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  1. I Wonder how long she randomly tested products to find one that suited her plans.
  2. I still have my tumblr account. It’s so peaceful there. though I noticed a lot of people returned in the last two weeks, at least in the bubble I’m active. It’s interesting.
  3. I heard it’s allowed again on Tumblr. Don’t know if true.
  4. Love it. there is a series on Sky right now that’s called ‘This England’ and it’s about Boris Johnson’s time as PM. I only watched two episodes but I quite liked it. It’s based around Brexit and COVID. All these things happening and he is quoting Shakespeare and tales from Greek mythology, I thought it was hilarious. Extremely entertaining.
  5. Ugh, can’t he just go to Mars and let us be?
  6. So will Harry spill for real this time? Or is it again just a cash grab without the risk of any real damage to the institution that is still his sole raison d'être?
  7. Time to start a new European alliance with countries willing to work together and see the bigger picture.
  8. How do you draw the line? If people would differentiate between the two, there would be no history because nothing would have ever been written down eloquently, with some luck you would have bullet points of who went where. We would not know of the Tudors, of Caesar and Cleopatra and Marc Antony, AS IF all history wasn’t partly the juiciest scandalist entertainment that people loved to talk about or write down. To the point of faking events in order to make some people look good or bad. That’s the history books you so weirdly cling to, it’s all interpretations of what other people wrote down and trying to figure out what’s true or not. There is no absolute ,history’. What we know today, might be overthrown tomorrow. It’s very subjective to each time and society and of course to whatever sources you choose to believe or not.
  9. Then why movies and TV shows are made about them? Endless documentaries, mass tourism based on current and former Monarchy’s? It’s one thing to be in books as a political player and a complete other thing to be in the public consciousness. You might be right about the Monarchies in Scandinavia or Netherlands or Spain or Belgium. no one cares for those, that’s true. I mean even M made a movie about Monarchy.
  10. I have to disagree. It is usually not the strong suit of people to predict how their time is seen in the future. It’s particularly hard for us, who are part of a very unprecedented time of peace and prosperity in Europe after the two world wars. And I’m not speaking of individual hardships or local conflicts, they have always been part of every era in history. So we definitely can’t tell now whats going to be part of history or not. So many things factor into it.
  11. I think both Meghan and Kate looked very elegant. I liked Meghan’s look a little better, she looked fantastic. Don't care if it’s a superficial statement. They all obviously put a lot of thought into it.
  12. 4 of German main/most watched programmes broadcasted the funeral for up to 9 hours. Crazy. I watched the last 70 mins or so. It might have been the last extravaganza of its kind. As someone who studied History I just eat up all the formality and heavy symbolism of the procedure. It’s like time travel.
  13. I would fully support the couple if they were serious about exposing the Monarchy and wanting to live a normal life. How refreshing that would be! But it’s clearly a scam. So no, they’re no better than the rest of the family and I think it’s just a normal reaction to find their behavior ridiculous.
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