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  1. If they had any problem with sleeping because of it, they’d never done it in the first place. It’s just humans being monsters, nothing new sadly. Can you even fathom the terrible things people did to each other (and to little children in particular) during the thousands of years of human existence? I sometimes come across such stories in history podcasts, the few documented crimes that we still know of. You can calculate how many more there must have been, unheard of, undocumented, totally undetected.
  2. It has become unreal! Seems like 18th century Wild West mentality, except that probably people didn’t shoot at kids and their mothers back then. It’s not really an issue here but I wished Madonna would focus more on the gun control agenda. It feels like it’s the most urgent matter, more so than ageism.
  3. It says in the United States but still!!! It’s February for god sakes.
  4. Dear god, that thread title has to be taken literally now.
  5. I always tell my children that man is by far the cruelest and most dangerous animal on earth. I don’t want to dramatize things but they know what I mean. It’s just sickening, it never ends.
  6. I really hoped that maybe this could ‚help‘ bring Erdogan and Assad down. Maybe a tiny positive development amidst all this devastation. But they will spin the narrative in their favor as always. I expect Erdogan to shift the blame on EU somehow.
  7. I feel so bad for the people, obviously because of the actual disaster but also if it was me I’d definitely think this is karma and I have somewhat manifested this tragedy. You know what I mean? I’m sure some of the people there think like that, that they are somehow responsible, when they’re really not. And yes, from what I gathered the officials covered this up as long as they could. Chernobyl comes to mind.
  8. This is so crazy and scary at the same time. I was watching the movie White Noise a couple of weeks ago, didn’t finish though because I thought it was boring. The movie opens with a train explosion, some sort of toxic stuff gets blown into the air and spreads via the heavy smoke. When I heard about the explosion in Ohio I immediately thought ‘haven’t I just seen the exact same thing in a movie??’ And now I learned that production partly took place in the same spot, where the actual disaster happened now. This is honestly kind of mindblowing and I feel so sorry for the people living there. After a train derailment, Ohio residents are living the plot of a movie they helped make https://edition.cnn.com/2023/02/11/health/ohio-train-derailment-white-noise/index.html
  9. Watch how nothing of the sort will happen in .
  10. this is beyond tragic, what a catastrophe! I sincerely hope they can find more survivors today and that authorities will have a serious look at future construction plans and earthquake safety for housing.
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