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  1. Thoughts and prayers ..... It's infuriating. And even more disgusting, a news anchor on CNN (which has very obviously drifted to the right side, politically speaking, ever since they were bought by Discovery channel) said, it is impossible to say if this was about hate at this point since we don't know the motives of the shooter. This kind of argumement is so vile. First of all, it is THE talking point of the NRA, the Republicans and gun nuts. All those shooters have mental issues. Secondly, point 1 implies that people with mental issues are likely to go into schools, black churches, synagogues, LGBTQ clubs to kill people. Which is highly discriminatory towards people with mental issues. And a sick excuse. The very same excuse used by people defending Kanye West for his anti-semitic statements. The truth is, most of those shooters knew very well what they were doing. And their actions come from hate. Period. Those derailing the discussion are only trying to covert their asses because they know very well that they are part of the reason of this hate. Giving speeches or even passing legislature that is anti-LGBTQ, anti-black etc. for your very own politicals gains, to attract conservative and right-wing voters, has very much created this hate. Those politicians or officials should not be granted absolution for their actions. In fact their actions should be the talking point. I know it's never gonna happen. They will sweep it under the carpet by declaring this another unfortunate event caused by someone with mental issues. Case closed. And sealed with "Thougts and Prayers".
  2. There will be no "swiss deal". The EU has said so before. Not even the Swiss would get a "swiss deal" nowadays. The original agreement goes back to the 60s or 70s. Way too complicated for todays needs. The EU and Switzerland have negotiated for ages to get a more modern agreement. I think negotiations were stopped last year from the Swiss side. And as Karby mentioned, such deal would include all the things the UK wanted to get rid off. Especially freedom of movement. Do they realize that around 25% of the residents of Switzerland are not Swiss citizens. 25%! I mean, isn't that a horror scenario from the UK point of view. All those foreigners? But I guess, they would like to differ between good and bad foreigners? And since most of those 25% are from Germany, Austria and Italy, those are good foreigners? And Torys wouldn't mind having those in the UK as well. But please, no people from Eastern Europe. Too bad, this isn't pick and choose. When will they finally learn that lesson?
  3. Funny thing: "Woke" is not even a thing anymore. And of course, those people ranting about "Woke" hardly understand what it is about.
  4. He is a salesman first and foremost. He is selling illusions. Keep in mind. most of his projects didn't work. Tesla is heavily overvalued and I think there will be a bad awakening in the next two years. With all EVs from all kinds of carmakers reaching the market, Tesla no longer has any advantage. His fanboys always talk about the oh so progressive software and the self-driving thing. Funny enough Mercedes has developed a far more advanced self-driving technology than Tesla. And Teslas biggest mistake: the design of their cars. Boring. Unless you are into Japanese car design of the 90s. They are in need of an urgent design-overhaul. Especially in Europe, where costumers have always rejected the rather clumsy American design ever since the 70s. And of course Elon Musk himself. He has become a serious liability. And isn't he forbidden to talk about Tesla in public as ordered from the board of Tesla? There are so many people out there that dislike him for his behaviour and actions that they will never by a Tesla.
  5. Watching him giving that little speech about stability and whatever it looked like he was remote-controlled. No emotions on his face whatsoever. Almost like a roboter.
  6. Isn't it interesting that all the usual suspects are full of joy because of this win. Orban, Le Pen, the guy from Poland. And now Truss. What about the way Berlusconi looks? His face looked like a death mask when he was on stage celebrating the victory of the far right.
  7. But what "real economy" is left in the UK? The service sector is still huge despite banks and insurances in The City only having limited access to the European market. But the producing sector is declining for ages, well since Maggie Thatcher. Now with all the Brexit chaos making it extremely difficult to trade with the EU, no one will invest in those sectors. Produce for the local market? Hardly. But I have heard Bristish cheese is in high demand ever since that revolutionary trade deal with Japan. And the tax cuts for the rich? If this was France, the guillotine might be re-activated. But people in the UK seem to have a weird relationship with the rich and noble. No matter how bad the situation for the average citizen, the poor still believe that those privileged people somehow deserve their wealth and excemptions as if those rich must have done something right. Being born into a noble family with extreme wealth is hardly an achievement in my view. And don't get me started on the wealth showcased in certain parts of London. All the Russian and Arab money. Money laundering galore. Isn't there a specific term already? Londromat?
  8. I would like to believe the Russians did it. Just another act to pretend that they are attacked by the evil West. Or to find another reason why they don't deliver any gas anymore. North Stream 1 is not working for weeks now (because of some maintenance, yeah right) and North Stream 2 never went online. At this point it doesn't matter anymore. Most countries have found alternatives. Extremely expensive of course. In Germany gas reserves are at 91% percent already. They will be at 100% (I don't know if this is even possible technically) next month. That means, if people are cautious about their energy and heating consumption and the winter is not going to be extraordinary cold, there should be no problem for citizens and companies. All of this at super high costs. But if that is what is needed to finally go forward with renewables, so be it. And Russia? They will become some sort of Chinese colony at some point.
  9. Just came home from work and I am now watching a little bit of it. I must admit Kate looked absolutely stunning.
  10. I don't get the hate for Meghan either. At least she had a job before. And Suits was actually a pretty good show. What exactly has Kate done jobwise? Working at her parents company. Isn't it interesting that once Meghan entered the stage, all the talk about Kates scheming to become Williams girlfriend so she could become Queen one day stopped? I trust Meghan way more than Kate. To me Kate comes across as a miserable bitch. On a positive note, Kate always looks stunning at public events. As she should considering she most definitely has a team of high paid advisors around her.
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