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  1. So here's a nice story from today here in Glasgow. The UK govt send in immigration vans to detain asylum seekers, locals come out in force, surround the fuckers and block the street leading to their eventual release after a stand off with police. The power of COMMUNITY, solidarity and internationalism. Stick your 'hostile environment' up your arse Bozo.
  2. It's difficult to get a handle on what's going on here from outside but I do know that the very worst worst worst people in the west support Israel no matter what, and I do wonder why that is.
  3. The slovenly pig's supporters will probably love him even more for it.
  4. Every day it's something else with this cunt. A PM with a county court judgement against him. He obviously has serious issues with money. Donors paying for his flat refurbishment, his holidays and now this. All resignation matters back in normal times of course.
  5. How depressing, but you really can't argue with any of that. Permanent Tory rule for the foreseeable then, which would be bad enough were it just traditional Conservatism, but with this lot, we're basically talking UKIP. I wouldn't vote for Labour again if you paid me, but then I have better, more progressive choices.
  6. Yeah and you'd think the BBC dweeb nodding and smiling along might have mentioned that fact for a bit of balance. I think someone in the comments mentions that it was under Cameron that the cuts they're complaining about happened, so these people (and so many others) are either so damn ignorant of the variances of local/national govt or they've just been completely radicalised. It's also damning of Labour's inability to communicate effectively.
  7. Maybe this will help explain it. Can you identify the flaw in their logic?
  8. And as for WALES, @funkyditawhat's this I hear about Leanne Wood losing her seat? Loved these three together..
  9. QUEEN NIC accosted by right wing scum yesterday. Today they get a pathetic 46 votes. We love to see it!
  10. It's more the collapse of Labour I'm interested in. England has historically been a Tory country, it's not a surprise that it still is, but there's never been ZERO opposition before. They rejected Corbyn's socialist agenda and Starmer's Tory-lite isn't breaking through either. Any Labour voters in here? Who do progressive English people vote for? Currently watching the Scottish parliament results coming through. Night and day with south of the border!
  11. Labour's collapse continues spectacularly in England...as the turkeys continue to vote for Christmas.
  12. Any Scots in here get out and vote vote vote today!
  13. Same poll shows that lead extending among the 'working class' to 48% for the Tories. I guess you have to give them props for pulling off such a magnificent con. Are they putting something in the (disgusting) drinking water down there?
  14. Any normal person would be raging if someone had falsely accused them of this, but you can tell from this reply that he obviously did say it... the pressure's starting to ramp up on old Bozo when even The Daily Fail is starting to question his conduct.
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