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  1. what the media doesnt want you to see, this guy is not a fucking hero. He's a xenophobe, racist and nationalist. Also read few places this guy was a CIA asset. I don't condone his murder though. Hero is Julian Assange.
  2. Disgusting cunts hope they never find peace
  3. I think if you released an album you’d title it that. It is but I am - Confessit
  4. No that is not okay. What is wrong wit me Confessit?? Why can’t I be a royalist?!
  5. if something happens god forbid, it would be ironic, if he doesnt complete even 2 or so years hes been on, esp waiting for it all these years .
  6. Do Brits love the monarchy? Or Is it like 50 50?
  7. He’s awesome, trying to cancel him is just outrageous.
  8. yes and the oil and gas that belongs to Gaza, they want it all, Zionists also have a fantasy of clearing that land all to themselves.
  9. Just wanna add something..Corporate media is fake news.
  10. If orange man wins this is on the democrats for shoving Botox mummy down our throat.
  11. omg Runa, you called him ugly? Stop being antisemetic!
  12. omg! stop being antisemetic! Stop being hateful!!
  13. thanks for the answers. Yeah i guess dialogue is better.
  14. Yeah but is that what they were created to do?
  15. can you tell me what is the point of the UN ?
  16. nope..they will replace him with Gavin Newsom .. another charlatan.
  17. good but it wont pass the senate unfortunately
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