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2020 U.S. Election: Congratulations Biden and Harris!


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9 minutes ago, runa said:

Wait for it: Every Republicans will turn their back in a minute and drop him like the piece of shit he is. He will be all alone, no one to support him from now. He's over. 

Yes, I can see that happening. 

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Guest eroticerotic

I'm glad everyone is happy. Let's hope the energy continues....

as primitive and tempting as it is to insult who we don't like, I hope we all can now focus on the positive and on the work that waits for us ahead, with whatever president comes into office to keep America going. otherwise no lessons were learned, and the cycle will continue. Sadly some people will continue to remain clueless.

I moved to the middle of Manhattan in time haha. Felt like an outdoor party for a few hours haha


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