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  1. Naples is really nice too. I've heard of Sanibel Island, but never been.
  2. What part? I visit Siesta Key quite often when i am based in NY. The water temperature is like warm bath water....love it
  3. This is true - it would have been worse under TA, who is next level awful.
  4. I detest him. I still can't get over our PM being a member of a religious cult. It boggles the mind. And as for what he and his party does for Australia - nothing unless it helps him/them politically. He only ever does anything if is makes him look good personally.
  5. Not enough. She has to be removed from Congress She is a danger to everyone
  6. The 126 ratfucker Republicans in Congress that join this seditious bullshit lawsuit should not be seated when the new Congress convenes in January. Traitors to democracy all of them.
  7. The Million MAGA March is about 990,000 short of a million..... And Trump did a drive-by on his way to playing golf Pathetica....
  8. jesus - how embarrassing OMG i saw them marking up ballots in the parking lot, but I didn't say anything at the time.......... Which one of Laura's flunkies played the poll watcher in this video???
  9. Laura Ingraham Her own brother HATES her and is very public about how awful she is.
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