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  1. & the police just shot & killed a 15 year old girl in Columbus, Ohio (about 45 minutes ago) BUT that’s a conversation for another thread. #MakiyahBryant I’ll leave & let folks celebrate tho
  2. What a JOKE that turned out to be, as if harsher sentences could deter folks from doing drugs! I can safely say that the war on drugs is over... and the drugs won
  3. Of course it should be legalized. It's harmless when compared to other legal drugs (the opioids, tobacco, refined sugar, ALCOHOL). The real question is will the countless Black men & women jailed for weed charges be released/ have their sentences vacated?
  4. Pretty much! I listened to an interview on Youtube of an 'ex-gay' who basically said the same thing: "they put a bunch of GAY TEENS in the middle of the nowhere!? We were fucking like rabbits!!!" -He said he had more sex at Conversion Camp than in his regular daily life
  5. On the basis of WHAT, exactly? Surely he’s aware that the data (garnered by actual professionals over decades) is in: conversion doesn’t work! You’re gay forever bitch
  6. “Of course, I was never wholly at home in the gay lifestyle — Who is? Who could be? — and only leaned heavily into it in public because it drove liberals crazy to see a handsome, charismatic, intelligent gay man riotously celebrating conservative principles...” I knew this fag was TROLLING all along. And gurl... who told you that u were handsome, charismatic, or intelligent? Plz
  7. She's NUTS!!!!!! Why spend all that money on surge when you're out of shape? That's like hanging a Birkin bag in your 1 bedroom apartment closet. Prioritize, Jessica!
  8. Mother Nature said: But really tho!!! The entire time, I’m in Maryland thinking about all the elderly folks, people with young children, etc. -What a fucked up way to bring in the year!
  9. OMG! I'm glad you're alive & well This should NOT be happening in America, no excuse!!!
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