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  1. and they used to be something like Chanel back in the day!!!! what the fuck has happened there!
  2. Believe me, if the war last a lot and the economy goes extremily south, people will start complaining about why should we help Ukraine, if "they look like russians after all" and about why are these countries in the border with russia in the NATO or trying to enter NATO/EU.And of course, the fact that this shit only helps the USA, not the eruopean countries.
  3. I haven´t heard anything on the news about this. But we know how the news work nowadays.Anyways, USA is selling more gas than ever, probably weapons too...then they disguise it with something humanitary, and that´s it, this is what has been happening for the last century.USA ´s foreign policy uses the wars to make them earn money, so this doesn´t surprise me. And europe now is suffering for that, but we haven´t done anything when the war was/is in asia or africa. So in a way, we deserve it because we have been huge cunts with other parts of the world too
  4. Sorry but I don´t believe men will stop from going for a prostitute, even if it´s ilegal. And even if they have the sexiest lambs in the world. By the way, isn´t there a lamb festivity in the muslim world?
  5. what does "swiss-style mean? I´ve tried to read the article but is not free
  6. what is Tumblr? sorry, I know I sound like cher!
  7. the NATO has always been inmoral, only this time is happening closer to us, so nothing new there.The sad thing is that I think NATO wants this war to happen, because that makes them necesary.A year or so before the war, I remember some politicians from the USA talking about the NATO complaining about the effort they make there, whereus the europe doesn´t. A couple of months before they were talking (in germany? france? I don´t remember it) about having an european army. And the people in NATO had to be really stupid if they thought that having countries that have borders with russia joining them/us was going to be the best way of keeping the peace. and in the meantime, people in ukraine are losing their lifes ,and we pay attention, but nothing more. Is like the spanish civil war, when nobody (democratic countries) was helping the legality in spain against franco (helped by the fascists).And when Franco won, the USA was the first one to welcome him. I´m afraid this will happen also with the winner of this war.
  8. and now it seems the missils were from ukraine´s security system. it seems to me that NATO won´t follow zelensky with his ideas of them joining the war.It´s too risky
  9. apparently Jesus Christ is on twitter now, and with a verified account!!!!
  10. well, I don´t know how the citizens of the USA (I refuse to use the word American only for them) are feeling these, but the republican results are not the disaster that I wish they would. Maybe they were expecting more votes and the ones that they had are not enough, but they have a lot of them! a lot of power...so I don´t know if the elections have been good for the human rights in general is as if the USA was two different countries, one in the 21st century, the other one in the 19th
  11. I´m starting to find all this a little bit funny...I mean, I hope the people are going to have their jobs back once another boss is there, but meanwhile, he is such a huge trainwreck that is funny. I wonder how did he achieve to made Tesla a successful company( he is the one from tesla, isn´t he?), when the cars are full of problems
  12. what do you all think about the war? Putin is supposed to be losing , but I know we only receive information that is against russia and pro ukraine...
  13. according to the newspapers Bolsonaro´s followers want the army to help them be in power. That´s a coup d´etat.I hope they army stays at home
  14. is really difficult to understand latin America´s politics from europe. I think we tend to try to find similar politicians, similar political parties, similar situations...and it´s impossible. Same with the USA
  15. people my age from my area are obssessed with the children learning english, and having the queen´s accent...they can work taking care of the children in the parks, as baby siters. Of course, to work in the fields that they have studied, they will need to show a proficiency in spanish-basque-catalonian or whatever language is spoken in the place we have received them, with perfect accent because we only understand people with perfect accent,but their salaries may be lower.And they have to pay taxes here, not in India. They ´ll also have to learn that at 17.00 we drink coffee, not tea or alcohol, they will have to avoid balconies, and porridge will be forbidden Of course, I´m try to be ironic, it´s a joke (but that´s what happens to a lot of people when they have to escape their country)
  16. a journalist from the TV said that Sao Paulo has very pro Bolsonaro neighborhoods, and very pro Lula ones. They don´t even go to the same spot on the beach, apparently, the try not to be together.
  17. this is so scary, they are fighting back against equality and human rights really hard
  18. I have to say that in the basque country this would be a huge scandal. The "primer minister" of the area is supposed to enjoy the mountains, play football...but this, mmmm, no. Then again, in spain the conservative candidate has a picture in a ship with a drug dealer and is not important!
  19. they are humns, of course: but while NHS is colapsing, the governments are being cringe...rich british peole continue having fun in Ibiza. Of course, for me is important to know that both his wife and him don´t pay taxes in the UK.
  20. ok, so they have a new prime minister, haven´t they? and I have already seen two images that I wasn´t expecting to see from two "serious" politicians". The first one is Biden joking about UK´s prime minister´s name. The second one, the prime minister dancing like crazy showing his hairty chest.
  21. I´ve read on instagram (I know) that Harry had sexual relations with a friend of his, so he might be bisexual. I don´t think it´s true, because if his friend turns to be gay, he would have told him to shave all his bald head!
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