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  1. I've just read that Ms. Jess has gone and had a gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss. Maybe she doesn't believe in EXERCISE. As, um, Rubenesque as she could appear, I wouldn't have had her down as an eligible candidate (still too thin), but it seems there's always a doctor.
  2. Also, somebody said she looks like Agnetha from ABBA and I almost SLAPPED him in the face.
  3. Her fundraising haul was illuminating earlier this year. Over three million. She's obviously a taco short of a combo meal, but it arguably makes her more dangerous because of the destruction that could lie in her wake. I hope she'll have to pay the piper for the Gaetz association, if nothing else.
  4. Not to jump the gun, but from this thread I surmise that fantastic diva @horn should be back in 2036?
  5. Always so pleased with themselves. Much as the unscrupulous media entities are to blame, the burden of incompetence extends to these guys. How is it possible to be incapable of exercising any kind of critical observation and evaluation prowess whatsoever? And when will they get over it?!
  6. God I don't blame you. Haunted by it and on edge for days. I hope she's had comfort.
  7. Who's read about the 73-year-old woman with dementia who had her shoulder dislocated and her wrist fractured during an arrest by these thugs? The clips are grisly and heartbreaking, but it's important that we heed reminders of how the profession often appeals to subsets of the population that absolutely do delight in the pain that the authority they're afforded enables them to inflict. This is pure inhumanity. VILE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KElPwmwP8co https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2wJZEmHcEg&t=1s I'd lay into that punk for how he handled h
  8. I mean, I think she bears more than a passing resemblance to some princesses.
  9. An abomination. I'm devastated by stories with malefactors who are young and stupid and horrible but possibly not irredeemable. In time, even they won't be able to fathom it, most likely. Just senseless and tragic.
  10. So demented but so oblivious to the fact and in reality smug about it. It's at the stage where you feel bad for their eventual fellow inmates.
  11. She was really coded incorrectly, hey? Either that or she helped herself to everything under the sink.
  12. I'm not quite the polyglot she is, but do we merely observing Trans-lation 101 detect a whiff of "MARK YOUR CALENDARS, BOYS" to a lot of that? Good for her.
  13. German Shepherds. One of theirs is a former shelter dog as well.
  14. Forget prayers - I think some bait would be more effective? JESS, we've got Crisp 'n' Dry, Band-Aids, a J. Lo-shaped dartboard, and plenty of silicone products. Come back!
  15. Not the brightest bulb. But now that she feels emboldened I'm sure the self-incriminating depravity will be firing on all cylinders soon enough. I hope she feels invincible and promptly ruins herself.
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