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  1. Basically carbon copy sh!t show as the GQP in the US! Yes, 'who/whatever' replaces him may actually be worse! Same far right dark money approved/puppeteer of Murdoch, Koch etc.. turd tornado just more faux likability...initially. Exactly what's brewing in the US w/ Horrida Governor DeSatanis if/when he gets or steals power. Yet, on the surface instantly not 'as optically rough' (like what'll prob. replace Johnson in the UK).
  2. Congrats to all the Aussie's!! Fab. pleasant surprise to see this! Morrison. Lol Pray (between your great results & the recent French election) sanity is trying to become a thing again worldwide. And all a backlash to the bat sh!t far right victories in 2016 (Brexit/RUmp) etc.. Only recent disappointment was Hungary but thrilled AU came through!! US is just getting more bonkkkers in real time so hoping the upcoming midterms end up a pleasant Australian like surprise! (voting *against far right Q crazed extremes) vs 'excitement' about Biden.
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