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  1. I love when Jazzy Jan gets fired up and pulls out the adjectives.
  2. TikTok is a huge shift toward content sharing though - it's not really social media, is it? It's basically just YouBoob... in bite sized form.
  3. Whoops! It was only a matter of time anyway - the advertising industry is on its knees because we've basically become incredibly good at not being effectively advertised to.
  4. Will THIS be the downfall of crony capitalism?
  5. Kim was right that moving to the UK was very much a mistake at the minute - I lasted two months and now at Gatwick Airport running for my life. This is brilliant though - people around the world are just done with platitudes from politicians. Which is why these sorts of interactions are becoming fewer and fewer, and why that Truss has gone into hiding. https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1582655459521011713?s=20&t=P_FA6mOZ7_c1R19QYUhvP /Haggis_UK/status/158265511713?s=20&t=P_FA6mOZ7_c1R19QYUhvPg
  6. Elizabeth I is still clearly the more historical Elizabeth and the Elizabethan era will continue to refer solely to her. Seriously until Diana showed up there was no story to tell about this reign.
  7. Sorry what? Where are you finding those figures? That's 4.7 billion people. Diana was 30 million in the UK give or take.
  8. Someone get Camilla a drink already! The two flasks she smuggled into the ceremony must be bone dry by now.
  9. Reading through this thread I can't believe people buy in to all this rubbish. What Meghan should or shouldn't do. Wtf! He's her husband.
  10. She's just always been there, and now she's not. It feels very surreal. R.I.P.
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