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  1. When will Europe stop granting visa to Russian citizens? Why can they still travel around Europe as if nothing happened? Travel restrictions are in place for Russian oligarchs and politicians but obviously not for normal people. What has changed for normal people in Russia exactly? Western brands in supermarkets were replaced by Russian brands, which may be still produced by Western companies secretly doing business with Russia. Have normal Russian people experienced an hardships? Well, except for having to live in this rotten state. 

    The German foreign ministry said the reason why they still have not imposed travel bans on normal Russians is that it would be harder to get Russian dissidents out of Russia. Makes me wonder if they have ever seen a Bond movie or ever heard of the Cold War, when such operations took place regularly. 

  2. 8 hours ago, jonski43 said:

    😃 But I can't believe this is all they have given his tax record and he had confidential documents at Mar-a-lago

    Different cases. This one now is only the beginning. Others will follow. I think there are currently three indictments in the pipeline. This one, the one in Georgia (the one where he calls the election official to "find xx votes", which is on tape and basically a confession) and one on federal level. 

    Good, that they are finally coming after him. He is not above the law. Shocking to see (well, not really) how Republicans are spinning the indictment with all this witch hunt talk and how all of this is supposedly politically motivated. None of them ever adresses the alleged crimes. It's always only bad Democrats here, evil Democrats there. I hope Democrats at some point will start fighting back. From my perspective the likes of Lauren Boebert (soon to be a grandmother at 36), Marjorie Taylor Green (most likely the biggest c*nt of them all) and Matt Gaetz (is he still under investigation for child trafficking?) as well as others are getting away with far too much of their nonsene. I blame Michelle Obama with that stupid "if they go low, we go high" phrase. That doesn't work if most Republicans are down in the pits. 


  3. 9 hours ago, promise to try said:

    and porobably is true in the big cities, but in smaller towns...

    I guess it depends on where those smaller towns are. The smaller towns in more rural areas, especially in Wales, will sooner or later realize that all major infrastructure and culture programs were funded fully or in parts by the EU. At some point they will be in the same position as they were before the UK joined the EU. A position without any money to fund any projects because London simply doesn't care for those little towns. To me it has been one of the biggest shocks of the Brexit that even towns that should know better voted in favor of Brexit. Many of those seaside towns that were basically sh*tholes before the EU. Dirty beaches, polluted water. The EU funded the clean up to turn them into those pretty little towns, people travel to for holiday. How ungrateful. 

  4. 10 hours ago, jonski43 said:


    This is just horrible. Another reason why vulnerable people should not have access to guns. 


    What a horrible manipulative tweet. The evil trans person (not even confirmed the shooter was trans), the poor christian family. Not an excuse for the shooting of course, but I knew the minute it was reported that the shooter was trans (allegedly), right wingers would have a field day. Of course, guns have nothing do with it. As always. I'm sure, Republicans are celebrating. Now trans people are not only groomers, they are killing children as well. What a f*cked up country the U.S. are. 


  5. Thoughts and prayers ..... :vomit:

    It's infuriating. And even more disgusting, a news anchor on CNN (which has very obviously drifted to the right side, politically speaking, ever since they were bought by Discovery channel) said, it is impossible to say if this was about hate at this point since we don't know the motives of the shooter. This kind of argumement is so vile. First of all, it is THE talking point of the NRA, the Republicans and gun nuts. All those shooters have mental issues. Secondly, point 1 implies that people with mental issues are likely to go into schools, black churches, synagogues, LGBTQ clubs to kill people. Which is highly discriminatory towards people with mental issues. And a sick excuse. The very same excuse used by people defending Kanye West for his anti-semitic statements. The truth is, most of those shooters knew very well what they were doing. And their actions come from hate. Period. Those derailing the discussion are only trying to covert their asses because they know very well that they are part of the reason of this hate. Giving speeches or even passing legislature that is anti-LGBTQ, anti-black etc. for your very own politicals gains, to attract conservative and right-wing voters, has very much created this hate. Those politicians or officials should not be granted absolution for their actions. In fact their actions should be the talking point. I know it's never gonna happen. They will sweep it under the carpet by declaring this another unfortunate event caused by someone with mental issues. Case closed. And sealed with "Thougts and Prayers". 


  6. There will be no "swiss deal". The EU has said so before. Not even the Swiss would get a "swiss deal" nowadays. The original agreement goes back to the 60s or 70s. Way too complicated for todays needs. The EU and Switzerland have negotiated for ages to get a more modern agreement. I think negotiations were stopped last year from the Swiss side. 

