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  1. This track is sublime, everything that I love about Madonna in one track!
  2. Hello can someone file share the bonus tracks, pleeeeeeez
  3. I tried this sequence and it really works. I do cherish all the tracks on Madame X though.
  4. Thanks I finally got to see it. It’s fantastic!!!
  5. Don’t think we can see it in South Africa, thanks for your help
  6. Keep your opinions about Michael to yourself please. Not everyone feels that way.
  7. I will be in full genuflect mode on Friday and abstaining until then.
  8. And our dear M was singing completely live with no back up or instrumentation
  9. Can anyone tell me if the contestants were actually singing completely live?
  10. With the performance being an interval act does that mean it won’t be broadcast live on YouTube?
  11. Show starts on YouTube official in 6hrs
  12. My only wish isn’t that it is longer......... it’s so gorgeous
  13. Medellin was the perfect introduction to the Madam X Era and I love how I rise changes gears
  14. Zane Louw is on for an hour do you think we will have to listen to him for an hour?
  15. Good night everyone. Happy Madonna day once again!!!! love and light xxx
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