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  1. And let's not forget who uses the islamic world for it's own advantage , a country that wants to play α sovereign role in the region and who is a major enemy of Israel .. Αnd btw who finances hamas? what happened to fatah? what country does not want peace in the region?
  2. An Israeli soldier protects a Palestinian woman and helps her safely get out of a riot-field area.
  3. You're right and that's why working class is voting for liberal parties that actually work against their interests or neo-nazi formations
  4. killer? hahaha ,that's rich coming from an American president
  5. Battle is still tight but right now Biden has better chances than Trump to win this
  6. I just don't get how the Democrats supported Biden for president .The man has probably Alztheimer's , today he presented his granddaughter as his son that died in 2005 .. and it's not the first time he's doing this..
  7. Medellin was the obvious first single , why people think radio would touch such a political song is beyond me , Radio won't play a new Madonna song .She is way too old for radio , deal with it
  8. Totally deserved it and thank god no bey in NME's best albums of 2019
  9. So far it's the only list it Madame X is featured . Rolling stone named Ariana ' s album as the best of the year .Weird times , very weird
  10. Medellin Dark Ballet Future Crave God Control
  11. Medellin Crave Future God Control Dark Ballet IDSIF Looking for mercy Crazy Batuka Faz Gostoso Come alive Extreme occident Killers who are partying Bitch i'm loca
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