    And as Karby mentioned, such deal would include all the things the UK wanted to get rid off. Especially freedom of movement. Do they realize that around 25% of the residents of Switzerland are not Swiss citizens. 25%! I mean, isn't that a horror scenario from the UK point of view. All those foreigners? But I guess, they would like to differ between good and bad foreigners? And since most of those 25% are from Germany, Austria and Italy, those are good foreigners? And Torys wouldn't mind having those in the UK as well. But please, no people from Eastern Europe. Too bad, this isn't pick and choose. When will they finally learn that lesson?

  7. 8 hours ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    He is putrid. He was always going to win because he is in Florida where there is a huge hatred and mistrust of any form of so called socialism. His victory speech against the “woke” etc would not resonate with everyone in the entire country. 

    Funny thing: "Woke" is not even a thing anymore. And of course, those people ranting about "Woke" hardly understand what it is about. 

  8. 10 hours ago, promise to try said:

    I´m starting to find all this a little bit funny...I mean, I hope the people are going to have their jobs back once another boss is there, but meanwhile, he is such a huge trainwreck that is funny. I wonder how did he achieve to made Tesla a successful company( he is the one from tesla, isn´t he?), when the cars are full of problems

    He is a salesman first and foremost. He is selling illusions. Keep in mind. most of his projects didn't work. Tesla is heavily overvalued and I think there will be a bad awakening in the next two years. With all EVs from all kinds of carmakers reaching the market, Tesla no longer has any advantage. His fanboys always talk about the oh so progressive software and the self-driving thing. Funny enough Mercedes has developed a far more advanced self-driving technology than Tesla. And Teslas biggest mistake: the design of their cars. Boring. Unless you are into Japanese car design of the 90s. They are in need of an urgent design-overhaul. Especially in Europe, where costumers have always rejected the rather clumsy American design ever since the 70s. And of course Elon Musk himself. He has become a serious liability. And isn't he forbidden to talk about Tesla in public as ordered from the board of Tesla? There are so many people out there that dislike him for his behaviour and actions that they will never by a Tesla. 

  9. 2 hours ago, karbatal said:

    The worst part of it all is that even if those announced a general election and another government is formed they will still have to face the high rates and to give back the 50 billion pounds debt these morons borrowed to cut rich taxes  (instead of investing in real economy). This will take YEARS to overcome. South EU countries are still facing the consequences of the cuts and high rates from 10 years ago.

    But what "real economy" is left in the UK? The service sector is still huge despite banks and insurances in The City only having limited access to the European market. But the producing sector is declining for ages, well since Maggie Thatcher. Now with all the Brexit chaos making it extremely difficult to trade with the EU, no one will invest in those sectors. Produce for the local market? Hardly. But I have heard Bristish cheese is in high demand ever since that revolutionary trade deal with Japan. 

    And the tax cuts for the rich? If this was France, the guillotine might be re-activated. But people in the UK seem to have a weird relationship with the rich and noble. No matter how bad the situation for the average citizen, the poor still believe that those privileged people somehow deserve their wealth and excemptions as if those rich must have done something right. Being born into a noble family with extreme wealth is hardly an achievement in my view. And don't get me started on the wealth showcased in certain parts of London. All the Russian and Arab money. Money laundering galore. Isn't there a specific term already? Londromat?

  10. 4 hours ago, promise to try said:

    so what´s happening with the North stream pipelines now? a sabotage?

    I would like to believe the Russians did it. Just another act to pretend that they are attacked by the evil West. Or to find another reason why they don't deliver any gas anymore. North Stream 1 is not working for weeks now (because of some maintenance, yeah right) and North Stream 2 never went online. At this point it doesn't matter anymore. Most countries have found alternatives. Extremely expensive of course. In Germany gas reserves are at 91% percent already. They will be at 100% (I don't know if this is even possible technically) next month. That means, if people are cautious about their energy and heating consumption and the winter is not going to be extraordinary cold, there should be no problem for citizens and companies. All of this at super high costs. But if that is what is needed to finally go forward with renewables, so be it.

    And Russia? They will become some sort of Chinese colony at some point. 

  11. I don't get the hate for Meghan either. At least she had a job before. And Suits was actually a pretty good show. What exactly has Kate done jobwise? Working at her parents company. Isn't it interesting that once Meghan entered the stage, all the talk about Kates scheming to become Williams girlfriend so she could become Queen one day stopped? I trust Meghan way more than Kate. To me Kate comes across as a miserable bitch. 

