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  1. Yeah I agree. I think Nicola also chose to leave because she's reached a stalemate with the independence issue. UK govt says no, Supreme Court says no and her idea that an election acting as a defacto referendum would somehow prompt the UK govt to suddenly enter negotiations is really just a non starter. Someone new will need to come up with some other strategy. BUT If Forbes somehow gets elected (and the msm are already pushing for her because they know how divisive it would be) then the whole thing is fucked.
  2. She's a mad bible basher from some weird Highland church and getting rightly rinsed from most people. I think Humza Yousef, who's a Muslim and supports gay marriage, right to abortion etc will win. He's a nice guy (gets an incredible amount of racist abuse on twitter) but just rather... uninspiring for my taste
  3. I can't see how a progressive social democratic party can have her at the helm. I'll defect to the Greens if they do! No one really decent has come forward to stand tho - prob because of all the shit they'd get from the unhinged unionists/msm which Nicola was great at deflecting. All very depressing!
  4. Scotpol is a binfire right now as this damn EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN is vying to replace Queen NIc!
  5. I'm surprised you had time to type that in between throwing another shrimp on the barbie, sipping some Fosters on the beach and stroking yer pet dingo.
  6. Yes I remember seeing that both countries passed a similar bill on the same week. Lucky for you that Spain doesn't have a neighbouring country that can just decide that no, that bill you just passed isn't to their liking and can legislate to make sure you don't make it law at all... Anyway the reform was in the SNP manifesto, supported by the majority and wasn't considered controversial at all until the UK govt decided to make it part of their culture war crap. I'm sure it will pass eventually after some legal hurdles. Meanwhile some poor trans girl was murdered by two teenagers this past weekend in England. Not seen Rowling say anything about that funnily enough...
  7. I'm proudly woke! The world is sickening right now. The massive inequality is unsustainable and something's gotta give at some point. Still sad about Nicola. I was watching some vox pops yesterday and many women especially were saying they were upset and some had even been crying. I think we underestimate the importance of having *relatable* women in positions of power and influence for other women. But I think in Nicola's case she realised that her persona had become too big and polarizing as she says here... and typified by the trans debate which was cross party legislation but suddenly became about her alone - typified by Rowling putting her name on a T shirt etc. Nope!
  8. I like Mhairi Black as a possible replacement, though she's a bit rough around the edges. The abuse she gets online is already bad, I dread to think how much worse it would get.
  9. Still winding up all the right people...
  10. I was so shocked too! Going by her resignation speech she's just had enough and can't really blame her. The misogyny and abuse is off the scale. No one that noteworthy. Nic had the common touch as well as being a consummate politician and great communicator - big heels to fill. Gotta laugh at the risible media take that Labour will somehow have a resurgence here now tho - the Labour that today banned Corbyn from even running as a Labour candidate in the next election - God awful red tories.
  11. Terrible news! I think she's just had enough and is fed up with all the constant bullshit that frames everything around her as a person rather than the party or the government - via our consistently hostile media (controlled by another country) and the culture war crap going on everywhere. It has to be tiring. Also I don't think she wants to tie the indy movement into her plan on how to move it forward if she's not able to see it through with the energy/vigour needed so best to hand the mantle over. She's still incredibly popular and I'm really disappointed as it was so refreshing to have a leader to actually be proud of but oh well.
  12. Even Madonna asked JESS for surgery tips remember!
  13. Nice little CHANEL number for the office?
  14. His PANTS are the most offensive thing in this thread.
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