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  1. Exhilaration! Sigh of relief! Joy! So many emotions! Justice has been served!
  2. Here is another one! They are kicked out of the plane and I love how the rest of the passengers react! Keep em coming! Lock them UP!
  3. Now they are scared and crying like babies! Love it!
  4. The Latin Americans who voted for Trump because they didn't want to see this country turned into Venezuela or Cuba....
  5. Sad but so True! This is not the USA anymore, this is a Banana Republic...
  6. Warnock WINS, Ossof Leads! Yay! What a great morning this has been so far!
  7. Today is the day! Come on Georgia!!!!
  8. The news about the vaccine being 90% effective was data provided by Pfizer but not peer reviewed yet so be careful with high expectations... I DO hope that Pfizer results are REAL and that we can overcome this pandemic next year!
  9. Useful websites to help Democrats win upcoming runoffs in Georgia! https://www.mobilize.us/crooked/ https://secure.actblue.com/donate/georgiasenate https://www.mobilize.us/electjon/event/362688/?force_banner=true&share_context=event_details&share_medium=copy_link
  10. Now to support the state of Georgia to get Senate majority! If Democrats win both runoffs—and Kamala Harris is vice president—then Democrats will gain majority. (Vice presidents can provide tie-breaking votes.) What happens if either of the republicans, win their runoffs with Biden being elect-president? Four more years of gridlock. The House and the White House will be Democrat-controlled, with a Republican-controlled Senate. Mitch McConnell will continue to be senate majority leader and will block all Biden proposals! This is not over yet! We have to support the GA runoffs in Janua
  11. When is Biden's speech tonight????? I have been glued to CNN/MSNBC since Tuesday. I am feeling a sigh of relief now after many days feeling very anxious! Also, I love the enthusiasm of Steve Kornacki in MSNBC covering ballots numbers coming in from all the toss up states! He is also gay! Go Steve!
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