    On a positive note, Kate always looks stunning at public events. As she should considering she most definitely has a team of high paid advisors around her. 

  12. Oil and gas companies should all be charged with excess profit taxes. Prices for gas and oil are driven by pure speculation. The fact is, there is enough gas and oil. Most producers are just greedy using the situation with Russia (that used to deliver the cheap stuff) and raising the prices like there is no tomorrow. Let's just wait, when they post profits that are significantly higher than last year, they'd better have a good explanation what they did to make so much more money. If this is merely because they raised the prices, governments should tax the shit out of those companies. 

    From my perspective, private companies should not be in charge in all matters water, electricity, gas. Those are basic needs of the general public. But I remember very well, back in the 90s almost all cities in Germany sold their "Stadtwerke" to private companies because they had budget deficits and some fucking consultants told them how much better private companies could deal with all of it. Yeah, water, gas, electricity became more expansive over the years. The result is, most cities, like Berlin, buy those companies back. Of course, paying way more than what they got when they sold those companies 25 years ago. 

  13. 1 hour ago, karbatal said:

    I’ve been these last two weeks in Bulgaria on holidays and I’m surprised at the amount of Bulgarians who have come back from uk or planning to do so. They can’t with the change of society since brexit and nowadays they say the cost of living and lack of products is unbearable. Mind that they are returning from one supposedly rich country to the poorest EU country and leaving good jobs. Not good as in doctor or architect but office jobs.

    Tell them to come to Germany. We are in desperate need of workers in basically almost all fields of work. Of course, usually they will need to speak German decently. And another issue: housing. It has become a nightmare to get an (affordable) apartment, especially in larger cities. 

  14. 3 hours ago, KalamazooJay said:

    The absolute meltdowns on conservative media is the best part of all of this.

    They're talking about defunding the FBI. Also saying that if this can happen to Trump, it can happen to anyone. I don't think the average person has to be fearful since most Americans aren't breaking multiple laws and inciting insurrections. 

    Lock him up. 

    Conservative America is not afraid of the FBI. They all know the real danger comes from the Gazpacho police. 

  15. I suppose the SEC has a close eye on his dealings. At least I hope so. And just as all his crypto buying and selling and his announcements about it on social media, the Twitter deal looks highly suspicious from the outside. From my perspective it all looks like another attempt to manipulate the market for his personal gain. It is always the same game. He buys a large amount at a certain value, makes an announcement about it (like Tesla is going to accept Bitcoin giving the impression that Crypto is the future), all his followers (they are the worst, it's a cult) and some investors do the same. As a result the value goes up. This is the moment he sells, making a nice profit. With Twitter he did expect the price for Twitter shares would jump significantly after his take over bid (of course he bought shares for a few billlions shortly before). The problem: the market did not react the way it usually does (usually shares of a company that is supposed to be taken over jump in value significantly). Why? Because investors were never convinced in the first place? Because the deal did not make any sense from a financial point of view considering Twitters financial results over the years, struggeling to make any profit. Maybe for the first time he miscalculated and he saw this is not working out the way he thought. He is about to lose a huge amount of money. And this time real money. Keep in mind he had to sell Tesla shares to get the money for Twitter. 

  16. 28 minutes ago, ULIZOS said:

    For the record, I wasn't saying this is a non-issue. My point is that right-wing media outlets, such as the Daily Mail, use these types of stories to support their anti-trans viewpoints. 

    That language of the entire article is clearly biased and intended to make readers feel like the entire trans movement is wrong. Example: 


    It's not intended to spark a healthy debate on a very complex topic.

    100%. People should not fall for this kind of "journalism". There is an agenda and I think it is kinda obvious. Keep in mind how this is the same media that paid Davids father a few pounds and fed him with the weirdest stories to manipulate the poor man into saying he never wanted to give up his son for adoption. 

    I have said it before, this is a very complex and time consuming process. This is not some lighthearted decision with unanswered questions. The contrary is true. From my knowledge, the psychological evaluation takes several years and the decision of the patient is constantly questioned to challenge the patient to think this through. With all consequence. And those are known. NO ONE can tell me the patient asking for the final operation is not fully aware what happens and what the side effects and complications are. Those operations are usually done in only a handful of highly specialized hospitals. To suggest the patient has not been informed fully is the most ridiculous thing ever. It is a bad attempt to paint a picture of irresponsible or negligent doctors to create a certain narrative in a highly politicized debate. 

