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  1. Of course! Always love discussing politics in a civil and intelligent way.
  2. This indictment is a sugar high for those who hate him and validation for those who love him. Sure, it's refreshing to see him pay the price - finally - for SOMETHING. But out of ALL the hideous things he's done as a person, businessman, and politician THIS is what they got him for. Really? What he did has been done by politicians, Wall Street creeps, and countless other white collar guys for years. Doesn't make it right, it's disgusting. But with the right lawyers, it's always settled. Always. And it most certainly will be in this case. Don's not going to jail, folks. Not now, not ever. Then you have his rabid base of supporters - this validates everything they're always crying about. That he's a victim. He's their savior against the deep state. There will be nothing - NOTHING - that will break his grip on them. Every time he's held accountable, he just gets stronger with them all. I'm not saying he SHOULD NOT be held accountable, but the Left and Democrats have got stop kidding themselves that this is the 'end of Trump'. The end will be when he's dead. Period. I will say I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of the midterms last year. It does seem Biden has his fingers on the pulse of where the country is now. If he and his party can stay focused on issues that matter - democracy, healthcare, the economy, inflation, reproductive rights - and stay away from the bullshit liberals on Twitter are pushing and whining about, then he'll win again. Perhaps by a larger margin than he did in 2020. He wasn't my first choice (he was my last) but I've been pretty impressed with what he's been able to get done. He's shut up social just warriors and left wing Twitter-verse and put together a wide - if shallow - coalition of progressives, independents, and even right to center folks to keep the MAGA movement at bay. And for that, I'll fully support him next year.
  3. Tucker Carlson getting fired is huge. And you can't tell me he WAS NOT fired. He didn't even sign off of his own show and say goodbye to his viewers. I think there was probably A LOT of bullshit in those emails and texts from the Dominion lawsuit and it could've very well damaged him beyond repair with his cult like followers had it ever been published. It's well known to anyone outside the Fox News sphere that the guy is a total fraud and a fake populist. He comes from the Swanson chicken family so he's one of the most privileged White guys on the planet. A frat guy that never grew up. I'm sure they threatened him with whatever information that was recovered from all of that and forced him out. He'll land on his feet at some other batshit crazy network or start his own the way Glenn Beck did when he was fired. The positive is that any time one of these lunatics is fired - Bill O'Reilly, Beck, Lou Dobbs, Eric Bolling - they end up somewhere where their audience, clout, and influence is GREATLY diminished. The negative is that NONE of them ever really paid for their sins they way they should've. But America just a got EVER so slightly better without having that asshole spew his vile toxicity. I couldn't believe the nonsense he put out there regarding his obsession with WOKENESS, Trans issues, and especially his rewriting of history with January 6th. If there's a Hell, I hope he's down there shoveling shit for all eternity when he passes.
  4. I've been consumed with work these last few months and haven't been able to post..... The shooting at MSU hit extremely close to home. I spent my college years there with several close friends. I know exactly where the shooting took place and it's horrifying to think I walked those halls 20 years ago and to know people died on those floors. The night of the shooting, I spent my time texting numerous friends back and forth because their children were in lockdown. Children I spent time with and watched grow up. Kids I knew. When you know people who are involved in an active shooting in real time, it's a terrifying feeling. These shootings have taken a toll on my mental health. I honestly can't take watching the scenes from them anymore.
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