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  1. If the Independent State Legislature Theory (which underlies the North Carolina gerrymandering case) is endorsed by the Supreme Court next year then I would think that a break up of the Union becomes quite possible in the long term
  2. It is code red now. The Supreme Court is going to ensure Republican control of the country in perpetuity when they decide next year on the North Carolina gerrymandering case (they indicated today that they will take up this case in their next session). Given recent SC rulings that are completely untethered from the law, the court is likely to decide that only State Legislatures have any say in how elections are run and that State Courts, the Voting Rights Act and independent redistricting commissions etc cannot overrule legislative decisions on how voting districts are decided, how elections are run, who can vote, how votes are counted, and how Electoral College votes are determined. With Republicans controlling both houses of legislatures in 30 states right now and with impossible to overcome state legislative gerrymanders in many of them already, they will be able control the outcome of federal elections with the SC's blessing...... Unless Manchin and Sinema agree to vote to remove the filibuster at least for the VRA before November elections (and also for some version of Roe), it is game over.
  3. There is so much Democrat bashing going on atm ......by Democrats (and bots and the media and Republicans) - it will impact voting turnout in November - which will only ensure a slide into fascism. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  4. Good luck with that! They will certainly try, but he is too evil for it to be successful. Plus a Federal ICAC is gonna bring him down on a number of fronts....
  5. Pauline Hanson may lose her Senate seat. What an extra delicious BONUS!!!
  6. Liberals smashed everywhere. And Scummo has resigned YEEESSS!
  7. The media in this country is shocking. I cannot believe none of the mainstream media, including the ABC, in any way holds the current government to account for ANYTHING. Yet the opposition is dragged through the mud for any made up bullshit spun out of the prime ministers office and is required to cost every election commitment in excruciating detail, and if they can't answer every single question, are absolutely caned for it. The differential in how the media talks about the two major parties is staggering, and forget coverage of independents and smaller parties....
  8. I've voted already. LNP last, UAP second last. Deves wasn't 'captain's picked' into Warringah to win that seat, Zali will win that easily. Scummo put her into that seat to dogwhistle to deeply religious people in seats like Parramatta that he is 'their guy'. He is disgusting, she is disgusting. The extremely high volumes of pre-poll and postal vote suggest to me that the days are numbered for Scottie from Marketing.....
  9. Access to birth control, inter-racial marriage, same-sex marriage, sodomy - expect any federal legal protections to be attacked by Republican led States and the SC next It is absolutely mind-boggling, the absolute shit-hole that the US is becoming....
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