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  1. Is there any legal way to secede from the U.S.? I mean, New York, California (among other states under democratic control). Those states co-finance the majority of red states because those fly over and bible belt states have economies of developing countries and usually have budget deficits. Why should those liberal states with their high taxes pay for those states? Especially if those red states have an unequal amount of power based on the number of their citizens and use this power to not only restrict the civil rights of their very own citizens but the citizens of those states that have to support them financially. I don't mind that there are financial transfers (we have that in Germany as well) but I think that basic rules in democracy should apply to all states equally.
  2. Democrats should consider the last three decisions made by the Supreme Court as a chance. If they don't take it, THEN one can blame them and rightfully so. Of course, they need to wake up, they need to start doing some groundwork. They should ask for advice from Stacey Abrams, what they did in Georgia in 2020. And they need to go aggressively after Republicans and their reputation. Take the gloves off, Republicans are not fighting fair. Still listening to Michelle Obama? "When they go low, we go high"? F*ck that! There is way to much at stake to be "nice". Republican politicians with the help of the Supreme Court have declared war against the majority of the citizens of the USA. There is this saying "Fight as if your life depends on it". With all what is going on recently, it does. For centuries people, especially minorities, were fighting for equal rights until they were finally granted. Not to have equal rights is one thing, but taking away civil rights, human rights are a whole different kind of evil. And all of this with the most ridiculous reasoning. The US constitution does not mention certain terms. A document from 1787. A document that has never been really modernized to adapt to the needs of a modern society. But maybe here is the issue, while almost all other constitutions (or declarations comparable to) of countries in the World enshrine basic rights under the perspective of the common good, of the whole society, the US constituation always stresses the rights of the individual. And this is the reason why the U.S. are a mess on so many issues, most above all social issues. Now add that unhealthy idea of (US) American exceptionalism. The propaganda you are fed, that the U.S. are the best at everything when in truth, the U.S. merely ranks no. 1 in military spending and on other issues, again mostly social issues, citizens in the U.S. are worse off than in some Third World Countries. And this ill-informed idea of being the "biggest, best, most-developed in everything" when none of it fits the narrative, has become so off-putting to other countries. People in Europe, in Canada, in Australia etc. do no longer understand how willingly ignorant US citizens have become. Your democracy is eroding, the highest court in the land has turned into an extremist political tool that is taking away civil rights, human rights from its very own citizens, this very same court is making way for a Christian theocracy by erasing the concept of separation of church and state. People in the U.S. need to wake up and do something. And the easiest way to do so is to vote those Republicans out of office. Only a super-majority will solve some issues (well, Obama had one, he didn't do much from a legislature point of view, he could have made abortion legal by law, but that wasn't his priority, I wonder if there is some remorse on his side). Unless things get solved, the outlook will be grim. The Handmaids Tale may become a reality. What then? Will liberal states secess as they no longer wish to support those conservative states? Will the fly over states and the bible belt form a new country, Gilead? I hope people are frightened because there is a real chance all of this may happen. Sorry for the rant.
  3. I don't understand why he is still talking about Tesla. It was my understanding that there is a gag order in place for him, that the board of Tesla told him to STFU and no longer communicate via Twitter about anything Tesla related because Tesla is already under investigation (allegedly) by the SEC? I am pretty sure all his Twitter announcements, the back and forth, is merely meant to manipulate the stock value. Just as his Crypto doings were highly suspicious. I hope the SEC has some evidence and he will be charged. If only to make him stop communicating. From my point of view he is extremely annoying.
  4. Who knows? The cars look like some random 90s Japanese car. But I think to remember that the reason is that Teslas head designer was doing the design for Japanese cars back then. I have said it in another post, Tesla needs to come up with a new design soon (and not that shit design for their semi-truck) otherwise they will be f*cked. At least in Europe. Tesla will be pushed aside easily once other car makers start production of low and middle price models. The German premium car makers (Mercedes, BMW, Audi ...) are basically only producing the big expensive versions at the moment because they generate the biggest profit. What else is there for "normal" people? VW ID3 and Hyundai Ioniq, Renault Zoe?
  5. He did worse in that confidence vote than any prime minister before. Basically every journalist on scene commented about the fact and that all prime ministers that faced a confidence vote and survived it were stepping down shortly after. And yet, you had all his Tory MPs supporters celebrating this as a "win" of epic proportions and as a reassurance that people want him to continue the great work he has done for the country. Has there ever been such an unpleasant person as prime minister before? Sure, Maggie Thatcher was a complete c*nt but I don't think she ever did anything illegal.
