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  1. Hmmm. Erdogan has already cut many liberties, so I couldn’t see it getting worse in that regard. I m not familar with Egypt, but in Turkey there is a relatively strong tradition with secularism, dating back to Ataturk, who is from Thessaloniki and modernised Turkey, inspired by the short progress from newly independent states from Ottoman yoke Bulgaria and Greece. He practically established what we see today as Turkey, denouncing the Ottoman Empire, including pointing out the backwardness of Islam. Since then the military have been the protector of secularism in Turkey as the majority of the military personnel have graduated in the West. It’s no coincidence that the putsch against Erdogan some years ago was organised by the military. The problem until Erdogan was the cultural clash between the pro western Western Turkey with Istanbul and the conservative Anatolia. Erdogan pretty much undid the work of Aataturk promoting Islam, overemphasising the religious upbringing and satanising the west. It’s really hard to predict who and what will lead Turkey post Erdogan. However if there is a Muslim majority state that could be liberal and pro western, it’s Turkey. I think in the worst case scenario if it reverts to being a parliamentary republic and not presidential it could be quite liberal and for sure much more than at the time of Erdogan. I don’t think the religious fanatics are that many or much influential and that many liberal people there, especially in Istanbul, would accept Turkey being ruled as Islamic state. Having said that, Turkey must focus on educating Anatolia if it wants to fully embrace western ideas.
  2. On this particular case, its simply absurd to think he will find a way to put the blame on EU. However I wouldn't put it past him. Maybe he ll claim that EU should be held responsible, because it hasn't accepted Turkey and as a result Turkey hasn't adopted the relevant EU legislation, dealing with building business and its control? But I shouldn't give him any ideas. I strongly dislike him, because he turned Turkey from a comparatively free democratic country into a full fledged authoritarian state.
  3. That's the plot you should be watching True Blood about!
  4. Actually i am really thinking about seeing M there :). Still haven't bought tickets though. And I NEED to post this here: and lets GO!
  5. Horrible! Turkey had a similar earthquake in the late 90ties... Geographically especially Turkey, but also Greece, is on seismitic areas... I ve read that there is also problems with how the buildings were build (lack of control) as some are practically ruins while buildings in the neighbourhood are still in tact. Its horrid, because many ppl are dead.
  6. It’s not my cup of tea. It’s overcrowded, very busy and it looks superficial. It lacks the charm of other islands, because it’s too unauthentic. Plus the ppl mainly wanna show off. Milos is my favorite island so far - not overcrowded, clean waters, great food and chill atmosphere. But that’s just what I like. If you want clubbing, Mykonos is the place
  7. I hate Mykonos, but Milos, Kos, Crete, Rhodes etc. are amazeballs!
  8. Absurd. However those rules in Pular Besau are even more absurd. Greece is always the best option. So many nudists beaches there. Too bad you can't go on your winter vacation, because its like 15 degrees. All the liberal and warm places (when in Europe it's winter) are too far from where I am like Brazil or Cuba or Miami.
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