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  1. And to think the country changed with Columbine and everyone remembers it as a defining event of the 90s. Will we even talk about this in two weeks' time? Or are we desensitised to these mass shootings now?
  2. No doubt about it. I had the shock of my life on my first trip to México when I saw thousands of women in the streets carrying signs and placards about abortion, which I assumed must be a pro-choice march, and then was told was pro-life. Which is no different to these students and church groups. It's absurd as I thought this issue was SETTLED 30 fucking years ago.
  3. They do? Canadians sometimes move to the US when they're young and healthy, if they work in an industry where the pay is higher in the U.S. (for example, software engineers, computer science majors, web developers make considerably more money there). But they usually always return when they start a family or get older. Because as you said, job security and all the other protections you mentioned, don't exist there - it's really just a place to get in, save money, and get out. Many retired Canadians snowbird in Florida in the winter but that's different - they'll own their property outright and have health insurance, etc. As for why Americans don't migrate more, it's difficult to - they don't get any special privileges when applying to Canada, it's a strictly points-based system and all applicants in the world are put in the same pool. The UK, Australia, and New Zealand have similar immigration procedures.
  4. I can't believe we're even having this conversation. The US already has the worst maternity leave of the world's developed countries: 0 weeks off. And the average cost to have a baby is $10,000 - $30,000. So, as usual these Republican freaks don't give a damn about what happens to the child after birth, or about the mother's state prior to birth. And because they have the money, we all know that rich Republican women with bleach blonde hair and veneers - you all know the type - will continue to travel to states that allow abortion, so this is only punishing the poor.
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