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Karens Gone Wild!


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On 6/22/2020 at 10:57 AM, jonski43 said:

US Karen's seem to be slightly different to UK ones.

Ours are hard faced cows with 'i want to speak to the manager' haircuts and resting bitch face. Just gobby bullies. 

Nah...US Karen's & Kens=WORST worldwide! Special (in)breed of extra absolute shiate. lol 

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I don't think we need another Florida thread but here we go again.


  • Tina Kindred, 53, was acting 'out of control,' according to reports, which led to a response from the Ocala Police Department on Monday 
  • Kindred can be seen naked standing on top of a restaurant bar
  • She begins trashing the bar, pulling each bottle down and smashing them 
  • Kindred emerges out of the bar and begins to approach a police officer 
  • When she gets close, the cop deploys a taser, knocking Kindred to the ground 
  • The cop yells at her to get on her stomach as he threatens to use it again
  • Outside of THC, however, Kindred did not appear to have any narcotics in her system after she was treated by medical staff
  • She has been charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement, as well as felony criminal mischief after doing thousands of dollars of damage 


download (1).jpeg

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