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  1. This is REAL courage! These women are an inspiration for the world.
  2. I hope no one seriously believes those ridiculous ratings numbers on Twitter for this funeral. It was an ordinary monday in Canada. No one was talking about this funeral (apart from the media), no one was watching this funeral, sigh of relief from just about everyone that this masquerade was finally over. She was a significant historical figure of the last century by her longevity on the throne, i give her that. nothing more, nothing less. In an ideal world, Canada would change its constitution to finally get rid of the monarchy. The majority of the population desire it but our cultural and identity conflicts between Canada and Quebec mean that the federal government will never dare to reopen the constitution since it will have to include compromises for province of Quebec. Going back to the excess of everything about the queen we just went through, I still can't believe people lined up for 10, 12 or 14 hours to spend 10 seconds in front of a stranger's grave. Ridiculous.
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