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  1. He is not lying. He was denied entry because of remarks he made at the beginning of this year which in Germany easily qualify as anti-semite. He stated if he was younger he would have participated in the attacks of October, 7th. Such remarks are not protected by freedom of speech in Germany. I wonder why he even travelled to Germany. I do not believe for a second he was not made aware of the fact that German authorities will not let him in. Of course he came for propaganda purposes since he can play the victim now. And to quote Hannah Arendt on this issue is shameful. To top it all, mentioning that Nicaragua is suing Germany before the Human Right Courts. Nicaragua? A dictatorship.
  2. Wow. What a condescending statement. As a German to hear from a foreigner, that has probably never stepped foot into my country, about the lessons learned by the German people from the Holocaust is most likely the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. I find it almost comical that other countries think it is appropriate to tell us how we should deal with our history. Especially, if my country is basically the only country on this planet that is dealing with its past in such an open and honest way. Of course, there has never been a nation that committed crimes against humanity to such an extent. So there is obviously a lot to deal with and the reason why this period is tought about at school in history classes for almost two full years. But there is hardly any nation on this planet that has not committed evil as well BUT there is hardly any public discourse about such events in such countries. Not at least from my perspective. Does Japan address the war crimes they committed? In the U.S. parts of society already making bold claims that slavery was a good thing because slaves learned some skills. Poland has a law that criminalizes statements that Polish citizens were Nazi collaboraters. The Soviet Union / Russia? What about Canada? What about the things they did to indigenous people? Other countries should learn from Germany when it comes to dealing with your very own history.
  3. This is a lie. Varoufakis was not denied entrance in the country. The only official reports or statements to be found are that he was supposed to give a speech at the so called "Palästina Kongress" in Berlin. Although it was expected that speakers or participants will break German law by making anti-semite statements and other statements or forms of expression that are not protected as freedom of speech or freedom of expression by the Grundgesetz, the events was given permission to take place. UNDER RESTRICTIONS. The conference was called of shortly after it began by the Berlin authorities because of incidents happened I as mentioned above. In particular, there was supposed to be a speech via internet by a person who is banned from participating in political activities in Germany because of misconduct in the past. The permission for this de facto demonstration was revoked. It is unclear if Varoufakis was banned from engaging politically in Germany as a preemptive move by the German Ministry of the Interior or by Berlin authorities. Such move happens when it is expected that political actions taking place on German soil by a foreign person or foreign entity are not in line with German laws, especially the Grundgesetz. Since Varoufakis is no stranger to controversy and has a very special attitude towards Germany to put it mildly, such move may very well happened. And from my perspective, my country has every right to act this way and enforce our laws. Democracy is not dying in Germany. In fact it is very well alive. If an event is called of that is clearly anti-semite and calls for the eradication of the state of Israel and is therefore breaking German laws, laws that were created for the most obvious reasons, it supposed to be a sign for a failing democracy, the dozens of pro Palestine demonstrations and events taking place in Berlin every week, protected by the German police tell a different story. The lesson, don't go to a foreign country to break the laws of this country and you will be absolutely fine. Freedom of speech, of expression and freedom of congregation are not absolute. Never were, never will be. And for good reason.
  4. Let me guess, you are one of those people who believe the NSDAP was a socialist party?
  5. By the way, don't trust any of those polls. They have been wrong ever since 2016. The preditced a win for Hillary Clinton. Well, she did win. The popular vote. But thanks to that archaic and racist electoral college, Trump became president. Since then, he and the Republicans bascially lost every election although polls predicted wins for them. At this point I do think, people intentionally lie when asked about elections. But let's not forget, in the U.S. it only takes three or four swing states like Michigan to decide the election. A few ten thousand votes. That's it. I am shocked to read that there are people, young, liberal people that consider not voting for Biden because of the Israel / Hamas war and they think Biden does not do enough to prevent a genocide. Considering the looming threat of a president Trump and a cabinet full of the most disgusting human beings like Stephen Miller, the idea intelligent people being a one issue voter (that is not even a U.S. issue) is absolutely nuts. I wonder who they will blame once all kinds of rights and freedoms will be dismantled. Trump and his followers made it very clear what they want for the U.S. to become. People should believe them. Remember when Trump joked that he can shoot someone dead on Fifth Avenue and his voters will still follow him? This has very much turned into a prophecy.
