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  1. This. Since 2016, a slice of American progressives have been spending their time attacking the Democratic Party and their politics instead of devoting their energy to fighting the real enemy, the Republican Party and more precisely its fundamentalist slice which has taken control and is reshaping the country at frightening speed. In a two-party system, the lesser evil to block this movement is to vote and support the Democratic party even though we all know they are not a very progressive party, but in the context of the American political system they are the lesser evil . Anyway, this discussion was relevant in 2016, today it is already too late. The Republicans have reshaped the political system so that they have control and do what they want.
  2. Unfortunately, but as you can see, no action in this thread. One day, having gay sex in the USA will again be punishable by imprisonment and gays will wonder how it happened, but unfortunately it will be long too late.
  3. This country continues its free fall and faster and faster. how can we accept that women cannot do what they want with their bodies in a supposedly democratic country in 2022???Next, same sex marriage? After that, contraception? and the most infuriating thing is that all this happens and everyone seems to not give a fuck!
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