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  1. She's a whore for the Daily Fail showbiz section, that's for sure! How very dare you!
  2. Yeah I'm sure Amanda would have put that pot of nutritious goodness back on the shelf if it said 4min instead of 3½...
  3. Love to see it, and such a change from just a few years ago! His vile campaign against Corbyn well and truly worked in the UK (well, England) Too many people still influenced by the media. Of course, now the Labour party is just a different shade of Tory so i can see Starmer making a pact with Murdoch prior to the next election just as Blair did. Happy for my Aussie friends tho! xx
  4. That's great news Jan. Murdoch will be feeling like the impotent old bastard that he is. Can't help feeling slightly jealous that all of Oz has well and truly turned its back on the right wing. If anything, I can see the malign Murdoch influence getting even worse over here now that he's lost his grip over there.
  5. I can see our Brazilian blonde bombshell meeting the same fate as Marilyn
  6. The fucking state of this methhead. More concerned about ppl thinking his son might be gay than the fact he murdered people. Utter scum.
  7. At the very least, rejoining the single market is a no brainer. The UK economy is DEAD in the water and can't even trade properly with its closest neighbours. Problem is all the English parties are terrified of even mentioning the B word... including terminally useless Labour... so on and on it trundles until everything's so unbearable that something is finally done and we end up with some shit deal in the EU miles worse than we had before. All so utterly pointless.
  8. Uh oh. Uncle Rupert's had it with Donnie...
  9. Yeah the senate was looking dodgy for a while but it looks like getting the younger vote out may have swung it.
  10. Economic woes always tend to trump social/moral/progressive issues though. Just bad timing that ppl are feeling poorer (not just in USA of course).
  11. Yeah he's made more headlines for his disgusting cabinet of either extreme right wingers or extreme incompetents more than anything. I guess good old fashioned recession/low growth/extreme austerity is seen as competent when compared with the economic Armageddon Truss almost caused... Anyway the media narrative has now moved onto migrants and their "invasion" of England...as it always does when they're looking to distract from everything else.
  12. Yeah Twitter was always a hellhole but okay if curated properly by each user. Just seems dirty to even be on it now... Founder Jack Dorsey is in the process of setting up another place... Bluesky Social. We'll see how that pans out.
  13. Trans people now being advised to LEAVE England for their own safety. drip drip....
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