  6. Another lie by Trump and the Republicans. When did the US pay for other countries defense or security? Of course, his base is ignoring facts as if they would catch a disease by accepting reality and truth. People should read the NATO treaties and look for the 2% part and what it exactly says, especially the timeline. People should look closer where the billions of dollar in Ukraine aid is actually going. It is rich of Donald Trump and the Republicans talking about the U.S. being the defender of Europe when it was the U.S. that has called for article to be imposed in 2001. Do I believe a change in defense and security strategies in Europe is needeed, to be more independent of the U.S.? Absolutely. Especially my country, most likely because of its horrible past, has put diplomacy before everything else and has been fooled over and over again. Diplomacy does not work when you have to deal with autocrats and dictators like Putin, Erdogan, Orban. Deterrence is the only language agressors like Putin understand. I am very much in favor of Germany building a nuclear arsenal.
  7. And here we go again. A forum member calling other forum members " a buch of stupid people" just to show a victim mentality immediately. You are making assumptions, even severe accusations against forum members. But you, and Karbatal, are the ones attacking members of this forum on a personal level. Not by name of course. In general. Because it is so much easier. And yet you are playing the victim here. No one in here tried to shut down any discussion. So it does not take courage from you or Karbatal to speak up. Karbatal was told to stop his personal attacks. You are just another text book example of someone that very much resembles the attitiude of a mega MAGA or Qanon. Everyone that does not share your opinion is wrong. In reality you don't care about the truth, you don't want to know the truth. You are not interested in an open discussion. All you want at this point is confirmation. I am disgusted, you even dare to come here, to pretend to be this great humanitarian that fights "white supremacists IRL", to lecture us and at the same time you make use of the most deragatory terms, calling people on this forum "stupid" and calling a woman that made a statement that did not fit your narrative a "pig". Let me be frank, you did a disservice to yourself and whatever your cause might be. The irony of it all, you are bascially calling us Nazis, with your reference to WWII and your assumption we would have gladly participated in the atrocities of the Third Reich or at least kept quiet. A ridiculous statement in this very forum with the large majority of members being gay men. You are most definitely aware of the fact that homosexuals were victims of the Nazi regime themselves. And to top it all, you are the one using the dehumanizing language of the Nazis, you are the one trying to intimidate other people with your outrage and your accusations. I have a problem with such kind of behaviour. And that is the reason why I had to speak up. I will not be called "stupid" or "white supremacist". Especially by people who have no idea who I am or what I stand for.
  8. Stop it. You start going way too far. The debate in the NY concert thread was about Amy Schumers personal comments and if it was clever idea to have her as judge on stage. You (and some others) derailed the topic and people told you there is a separate thread for this (political) topic. People did not share their personal view on the Israeli/Hamas war. It was about Amy Schumers stance and that Madonna should not be dragged into or held accountable for what Amy Schumer said or did. You act like Madonna endorsed Amy Schumers message and as if forum members here did as well. Which is not the case. Now you move here and call forum members cunts and racists although you clearly stated in the NY thread that you are not calling anyone names. I understand people are angry about the situation. But from my view you have taken an extreme position. Your whole communication in recent weeks sounds like the worst MAGA or Qanon people. Especially your constant claim that news are not reporting about the "real" situation in Gaza. Such claim makes my alarm bells ring loudly because this is exactly the narrative of every conspiracy "theorist". "Official" news, mass media is fake and the only "real" news is to be found on Telegram, Twitter etc.. Even more shocking to me, you are a journalist. You should know better. And I remember that your position used to be a completely different one. I wonder what happened to you that you have made a 180.
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