  6. Says the woman who talks about the Gazpacho police and peach tree dishes. What a c*nt.
  7. I watched a documentary on German television (the streaming service of ZDF) in relation to the jubilee. It was about the contrast between rich and poor. Frankly I had no idea how bad the social system in the UK is. Yes, there is the NHS which is more or less comparable to other European universal healthcare systems. But I was shocked about the unemployment benefits the government pays. How does one survive on that ridiculous amount? There were other things. Of course the rich people celebrating their wealth without any kind of doubt or shame. As said above, I was quite unware how dire the situation for the poor and even the middle class in the UK is as I thought there was way more support from the government. But I guess that happens, when you only know about London (as a tourist). Obviously a bubble.
  8. And yet all of those Republican politicians are pro-life. What a sick joke.
  9. And this is what I mean. Democrats need to remind voters about this kind of behaviour by Greene etc. Their vote against this bill is a vote against women and children. And how revealing, once more. All of those people celebrated the proposed overturning of Roe v. Wade the loudest. Pro-Life? Hardly, considering their decision. I think all those "Pro-Lifers" should be called out and be adressed Pro-Birth from now on. The narrative needs to be changed to speak truth. In fact, all those Republican candidates cannot even argue they are pro-life because all you need to do is to ask what they have done to improve the social situation of women and children in their states. This is usually the moment it gets very quiet.
  10. In a way I think the U.S. are a lost cause. With all the things going on there, the looming threat of Roe v Wade being overturned and mass shootings every day and several other social issues, all decent people should be on the barricades. But all I see is complacency. Especially from the Democrats. They should be fighting tooth and nail but all I see is "if they go low, we go high". At this point they are so high in the clouds they no longer see what's happening on the ground. And it would be so easy to discredit their Republican counterparts. Most of them are complete nutjobs and all it takes is to speak truth, all it takes is to speak up; But they don't. It puzzles me why.
  11. I think someone should give those conservative women a dose of their very own medicine and have them face the consequence of their doing. I'm waiting for a situation a man stands up and tells them to be quiet and move into the kitchen to cook and take care of the household and the children. Isn't that the place they belong to in their own worldview, isn't that the place their god wants them to be? Who do they think they are? A woman should not have any say in politics, a woman should not even have a say in her own life. A woman is meant to give birth and to be of service to men. Women think otherwise? Because there are laws or amendments to the constitution. Well, that can be changed. As we see right now. And the irony is, all of this with the support of women.
  12. They do. They leave for Canada and for Europe. And most of them don't think about moving back. Ever. Of course, once they realize how much better Europe is, especially from a social point of view, the U.S. cannot compete. Especially if they intend to have a family. Not only this. Work-Life balance is horrible in the U.S. There are tons of videos on Youtube that deal with the lack of rights (paid holidays, maternity leave, job protection, paid sick days etc. etc. etc.) in the U.S. All of the things that are completely normal in Europe and basically every developed country in the World. I'm often astounded why U.S. citizens accept this. Well, they are lied to, big time and unfortunately the majority appears to believe those lies. I guess all it takes is to tell them that Europeans pay 70 or 80 percent taxes. Which of course is complete nonsense. Yes, you pay higher taxes (income taxes that is, there are taxes in the U.S. that are minimal or non-existent in Europe, like property or wealth taxes) and social security contributions but you get a full social net from healthcare to education and much more. I don't get why people from Europe still move to the U.S.. Money I guess?
  13. Just a technical question. Is there a possibility for states to secess from the U.S.? Or does the constitution forbids that? If Roe vs. Wade will be overturned, it will get ugly, very ugly. But it will be the moment all liberal people will finally wake up. I already see woman practising an abortion with a wire hanger on the steps lof the Supreme Court Building. That said, all liberal states should actively promote the possibility to have an abortion in their states to provide a safe haven for the women in need coming from Nazi states, to be named Gilead in the near future.
  14. And in this case the SEC should take a closer look regarding transactions. Not the first time he was "playing".
  15. What does that even mean? Is he threatening nuclear strikes? Well, it must be about that. He cannot refer to his run-down conventional military. He is playing psychological games again. He, as everyone else, knows: The first to push the button is the second to get hit.
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