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  1. peter

    That “year later” thread ... whew! Everything you wrote, I was feeling and the “that’s your costume” reference — can’t tell you how many times I said things to co-workers with that inflection. I know we do ToD a lot around here, but ... it *really* increased in the cluster that was 2020. (And 2021 has not been an improvement yet...)

    I love you — just want you to know that. :kiss2:I know I’m like a nobody, so whatever, but I hope it encourages you as you pursue a new venture, because it speaks to your complete ability to excel at it and really engage students in a meaningful way. If you can connect with anonymous internet loser, how much more so in real life with your charming personality and considerable talents. You’re gonna be so awesome at this. I wish I could be in the House of Acko. Not younger than you, but I feel I would learn much from you and your wisdom. Thanks for sharing on here.  xo

    1. acko


      Thank you for all the kind words... I'm glad you still visit here... You are positivity personified.. Huggzz and YOU ARE IN MY HOUSE! 

  2. acko

    Stop peeing deep Inside people's holes. 

  3. I'm sorry for your loss. Big Huggg.

    1. Beastialg


      Thanks a lot! 

  4. The clip of the actual arrest captured from police body cams was show on tv here... but I can't find the clip .. sorry @horn only this cap
  5. And people were excited over this cunt bringing 'change'. People in that little boys club need to be arrested, and as an institution they need to apologize for centuries of bloodshed, hatred, hurt and doing evil against mankind. Those people disgust me. That reminds me, I really need to start the procedure to be debaptized.
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