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  1. I never understood conservatism really... if someone is stuck in the past, what’s the ideal? Absolutism? Wasn’t then when all but the sun king/ruler fucked? Why are they fearing progress?
  2. Omg, rosamund pike and madge in a movie... love them both
  3. Yes, though I m not convinced its entirely safe for CERTAIN people. I think it could probably affect your psychic if consumed regularly - I m not sure thats the reason for a friend of mine, but I highly suspect it. Having said that, alcohol in huge amounts or cigarettes is as dangerous as marihuana or as many said before me - maybe even more. In an evolved/developed society, one must be allowed to make informed choices, including smoking weed. I find it ABSURD that one would have to go to jail for smoking weed.
  4. RIP, Phillip. Strange he passes just after I watched Season 4 of The Crown. He was an interesting character there.
  5. It’s amazing what a double standard those conservatives have. If Jill was a naked model like Melania, we would be told that she is slut, morally degrading and much worse things... but now they complain about a fishnet, her phd, her baking cookies... the very same thing they would have praised any republican First Lady for... where is the objectivity
  6. Still classes and a heart over the previous thing.
  7. There has been a HUGE hybrid war in Eastern Europe over the so called Istanbul Convention. I d say its fuelled by Putin and US Evangelists. The idea they try to push is that the Convention is a mean to push LGBTQ "propaganda" onto young children, promote "3rd" gender etc. non sense. The Bulgarian public was so psyched that even the word gender came to mean a person with no particular sex, gay etc. and it became quite derogatory. The alt right uses the Convention as a threat: like it aims to end the "conventional family". I am ashamed to say they did win: last year the Bulgarian Constitutional
  8. I feel the same way. Jesus is the son of God as all he did or say obviously comes from the Light. The church is a creation of mere men and this is another proof.
  9. wonder what Q's explanation for another Trump disaster would be? That the "deep state" prevented his second inauguration???
  10. Cat/dogs are such beautiful creatures and Arthur was an angel.RIP, cute guy
  11. Didn't the whole idea of QAnon come from Stephen King Doctor Sleep where a group (now renamed as Hollywood stars, the demoNcrats) prayed on children's energy... Not very creative that Q we must conclude.
  12. However demonic Fox TV are crying to high heavens that the radical left has censored the right. Unfortunately I fear this would lead to more radicalisation and capsulation of the alt right. There might even appear right wing "twitter", "facebook" etc. Now they can play the victim card. Maybe more effective would have been if there is an administrative body that imposes penalties to people who are are spreading fake news.
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