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  1. 36 % of voters 18-24 in France will vote for far right ,31 % in Holland and 21% in Germany .Apparently the masterminds in Europe can't hear the bells that are ringing for quite some time
  2. I don't think that a ceacefire is possible because that requires admission of defeat from Zelenski given the fact that Russia now controls a large part of Ukraine
  3. disgusting , maybe the solution is a lobotomy
  4. Israel first attacked the Iranian embassy in Damascus and killed Iranian diplomats and the US is not backing an Israeli counterattack
  5. why would the west launch an attack on Iran?
  6. well if Varoufakis is lying is the Rector of the university of Glasgow is lying too ?
  7. Germany just denied entrance in the country of Greek politician mr Varoufakis because he was invited in a pro Palestinian speech. Democracy is dying
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