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  1. Jess is giving me Mimi vibes! She's so carefree, having fun-n-the-sun
  2. Absolutely! I was called every name & in the book for loving M-Dolla Good times.
  3. If people aren't fond of Madonna's social media posts, why do they keep commenting? With that logic, you're telling me that you LOVE her recent antics
  4. That's the whole issue for me: I'm an addicted loon, delusional, in denial, completely blind, an imbecile lying to myself... just for having a different perception of an IG post? WELL DAMN, SIS. Can we criticize Madonna's antics without criticizing each other for disagreeing? Trust me, I can go back & forth all day long, but why? We're ALL fans of the same woman! During my forum absence, I'd see M pop up on my timeline & think "WOW, she looks so good! Look at her staying busy between eras." I came back to see that many didn't share my POV I'm getting slight flashbacks to the Hard Candy/ Sticky & Sweet era! Now THAT shit was entertaining
  5. But back to Elon Musk. He's UGLY. That's all I've got to contribute!
  6. YOU evidently think it's something bigger (drugs, metal illness, the illuminati, IDK, you tell me what it is). I've said it's benign, just a bored wealthy GROWN WOMAN playing on her iPhone and NOTHING MORE You're calling me completely blind and I'm calling you completely overdramatic. But hey, we're BOTH entitled to our opinions! Let's continue this discussion in the Instagram thread (before it gets shut down).
  7. RIGHT!? Inquiring minds want to know. & why bring it up in an Elon Musk thread?
  8. The not so subtle shade is NOT necessary, babe. I'm an addicted loon not facing the truth, M is in shambles... You're just the authority on everything, huh?
  9. I’ve been on Tumblr since 09 & I love it there
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