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  1. I don't even know what a TERF is... I feel so behind... But let the records show that I HATE the vile Bette Midler... It's well documented.
  2. I'm afraid I have a hard time following the whole debate. But I think it's a given that when people say 'women' they are generally referring to biological women. That's just the way it is. Trans people just aren't delt the same stack of cards... I think on both sides people need to calm the fuck down Beyoncé. Is it possible that Bette was being facetious by reducing women 2 breeding machines in her choice of words? In light of the subject I don't see how this is for or against transwomen.
  3. Have there been sexist reports in the tabloids though? Entitled 'Ugliest Man Alive' with just pictures of him and insiders claiming he's actually a failed abortion? Just wondering.
  4. What a frightening tragedy. Under his eye and Blessed be the fruit I guess.
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