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  1. Recession on the way. Grim, grim stuff, with the absolute worst people at the helm.
  2. That's like finding out your Dad listens to S Club Juniors. I quite liked Girls Aloud, but I don't think they were in any way impressive. I see this as similar to Harry Potter. Everyone being told to like something even though they know it's actually really derivative shite.
  3. Sporty seems to be the most down to earth one but unfortunately I find her voice quite unpleasant. They don't even have a camp factor for me - just went straight from manufactured corporate trash to middle aged housewives. There seems to be a conveyor belt of the same old faces doing the rounds on these talent shows. I liked X Factor back in the day, but what a lot of contrived shite, really.
  4. Same! A lot of manufactured nonsense for little girls and teenage gays.
  5. Yes, also posed with that foul Nadine Dorries thicko (even dumber than Liz if you can believe it) who's historically voted against every single piece of LGBT legislation. But she's a famous Tory anyway - silly bitch compared 'girl power' to Thatcherism and called Churchill the first Spice Girl
  6. I was reading that earlier. These two really are trying to out cunt each other to see who can be the most foul, ultra right wing authoritarian. I think dimwit Lizzie is still the front runner for the job though.
  7. I'm sure.. We had our hottest day on record last month - 35C ish which I know is an everyday occurrence for y'all. Some places will probably be uninhabitable at some point due to the heat - scary stuff!
  8. Oh nice, which Uni? Ha, Fraserburgh's better off in the sea, tbh! but how very on-brand of BBC Scotchland ...the lovely JUDITH looking her usual coquettish self I see.
  9. You'd think one of her kids would object.... but they're all as bad as each other I suppose.
  10. Wullie's many affairs aren't anything new, but the revelations of him taking big giant strap ons up the arse is! The Charlie stuff was conveniently released after Wills had been trending for days on end. The various PR teams in the palace hate each other almost as much as the family itself does!
  11. It strikes me the post above sounds overwhelmingly negative But I'm so annoyed at the shit going on. Every day some new bit of bare faced corruption. Like 'prince' Charlie taking yet another bung of cash this time form BIN LADEN'S family, or Bozo filling one of the UK's legislative chambers with fucking RUSSIAN oligarchs/SPIES in return for donations...
  12. I'd 100% wait until things are clearer constitutionally before moving anywhere! The UK economy is on the precipice of imploding when the cost of living crisis hits in the Autumn and with both PM candidates advocating a return to the very worst of Thatcherism, things are looking very bleak indeed. Scotland wise, everything's stationary while the supreme court decides whether the SCOT govt has the legal powers to implement another referendum, but yeah, most people either want to go it alone or stay shackled to the rest of Hell Island - one side or the other. As it stands, we go down with the ship. There's no Section 28 type stuff going on up here. SNP are a socially liberal left leaning party - the only (major) one left in the UK now that Labour are Tory-lite, but I became a bit wary of always putting "except Scotland" everytime I post about the wretched politics from down south, but those particular laws are devolved to the Scottish govt which is pressing on with gender recognition reform and banning all types of conversion therapy (much to the ire of Rowling and other Terfs) whereas England has weaponised it for their culture wars. Though there's been whispers that Westminster may somehow attempt to block it up here to keep both countries alligned....we'll see....
  13. They're coming for you Barbara! (and Judy) Which of course is also a cover for.... I'd say civil unrest was on the way, as it would be in any normal country... or maybe ppl will just make a nice cup of tea (boiled on a homemade bonfire) instead.
  14. That would mean admitting that the last 12 years of their own party in govt has been a colossal failure. Much better to whip up the thicko electorate about immigrants, trans people, trade unions etc. So thoroughly depressing.
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