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3 hours ago, roma said:

The overthinking in this thread is amazing, keep it coming. I love the mystery and anticipation,  Madonna finally beats the internet age and can truly surprise us on her terms

Right on!! And Cher's reaction on twitter is priceless!! ✨✨

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Nothing new but the media is picking up on it. Hopefully that fake news of Portugal “my Queen” horse story that was getting reposted everywhere lately falls off the radar now.


BY ABC News Radio | April 1, 2019

Madonna may have something to tell us.

The Queen of Pop has changed the profile image on her Instagram to a close up of her mouth with something — possibly a riding crop — between her lips.  She’s also replaced the first nine photos in the feed with images that, together, make an enormous red “X.”

This seems to indicate that the superstar is getting ready to announce something new…perhaps the long-awaited follow-up to her 2015 album Rebel Heart. 

Madonna’s been teasing new music for quite some time. Last year, she confirmed in a post that she’s been working with Mirwais, the producer who worked on her 2000 album Music, as well as on 2003’s American Life and 2005’s Confessions on a Dance Floor.

In addition, this past September, at a charity auction, Madonna donated the chance for fans to visit her in a London recording studio in October and November to preview new songs.

On March 18, she posted a photo of herself slicing an apple, with the caption, “A taste of things to come.”  She added the hashtags #music and #magic. Many fans actually think Magic is the name of the new album because she’s been using the hashtag since last year.

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1 minute ago, Edivad said:

MDNA Skin X Moschino



That's what the X stands for...?

Nope, that was discussed a few pages ago, the X in that stands for MDNA for Moschino or crossover of two brands/characters etc.

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2 minutes ago, BrendanT1993 said:

Will it grow cold

The secret that she hides

Will I grow old?

How will we hear

When will we learn

How will we know?


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The Chariot Tarot card is a major arcana which signifies strength, will, focus, ambition, determination, leading to victory etc.

The stars above the head signify celestial influence and guidance.

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