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  1. Not sure who that is but the name alone sounds like an Ancient Greek men2men bath house
  2. acko

    Stop peeing deep Inside people's holes. 

  3. Are those meant for me?why coz I defended the truth ?
  4. He rushed back to hand out bottles of water and other supplies to families in need, he can’t do is control the weather
  5. Apparently it was his daughter’s luggage he was carrying it for them. What a decent politician.
  6. Now he’s approval ratings are plummeting. This is fucked up. Cruz doesn’t control the weather
  7. I think he did the right thing to go and drop them off and come back, I don’t think he was gonna stay with them for the rest of the trip.
  8. I don’t get this hate he’s getting. Was he supposed to just send his girls alone ? Of course he did the right thing as a sad to accompanying them.
  9. FYI Video unavailable. Again. Do kindly note that I can be of help of you need a personal photographer with ring light experience to manage your onlyfans webpage and post seamless videos that would be widely available without regional restrictions. Please advise. BR
  10. Touch my body, let me wrap my thighsAll around your waist, just a little tasteTouch my body, know you like my curvesC'mon and give me what I deserve
  11. Yeah I also don’t like this pussy footing which is why the democrats will always never bring in the big changes
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