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Israel and Hamas war


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1 hour ago, promise to try said:

I don´t agree with these two statements. I mean,if people wanted israel to exist, it´s ok with me, and maybe, it was a good way to solve a part of the mess that happened during the second world war.Or at least, a part of the mess. The problem is that they chose a land that already had people there. I have heard about other posibilities for the Israel state, like argentina or south africa (or in the south of africa, I don´t know). I don´t know why did they were also a posibility, I mean, people lived there already.

In a nutshell, the Jewish people had indigenous claims within Israel for many centuries. As did the Palestinians.

The topic of a Jewish state slowly became a serious political conversation in the 1800s with the Zionist movement. Jews were not welcomed in many parts of Europe, historically suffered various penalisations and antisemitism was common, similar to racism and homophobia of the times. Or Islamophobia today.

So in a way, yes WW2 and the holocaust brought it all to the fore and became something the Allied powers wanted to sort. The tragedy is that it should have been a two state solution from the start.

This post is not at all intended to support Israel’s actions in this latest round of war (I see the Israeli government’s actions as genocide), just to shed a very minor light on historical background.

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On 1/28/2024 at 6:06 PM, promise to try said:

They are, basically, europeans living in the east part of the mediterranean sea

I get your point, Israel has similar values as the Western countries but historically, we must acknowledge the fact that a large number of Israelis are descendants of Jews who fled or were expelled from Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Iran etc. Israel's current Minister of Intelligence for instance is a Yemenite-Libyan Jew. From the racial or ethnic standpoint, there's nothing "European" about them. 

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1 hour ago, GOD said:

good on her for being brave. 

Indeed, and it’s an awful place the world is in that calling for a ceasefire takes bravery… it used to be the least you could do! The way the Zionist have twisted and manipulated things is beyond shocking and saddening.

Look at this weirdo and how she came out swinging at Annie. You’d honestly think no babies or toddlers have been getting slaughtered daily in real-time for the world to see in Gaza. The brazenness of her drives me mad!!



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How can Biden and American People see a genocide and think that's okay not to demand a ceasefire? How can America sit to watch SuperBowl with they junk food or whatever while children like Noor are being murdered for nothing? This is a sick country.


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So it looks like in less than 10 days the Israeli Nazis will be heading into Rafah to kill and ethnically cleanse what’s left of Gaza.

They will go from one fish bowl to another. What will happen then?? My heart breaks for those poor people, most of which are children. 

I swear to god I hope everyone that’s had a part in this never sees a days peace in their lives, pox on them!


‎The Egyptian authorities are beginning to build a security buffer zone surrounded by walls to receive the Palestinians of Gaza.

‎The Sinai Foundation obtained information from a relevant source stating that the construction work currently underway in eastern Sinai is to create an isolated security zone with the border with the Gaza Strip, with the aim of receiving refugees from Gaza in the event of a mass exodus of residents of the Gaza Strip.

‎In an interview with the Foundation, two local contractors said that the construction work, which was subcontracted to local companies and commissioned by the Sons of Sinai Construction and Building Company, owned by a businessman close to the authority, Ibrahim Al-Arjani, aims to create an area surrounded by walls 7 meters high, after removing the rubble of the homes of the indigenous people. Which were destroyed during the war on terrorism, and the soil will be paved and leveled, provided that these works are completed in the shortest possible time, not exceeding ten days.
‎He also added that this information was circulated on a small scale with the aim of not spreading it, and that the work was being conducted under the supervision of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority and with a heavy security presence.

‎Two days ago, the Sinai Foundation published a report supported by exclusive photos showing that the authorities began construction work at a very rapid pace, in light of a major security tightening in the border area in eastern Sinai. This morning, the Foundation’s team also monitored the construction of a 7-meter-high cement wall, starting from a point in the village of Goz Abu Waad, south of the city of Rafah, and heading north toward the Mediterranean Sea, parallel to the border with the Gaza Strip.

‎In an interview with Muhannad Sabry, a researcher on Sinai affairs and security in Egypt, he said: “The construction works seen in Sinai along the border with Gaza - establishing a reinforced security perimeter around a specific, open area of land - are serious signs that Egypt may be preparing to accept... And allowing the displacement of the population of Gaza to Sinai, in coordination with Israel and the United States.”

‎Engineering work had begun early in the morning of Monday, February 12, in an area whose northern border is limited to the village of Al-Masoura to the west and a point on the international border line south of the Rafah crossing, while its southern border is limited to the village of Joz Abu Raad and a point on the international border line south of the Kerem Abu Salem crossing. In light of the presence of officers affiliated with the Military Intelligence Service and a number of four-wheel drive vehicles carrying armed tribal members belonging to the “Knights of Al-Haytham” militia, affiliated with the Sinai Tribes Union, which is headed by businessman Ibrahim Al-Arjani, near the “Goz Abu Raad” area, south of the city of Rafah, accompanied by a large number of soldiers. Equipment and bulldozers accompanied by a number of local contractors.
‎⁧‫#سيناء‬⁩ ⁧‫#رفح‬⁩ ⁧‫#غزة‬⁩ ⁧‫#مخيمات_لاجئين‬⁩


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