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  1. Hey @svperstar hope you are well!

    My ability to send and receive private messages has disappeared!?!

    Could this be restored please hun?

    Thank you x

  2. That’s right! It show in Scotland but last night most of the entire UK saw it! Everyone was looking up at the sky I’ll be out again tonight
  3. This was from my back garden in Nottingham England where I live last night
  4. I never said they are. I said they might.
  5. Because they have attacked Israel. The west are allies of Israel so they could back an attack or get involved in Israel’s counter attack when it happens?
  6. If the west now launch an attack on Iran it could well be the start of World War 3.
  7. Hi, Confessit, how's it going? 

    I just wanted to let you know what's going on since I don't have the option to PM anymore. All my posts have been erased, and I'm limited to 5 a day. The pop princess section is out of the question. lol. It's ridiculous, and I suspect the same thing has happened to Jonski for what we said a few weeks ago. What happens when you try to PM me?  Madonnanation is a mess for me now. lol

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crux


      Thanks, hon! The thing is I did receive a warning and suspension, and all my posts were erased because of the conversation in the Gaga thread. I think the punishment Jonski and I are receiving is very harsh for what was said, tbh.

    3. Confessit


      Oh I didn’t realise so pleased to see you back!

      I don’t know if it’s appropriate for me to ask what you said that got you the boot for a while?!

      But hope you are restored to your former glory x

    4. Crux


      Thanks, hon.

      It's all in the old Gaga thread. Jonski and I aired our views on one particular matter and were silenced and shut down as if we were J K Rowling and Kellie Jay Keen. lol


  8. I don’t think he’s got 6 years to live
  9. I know! Shes just in recovery she will be back
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