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  1. Great news! I was back in Melbourne last week, made sure I voted! Its astonishing how the media was sooooooooo one-sided, and now having to make up excuses for being so out of touch with the people. Why cant they just accept that voters just dont want that rubbish. It was actually nice to be living outside Australia and not having to listen to Australian (politics) news all the time, but when I got back to Australia, the biggest news headline was all about some car accident from years ago, than Dan was not in. The media went to any length they could to try and pull him down. Luckily the people of Victoria are (mostly) smarter than that.
  2. i think so. Not to mention that it would start to smell from being in the sun for hours each day.
  3. Agreed. Has everything in the UK just stopped? Nobody is working or going to school? nothing else to do but watch the coffin and people marching day after day....
  4. Australia had a referendum to become a republic over 20 years ago. While the majority wanted to become a republic, our Prime Minister at the time (a deep monarchist) asked the referendum question in a way that divided opinion about how a new president would be chosen, so the referendum failed. It was bare politics, that's the only reason. it then only felt that asking the question again (properly) would be somehow personally offensive to dear old Lizzie, so I think most Australians understood that once the queen died, we would move pretty quick to become a republic. I hope it happens soon. Although I think it will be inevitable - I Charles will gradually become less and less popular, and within 5 years he will hand over to William in an attempt to rescue public support but it will be too late.
  5. hahaha. she was a taurus, like cher. they were also the same age.
  6. We all loved and will miss the Queen .. but move over Rover
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