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  1. Apparently, Macron suggested forming a govt of national unity with Le Pen. This is massive. From rallying the country against a far-right presidency to welcoming them into his government over the span of a month. I wonder how liberal pundits will feel about this betrayal.
  2. if only ,the fact that he is even battling a far right and not the socialists is a huge blow in democracy and keeping in mind the huge absention in elections it says that the public is sick of them all
  3. It's the power of the strong and powerful that rules the world .It's not a surprise really There is a US ally and NATO member also that is illegally occupying one third of a EU country for decades now ,that killed thousands of people that are still considered ''missing'' and their relatives still don't know if they have even been burried .. i haven't seen any sanctions against the attacking power and this country is ''helping'' to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine
  4. China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States are the permanent members of the UN security council .This means that Putin cannot end up in Hague Did you see Bush or Blair for example ending in Hague for the death of thousand of civilians in Iraq ? Or Clinton for bombing Yugoslavia with depleted uranium bombs that are illegal to use ? This is the world we are living people
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