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  1. I’ll take 9 Madonnas any day! Love this.
  2. Great track but I don’t know what to think about the chorus sung by the tiffin children’s choir at the beginning and end with such a strange pause between “Con” and “trol” (control) lyric It’s hard to sing along to. Unless I’m totally missing something here. This part drives me nuts for some reason.
  3. me too! look at what she did for "Beat goes on" demo! I have total faith that "back that up" will be great! You will melt when you hear "I don't search I find"
  4. Oh wow that’s awesome! Thank you. who knew “I don’t search I find” would be the most amazing track on the album . I’ll never judge a track purely on song title alone again lol
  5. Sorry I was at work all day and think I’ve missed something about “3 tracks”? Is there a special additional album with 3 unknown new tracks? I don’t want to read from the beginning.
  6. Cant wait for this Portuguese album so we can forget about this negativity surrounding her performance. Im not sure that I hear a bad vocal during LAP. I do however hear that libretto effect on her voice that makes it sound slightly unnatural. She always uses this live but this time the pitch of it was kinda low. I love it most of the time especially when she used it for “you must love me” during the sticky and sweet concert.
  7. When is the finale? Sorry it’s been a while since the date of this performance has been mentioned.
  8. What!?!?! His voice is smooth like butter and is voice makes the song. Keep listening lol
  9. This! I love the verses and her her voice in Medellín and crave is just perfect start to finish.
  10. Rosie O’Donnell says the record is fan f$&king tastic!
  11. How come they’re not mentioning the upcoming Madonna performance
  12. So is anyone thinking that the hologram will be her riding in on that horse
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