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  1. It was clearly an assassination attempt, someone wanted to murder Trump. It's not complex. Anyone with half a brain...I don't even want to say it. Just do not waste your time speculating otherwise.
  2. The ex-Muslim movement has been warning the West about the dangers of Islam for years. Do engage with activists who were born into and raised in Muslim families and later left the religion like Harris Sultan, Nuriyah Khan (lives in the UK), Abdullah Sameer and Ridvan Aydemir, among others. Find them on YouTube. I am an ex-Muslim as well (though not living in the West). We hate seeing Western countries being bullied by these religious extremists and whenever Islam is criticized, people are quick to raise the "Islamophobia" card to unscrupulously silence the critics. Face the reality AS IT IS - you have to understand what Islam actually is, not the sanitized version propagated by some "peaceful" scholars but the unfiltered, unvarnished form of it as practiced by its most devoted adherents. You need to have a completely honest conversation on how to deal with Islam in your society. It has never been a personal religion, it always has a profound political dimension to it. If you are ever going to refer to truly moderate or liberal Muslims who have a secular outlook on life, who believe that Islam needs to be reformed so that it can be compatible with the values of the 21st century, who accept Jews and Christians and pagans and whoever else as EQUALS, who completely accept the theory of evolution, and the list goes on - you are probably talking about 800 people worldwide, out of 1.6 billion Muslims.
  3. What @jonski43 shared there isn't anything weird or an anomaly - it's extremely common to be found among Muslims. I live in a Muslim-majority country, my family and friends are Muslims (I'm not but still have to pretend to be one for safety reasons) - they may not be as blunt as that guy, but in principle they would not disagree with his main point. This is not a "fringe" type of thinking or a form of extremism, it's simply something deeply rooted in the religion itself.
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