Biden has changed his speech and why Israel has agreed to this cease fire
  16. South of Spain has this tension every day (not as super overwhelming as now and not with so many little children). And almost every day there's a horrible scene of migrants being treated like shit, along others of good souls helping them. Now this is being used by right wing parties to get votes and sadly it's working. Spain is getting more and more intolerant. I expect a Trumpification of the country really fast.
  17. Yes, sadly it's true. the first waves of people were stopped even with violence. Which was very criticised too. The tension in Ceuta and Melilla (the other autonomous city) leads to situations like this on a regular basis. It's absolutely horrifying. The thing is that in this new social media landscape, those who criticise that lack of humanity are answered with scorn and hatred by the xenophobic users! What a mess is Twitter. As the situation got worse, new military have gone there to help the people coming (not to stop them violently). Especially when more and more children were c
  18. In the past days thousands of people from Morocco and other African countries have reached the Spanish city of Ceuta (autonomous city situated in the coast inside Morocco). It seems Morocco let them pass as an answer because the leader of West Sahara is being treated in Madrid with Covid. Thousands came swimming. The big surprise was that most were children! Some images at first showed the police trying to stop the people, but as the situation got worse, the army and the red cross came to help. You can't imagine the hideous behaviour of the right wing political parties in Spa
  19. There's never peace when a country is occupied. It ends up either in war or, if the ethnic is brutal and total, in the disappearance of a whole culture. Like Arabs in Spain or Native Americans in North and South America. If they don't disappear, there's ALWAYS a revolution and a blood conflict.
  20. The propaganda of Israel is laughable. Today I watched how they were lamenting the death of an Arab girl in Israel killed by a Hamas rocket. Of course it's a tragedy but they've killed DOZENS of children!
  21. Oh, it makes you wonder why periodically the Palestinians are provoked and suddenly all escalates...
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