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  1. I love when Jazzy Jan gets fired up and pulls out the adjectives.
  2. TikTok is a huge shift toward content sharing though - it's not really social media, is it? It's basically just YouBoob... in bite sized form.
  3. Whoops! It was only a matter of time anyway - the advertising industry is on its knees because we've basically become incredibly good at not being effectively advertised to.
  4. Will THIS be the downfall of crony capitalism?
  5. Kim was right that moving to the UK was very much a mistake at the minute - I lasted two months and now at Gatwick Airport running for my life. This is brilliant though - people around the world are just done with platitudes from politicians. Which is why these sorts of interactions are becoming fewer and fewer, and why that Truss has gone into hiding. https://twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1582655459521011713?s=20&t=P_FA6mOZ7_c1R19QYUhvP /Haggis_UK/status/158265511713?s=20&t=P_FA6mOZ7_c1R19QYUhvPg
  6. Elizabeth I is still clearly the more historical Elizabeth and the Elizabethan era will continue to refer solely to her. Seriously until Diana showed up there was no story to tell about this reign.
  7. Sorry what? Where are you finding those figures? That's 4.7 billion people. Diana was 30 million in the UK give or take.
  8. Someone get Camilla a drink already! The two flasks she smuggled into the ceremony must be bone dry by now.
  9. Reading through this thread I can't believe people buy in to all this rubbish. What Meghan should or shouldn't do. Wtf! He's her husband.
  10. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-author-salman-rushdie-attacked-on-lecture-stage-in-new-york-2/ Salman Rushdie, the author whose writing led to death threats from Iran in the 1980s, was attacked and apparently stabbed in the neck Friday by a man who rushed the stage as he was about to give a lecture in western New York. A bloodied Rushdie, 75, was flown to a hospital. His condition was not immediately known. His agent, Andrew Wylie, said the writer was undergoing surgery, but he had no other details. An Associated Press reporter witnessed a man confront Rushdie on stage at the Chautauqua Institution and punch or stab him 10 to 15 times as he was being introduced. The author was pushed or fell to the floor, and the man was arrested.
  11. (NEW YORK) — J.K. Rowling is facing widespread criticism from the transgender community and other activists after tweeting support for a researcher who lost her job for stating that people cannot change their biological sex. The researcher, Maya Forstater, had been a visiting fellow at the Centre for Global Development, which in March declined to renew her contract. A London judge this week upheld her dismissal, finding that her views of sexual identity were “absolutist,” even if they violate someone’s “dignity and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.” On Thursday morning, Rowling tweeted a response that said: The Harry Potter author is otherwise known for her liberal political views and many on Twitter labeled her a TERF (Trans Exclusive Radical Feminist). Among those criticizing her was the Human Rights Campaign, which tweeted: A spokeswoman for Rowling said that the author would not have any further comment.
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