  17. I think much of it has to do with the whole "woke" movement. No one has a problem with being more sensitive towards certain issues and language used should reflect that. Nothing to argue about that. But when things will be pushed to the extreme, it will backfire on the efforts made. The "woke" people are often too sensitive and will go lengths to reprimand all offenders, no matter if the intention was good or bad. In result people are tip toeing around certain issues and are super careful about wording and you get all this ridiculous differentiation. At some point it is a fight all socially conscious people may lose because you will be instrumentalized by all parties. You say something "problematic", the "woke brigade" will rip you to shreds and the conservative side will celebrate you because you supposedly made a statement that could be easily miscontrued as support to their transphobic or racist or whatever ideas. It is very much a lose/lose situation. 

  18. He has a good case? I highly doubt that. Sounds more of a typical case of putting the blame on someone else because the result is not satisfying in one way or the other. The Daily Mail makes it appear as if the guy went into surgery as if this was an appointment at the barbershop. Let's chop it off. The whole story sounds ridiculous. You get gender assignment surgery (MTF), of course your dick is cut off. And I'm pretty sure the whole procedure, with all risk and side effects, has been explained to him in detail. Not only this, I would like to believe any trans person will gather information what the whole process of transitioning means. He didn't do that? Hard to believe. And that comment about losing his sex drive when given female hormones? I cannot help but to think this guy is incredibly dumb or is making sh*t up for whatever reason. 

  19. Is there any legal way to secede from the U.S.? I mean, New York, California (among other states under democratic control). Those states co-finance the majority of red states because those fly over and bible belt states have economies of developing countries and usually have budget deficits. Why should those liberal states with their high taxes pay for those states? Especially if those red states have an unequal amount of power based on the number of their citizens and use this power to not only restrict the civil rights of their very own citizens but the citizens of those states that have to support them financially. I don't mind that there are financial transfers (we have that in Germany as well) but I think that basic rules in democracy should apply to all states equally. 

  20. Democrats should consider the last three decisions made by the Supreme Court as a chance. If they don't take it, THEN one can blame them and rightfully so. Of course, they need to wake up, they need to start doing some groundwork. They should ask for advice from Stacey Abrams, what they did in Georgia in 2020. And they need to go aggressively after Republicans and their reputation. Take the gloves off, Republicans are not fighting fair. Still listening to Michelle Obama? "When they go low, we go high"? F*ck that! There is way to much at stake to be "nice". Republican politicians with the help of the Supreme Court have declared war against the majority of the citizens of the USA. There is this saying "Fight as if your life depends on it". With all what is going on recently, it does. For centuries people, especially minorities, were fighting for equal rights until they were finally granted. Not to have equal rights is one thing, but taking away civil rights, human rights are a whole different kind of evil. And all of this with the most ridiculous reasoning. The US constitution does not mention certain terms. A document from 1787. A document that has never been really modernized to adapt to the needs of a modern society. But maybe here is the issue, while almost all other constitutions (or declarations comparable to) of countries in the World enshrine basic rights under the perspective of the common good, of the whole society, the US constituation always stresses the rights of the individual. And this is the reason why the U.S. are a mess on so many issues, most above all social issues. Now add that unhealthy idea of (US) American exceptionalism. The propaganda you are fed, that the U.S. are the best at everything when in truth, the U.S. merely ranks no. 1 in military spending and on other issues, again mostly social issues, citizens in the U.S. are worse off than in some Third World Countries. And this ill-informed idea of being the "biggest, best, most-developed in everything" when none of it fits the narrative, has become so off-putting to other countries. People in Europe, in Canada, in Australia etc. do no longer understand how willingly ignorant US citizens have become. Your democracy is eroding, the highest court in the land has turned into an extremist political tool that is taking away civil rights, human rights from its very own citizens, this very same court is making way for a Christian theocracy by erasing the concept of separation of church and state. People in the U.S. need to wake up and do something. And the easiest way to do so is to vote those Republicans out of office. Only a super-majority will solve some issues (well, Obama had one, he didn't do much from a legislature point of view, he could have made abortion legal by law, but that wasn't his priority, I wonder if there is some remorse on his side). Unless things get solved, the outlook will be grim. The Handmaids Tale may become a reality. What then? Will liberal states secess as they no longer wish to support those conservative states? Will the fly over states and the bible belt form a new country, Gilead? I hope people are frightened because there is a real chance all of this may happen. 

    Sorry for the rant. 

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