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  1. Which Israeli town do you live in - I guess it's a mixed area?
  2. Check your PM!!!

  3. Sorry. I feel very embarrassed for anyone who isn't a fan of THAT ^^, and yet stans for the lessers whose names shall not be mentioned.
  4. I love the fact that despite Activist-Donna is all over the album, it doesn't feel preachy AT ALL - it's still Madonna the edgy pop songstress that we love through and through.
  5. Check yourrr PM!

  6. Yes me too, and I don't even like those Harry Porter bullshits,
  7. Kurt check your PM!

  8. Kurt check your PM! 

  9. Check your PM!!!

  10. Why was George Floyd arrested in the first place? What had he done?
  11. The artwork of Madame X definitely makes me love the music even more
  12. But really though. This shit world does not deserve someone unspeakably AMAZING like Madonna. Coronavirus is a major slap to the face of the entire humanity.
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