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  1. Bolsonaro is the worst. Lula seems great compared to this jester. Again I m not really familiar with Brazil politics, but whatever I ve read about Bolsonaro prooved to me he is shit.
  2. Exactly. There are much more solid grounds to criticize him having in mind that he is a Tori, rather than him having fun. It’s the reasoning of the ultralight - their last mean to bring someone down. I m sure this guy would give us much more ground for the policy he would support.
  3. But aren't those the Torries faces anyways (Boris, Liz etc.). Even if there is a general election, those bitches are still heading the Torries and the Brits are voting for the Torries anyway so why bother? Boris may as well be reinstalled...
  4. Desecrating art is never fine. I m all for environmental protection, but I dont think thats the way to attract attention. Of course it most probably is a stunt (the painting is said to be untouched), but somehow it reminded me of the ISIS attack on Palmyra, which appalled me to the core.
  5. I dont understand the UK system really. UK on theory is made up of 4 people (nations) yet Westminster (England) must give its "consent" for something so important for one of the other nations... Weird. Also the last vote was 2014, prior to Fuxit, so it shouldn't even be counted, because I m sure many Scotts voted to remain within UK, because otherwise they would have exited EU and would have to have applied again.
  6. Why there are so LITTLE politicians like her? Scotland should immediately exit UK, reenter EU and Nicola be crowned Queen of Europe. Its only fair.
  7. For certain fake "conservative" countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland the only option is ENFORCING this from the top down. The people otherwise would never vote for it, because the Putin propaganda (antiWest, antilgbtq) is HUGE and has been implemented for almost a decade (after the Ukraine Maidan). I m saying fake conservative, because its OK to drink, sleep with many people, party like its your last UNLESS its gay. Thats the fucked up mentality.
  8. Its so long OVERDUE. However countries like Poland & Hungary would do their best to sabotage something like this. Practically I dont know how some fundamental reforms should be enforced. I guess the only option is Europe on two speed: only the willing EU countries who want will participate. Like what happened with EU prosecutor. But the benefits for the participating should be bigger also...
  9. Maybe the love of her life ditched her for a trans woman? Can't see other logical explanation...
  10. I think it has for decades, but did that really change anything? The ayatollahs have a tight grip over Iranian society. This movement is inspirational of course, but riots in Iran happen each 5 years and still its the only surviving theocracy apart from the Vatican. I dont think that system could easily be changed.
  11. Thats absurd indeed. I guess Spain is one of the European countries who could easily live off solar energy (mainly). This bitch should be slapped.
  12. Hopefully this shows why renewables are VITAL!
  13. I m always fascinated by the reluctance of the people to vote. Is it really such a burden? Can they NOT appreciate the fact that they are PERSONALLY asked to dish in how they want to be ruled???? IN Bulgaria, yesterday, there were elections for the Parliament with 37.8 turnout. It is shocking, because 30 years ago we could have voted only for 2 parties. People really UNDERESTIMATE their right to vote. I find that really appalling.
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