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Queen Elizabeth DEAD...

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15 hours ago, swimtoshore said:

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Maybe Australia can move on from the Monarchy now.

King Charles - no thanks

We all loved and will miss the Queen .. but  move over Rover


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Saw some queen griping that M hadn't commented and that she should and was about to respond telling him to get a fucking life and also how refreshing it was that someone WASN'T gushing over it - but the guy deleted his tweet before I could. I love that whilst everyone is 'falling over themselves to get all of the misery right' M is writhing around with bleached eyebrows to the JML remix.

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8 minutes ago, runa said:

You are more lucky than us, poor Canadians. We only get to see her face on our 20$ bills, nothing else, :lol:


Aw, soon you'll have old jug ears to look at instead. Speaking of which...

Would I be sent to the tower if I told the old cunt to fucking MOVE IT HIMSELF?


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The thing I’ve always wondered when I was a journalist is WHY covering hours and hours for these events when the majority of people are already fed up the first day. I remember when the Pope John Paul II died and we dedicated like a zillion pages for several days and day 3 or 4 I had to write HALF A PAGE about the street John Paul II in my city. Half page about THE STREET :lmao:

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