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  1. it´s incredible that a person like him has so much power, it´s a character from a superman movie! the first less luthor! one of the bad characters of TV´s Batman! I totally can see him trying to be president of the USA
  2. I was answering somebody using his/her words. Again, I don´t know anything about biden´s national politics.With obama, we knew some things, with him we don´t know anything. well, actually, only one thing, when he spoke in the senate I think, and apparently he was brilliant.But the rest of the things that we know are things like he falling sleep, or falling of the bycicle...
  3. I don´t know if biden has destroyed the country or not, but he seems too old to be president, at least the images that we see about him are not good, falling sleep, or saying weird things like god save the queen
  4. I agree, (evita did it first!) it´s true that a lot of shit that happens appears and disappears in a couple of days from the news (not even the war, but , for example, a man killed a woman a few days ago in france, sticking a stick inside her body, and is not on the news anymore.
  5. of course is not the subject (but I remember that when I was holding the banner in my city, sometimes the journalist had problems to makes us look as if we were a lot...and we knew that with the help of the politicians, more people would have been there) anyways, I still think that this case should have been bigger, killing somebody just because of his/her sexual orientation should be on the news being something really important
  6. true. I remember that a lot of marches/demostrations against ETA had only a few people behind here, and only if the politicians and the political parties were telling their people to go were massive. so maybe, without a political party or organisation to make people move, this killing has been a "non important " one.sad.
  7. I don´t know, I was expecting more.I know news change really fast, but with this it seems it was only a 3 second news, not something really important.
  8. is he always on character?????? I guess police was very kind to him!
  9. I´m surprised about this story: they have killed a person because he belonged to a minority, and only a few people seem to care
  10. spanish media is in love with this story, and some of them have made the killer look as if he was the victim. Yes, his grandfather was a huge icon-super star, his father is quite known, and he is good looking, but he is also a killer.Even if he wasn´t happy with his gay for pay relation, he is a killer, the victim is the other man
  11. when we listen to the american democrats talk in europe...they sound super "fascist" I´m not saying they are, but some of their ideas are very radical for us (radical, in a right winged radical way)
  12. OK, in the last month I am receiving short news, well, on Tik tok , about a group of countries ( Brazil, Russia, India, China and I don´t know what country is behind the S) going to stop accepting the dolar as a change currency.Apparently they are going to start in august: can that be true? or is it , again, a rumour spread in the social media? is true that I haven´t seen the news in any "normal" news on the TV or in the newspapers.
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