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  1. First it was the car accident (where we wasn't the driver), then it was the stupid conspiracy theories around the stairs he fell down where he fractured his spine and broke ribs in 2021, then it was the fact that he is 'too arrogant' to be Premier and all the made up media stories about how much Victorians hate him (a very loud minority do because of the drivel they have been fed by the media, and only their views were amplified by the press). All of this crap on the front page of every newspaper and in all news bulletins every day for weeks before the election. Meanwhile the opposition leader was referred to the independent anti-corruption commission (IBAC) for illegal Election Campaign actions DURING the election campaign and the opposition party was campaigning on lowering taxes and reducing debt while AT THE SAME TIME promising new spending that was estimated to add over $30bn to debt while never providing any costings to the voting public.....and the media was basically crickets.
  2. I am SOOOOOO happy Jan!!! The media campaign was reprehensible - mostly led by Murdoch and Costello (who is Chairman of Nine Entertainment which owns Channel 9, The Age and The Sydney Morning-Herald - and a former Liberal party politician). But honestly even the ABC went right off it's skis worse so than at the Federal election. Almost the entire media was campaigning against the Labour government and particularly Dan Andrews. It is sickening to see
  3. How many thousands of negative articles have been written about Meghan Markle just since the Queen died? And she has done exactly what in that time except support her husband and (God forbid) hold his hand? It is exhausting. The whole Royal Family seem like a bunch of out-of-touch douche-bags, so the fact that she is the only one singled out for extreme hate and criticism by big parts of the media is pretty telling....
  4. RIP Queen Elizabeth II Maybe Australia can move on from the Monarchy now. King Charles - no thanks
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