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  1. I'm not certain what to make of it all at this point. As I've stated, no one can OBJECTIVELY look at Biden and see someone who's as mentally sharp as he was even as recent as 2020. There is clearly some kind of decline. Whether it's natural cognitive decline or something worse, none of us know. But what I DO know is that optics matter. And the optics of it all are certainly troubling. Trump isn't any better and is as unhinged as he ever was. He's just shrewdly choosing to stay out of the spotlight and isn't sucking up the kind of oxygen like he was before. Now that things are settled and people have an actual choice, it'll be interesting to see where independent minded voters go. If I were in Biden's campaign, I'd lean HARD on his behavior in 2020. His gross negligence of Covid, how he inflamed the riots and racial unrest from that summer, his denial of his election loss, and how it all cumulated to the insurrection. NO ONE wants to relive that year. And it'd be smart to highlight just how awful things were right before he was booted out. I find some solace in how much Biden has been underestimated and went on to pull things off - from the primary to the election to the midterms and all of the special elections in between. Democrats do seem to be paying attention, so that's heartening. But the polls in swing states do look bleak for him as of now and I'm praying he's able to turn that around.
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