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  1. Her latest shoot comes after Instagram took down her page due to her raunchy lingerie snaps. Boasting 6.8million followers on the social media platform, Jessica told MailOnline that she managed to get the account back after being taken down for 12 hours. She said: 'It was very alarming when I was suddenly logged out from my page. It is where I keep in touch with friends around the world and fans. 'I was devastated when I realised that Instagram took my page down over some tasteful images of me in lingerie. 'Britney Spears, Madonna and The Playboy page posts daring images and videos which I love and find really inspirational. 'My Instagram page is mainly images taken for shoots that I do for magazines or a fashion Brand Collaboration such as Fashion Nova where I am a Brand Ambassador. The queen's instagram was shut down as the world couldn't take her sexiness! Blasphemies against the queen! You are a timeless venus - like Botticelli‘s - james_graf_visceral
  2. Jessica added: 'Three weeks ago I flew to Istanbul to have my third bum surgery to upgrade my implants from 625cc to 1050cc and just few hours before the surgery Prof Dr Ali Gurlek said that he could fix my breathing that he had some treated sterile cartilage that he could used and on a whim I said yes go for it!' Yay! Jessica said: 'I flew to Istanbul to have my third bum surgery to upgrade my implants and just few hours before the surgery Prof Dr Ali Gurlek said that he could fix my breathing!' 'Two weeks on from the surgery I can finally breath and my nose looks bigger and more natural looking. Thanks to Prof Dr Ali Gurlek who very confidently fixed me for life!' As well as the nose job Jessica just underwent a second XXL bum implant surgery in Turkey, with the aim of almost doubling her bottom size. The bottom implants will leave her bed bound for a month. She told MailOnline: 'My aim with this surgery is to look more feminine and curvy changing my 625cc butt implants for a 1025cc implants. 'This should be my last surgery for now ...............until one day when I need a full face lift again. 'Dr Gurlek, based in Istanbul is specialised in transwoman surgeries and also he does corrective secondary surgeries on cis gender woman. 'After this surgery I will have to be in bed for 30 days and I won’t be able to sit on my bum in order to heal. The implants are placed under the muscles.' She has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery already in a quest to change her appearance.
  3. EXCLUSIVE: 'It's more natural looking!' Jessica Alves reveals she's had ANOTHER nose job to fix her breathing after 13 previous failed surgeries By AMELIA WYNNE FOR MAILONLINE | PUBLISHED: 00:54 GMT, 3 December 2022 Jessica Alves has revealed she's undergone yet another nose job to fix her breathing and problems with necrosis - after 13 previous failed surgeries. The Brazilian TV personality, 39, flew to Istanbul for a bottom augmentation when the surgeon said he could fix her nose while she was there too. Jessica is known for her love of cosmetic procedures and has spent more than £1M on around 100 surgeries over the years. Speaking exclusively to MailOnline she said: 'In the past 20 years I have had 13 nose jobs and they were always a failure causing me breathing issues and necrosis. I even almost lost my nose four years ago followed a nose job in Tehran. 'Ever since I have been having breathing issues and there's a nasal sound when I speak. My nose also became too small and it was not by choice. 'It was just how it turned out after the infection and necrosis after a surgeon used cartilage from a cadaver in Iran. Ever since I have being looking for a doctor who could fix my nose and my breathing.' Necrosis is the death of body tissue. It occurs when too little blood flows to the tissue. This can be from injury, radiation, or chemicals. She went on to explain that she has travelled the world having consultations and being turned down by doctors who weren't confident to touch her nose or wanted to charge her 75k for a single nose job due to it's risks and complications.
  4. 2023 is coming and yet this?! Unbelievable What about $$$ owned by female? Should Male officer rejects these $$$ as well?
  5. Malaysia Terengganu ramps up enforcement of unisex hair salon ban, warns of fine for offenders By FocusM | 2 hours ago TERENGGANU has reinforced its ban on unisex hair salons in the PAS-led state and operators who go against the gender-segregation licensing regulation will face a fine between RM500 and RM1,000. According to state executive councillor Datuk Dr Alias Razak, this was not a new rule; rather, it is an existing licensing regulation under the jurisdiction of the local government. “The hair salon or barbershop, be it run by Muslims or non-Muslims, is not allowed to provide haircut services for both men and women at the same time,” he was reported as saying by Sin Chew Daily. The state housing and local government committee chairperson further warned that operators who do not abide by the licensing regulations will face a fine or have their license revoked. “There is no exemption for hair salons or barbershops run by non-Muslims. If we allow non-Muslim female hairdressers to provide haircuts for male customers, Muslim men may visit the shop,” he remarked. During a debate session at the state assembly sitting on Tuesday (Nov 29) state assembly person Zuraida Md Noor called for enforcement action to be taken to ensure that barbershops and spas in the state observe Syariah requirements and gender-segregation regulations. She said barbershops for men should only be managed by men and hairdressing salons for women should only be managed by women. Zuraida further questioned the extent of which these regulations are complied with, adding that she had received complaints from locals who had voiced their concerns about men and women appearing in the same premise. She also noted that this also happened in spas and beauty salons, and demanded to know how the hairdressing industry and beauty salons could overlook such a major issue. — Dec 1, 2022 https://focusmalaysia.my/terengganu-ramps-up-enforcement-of-unisex-hair-salon-ban-warns-of-fine-for-offenders/
  6. Jessica is not a whore! The queen will only offer her plastic pussy to the chosen one...
  7. Gurl, I'm talking about the guy on the left, not the guy on the right whom you called it a piece of shit.
  8. Jessica is still waiting for her man to take her virginity away Take my virginity away...
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