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  1. Remember M getting dragged for not having a warning at the start of her video (even though she did)... let’s see how this plays out...
  2. Visually beautiful video, the styling and particularly Madonnas outfits and wig was gorgeous!
  3. Ffs I thought she meant it dropped LAST Friday! I’ve been on YouTube looking for the video (for probably a whole minute ) berating and cursing myself and wondering HOW could I have missed that! (while thinking, God, it must have been really shite ) Thankfully I checked in here and self persecution averted!!
  4. That brat is actively stumping the growth of the GC video. People will read her comments, and take her at value and assume she's telling the truth and Madonna is a cunt. And then they wont watch the video! Why oh why would the brat do that? I've been reading people saying that girl has been looking for money on her social media but has since deleted those tweets. Could she be getting paid to do what she did? It would be something major if she was. But to actively try stop a very valuable message on gun control reaching as much of the public as possible is just not making sense t
  5. Little brat is probably really worried that Madonna would steal her thunder as a gun control spokes person. Can’t get over her massive ego! That chip on her shoulder is so big it’s a fucking oak tree!
  6. That girl has such a chip on her shoulder. Clearly she didn’t watch the video. When it’s made clear to her Madonna did in fact have the disclaimer at the top of the video she changes her anger to being about how or who can talk about gun control? The fuck is wrong with her? Very very arrogant.
  7. Same! And all in a milli second I thought it was a face swap with Debbie THEN my eyes focused and it’s M with a model head, wired!
  8. Ariana Grande's brother is twirling away to Come Alive in her Insta stories! https://www.instagram.com/arianagrande/
  9. I always thought her love for M real, she's a genuine fan. I also think Miley is too, we'll wait and see if she posts anything. Your Katy, Beyonce, Timberlakes etc have never really supported her and on this particular topic they are waaaay to safe of players to indorse this.
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