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  1. Republicans got caught up in their own delusion versus reality last night. And it was delicious. The majority of the polls done this midterms were from right leaning pollsters. Couple that with their own echo chamber on social media, Fox News, and the like and they woke up with shit in their beds. Anyone living in reality, talking with people in reality, and keeping an eye on reputable polls could see this wasn't going to be a massive red wave. It's about fucking time liberals, progressives, independents, and anyone else with sanity came out and actually VOTED against these motherfuckers. And while Dems will still probably lose the house, it will be a very, very narrow majority for the Republicans. The Senate will still probably be 50/50. And MANY of the Governorships they expected to flip (my home state of Michigan being one of them) ended up in Democrats hands. And for the record - Michigan now has UNIFED Democrat control for the first time in nearly 40 years and our Governor - Gretchen Whitmer - won by nearly 10 points. A lot of those wins here were on her coattails. Look for her to be a Presidential contender in 2024. Trump is by far a huge loser in all of this. He ran around endorsing people who kissed is ass and they lost in some of the most important races in the country. He endorsed that quack Dr. Oz. Who ran for his own ego boost. One of the best losses of the night.
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