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  1. I see the essence of what your saying. The issue is complex and is hyper sensitive across the board. The issue with what JK said is that it was a sentence and a short reference that can be taken as transphobic. I think the consensus is if someone refers to a trans person as just that trans it is received negatively as a trans person has always been the gender they have chosen to become, not the gender they were born with. My issue with the whole debate considering JK Rowling and previous debates around the trans issue is what consummates transphobia? What is phobia anyway? What is h
  2. I never said that or at least that’s no true the point I was making..... society has changed and continues to change but censorship is not the answer in my opinion. We need to accept that films are made in times when society wasn’t as civilised as it is today. I remember watching Birth of a Nation at school and being horrified as we all were but it should remain as a reminder these things have happened. Shall we shut Auschwitz in that case and forget about it? But it happened we need to remember. YES that’s an extreme example but I’m afraid the principal is the same. If w
  3. I support the BLM campaign with all my heart but this is getting a tad ridiculous now (And is nothing directly to do with them it’s other people feeling a need to take action). Attempting to re-write history by removing films isn’t the answer. Surly these films are held up as a product of the times they were made and it’s a known fact racism existed as blatantly and disgustingly as depicted in GWTW. Removing it does nothing but hide away the fact it had the racist undertones. If we are going to open up the vaults and make decisions based on societies standards today then half of the
  4. The problematic idea of celebrating a person who has made their fortunes on the back of the slave trade by erecting a statue of them on a podium so they can be marvelled at on the streets of Britain is a pretty remarkable feat is it not? Whilst I firmly don’t agree with mindless vandalism of monuments such as Queen Victoria who has nothing to do personally with the slave trade and actually embraced foreign cultures with open arms, we need to address the statue issue sensibly . There is no denying that many people who have built buildings and created institutions in this country did make
  5. I agree with you totally IF we were having this debate a decade ago but she’s in her 60s now and had spent a decade away from the charts. The boats sailed but I believe as I think you are adhering to the fact that had she of remained with Warner’s she could of enjoyed charts hits well into her 50s like she always had.
  6. Agree 100%. It was odd that they didn’t even try but I think after RH sank without a trace after she put the effort in I think she knew she was going to do a very exclusive small tour just for the fans so there was less effort put in to selling Madame X like we got last time round with RH. Had she of planned another world tour with arenas then all the things you listed would of been done and isn’t expect more promo from her. But she was only ever going to do the mini residencies which it at those ticket prices would of only (and did only) attract her hardcore fan base.
  7. Hmmm that’s the official story. But Maluma is hardly an unknown. He has a massive online profile with over a billion hits on YouTube. He is absolutley massive in the Latin markets. Whilst I agree he is not popular in America/Europe, no doubt Madonna and her team thought he would bring with him his online magic as he has done when he has collaborated with other artists. I think the plan was to try and get her on the streaming/YouTube platform as radio is a non-starter. Yes she admires Him and yes the album is a love letter to all things Latin, but he was chosen for his popul
  8. Madame X didn’t have any commercial potential in terms of the charts. Crave is the only song that could if radio still played her have the ability to break through... (and she didn’t even promote that anywhere except the music video !) ...Madonna turned her back on playing by the rules after she went out and worked the hell out of Rebel Heart and it just sank everywhere. So she made an experimental album without thinking about singles or commercial potential because she knows as we all do she doesn’t compete in the charts anymore. God Control is by far one of the best and most intere
  9. I agree these few parents protesting don’t represent the Muslim community anymore than I do. They shame the whole faith. I would of thought the UKs Equality Act Law would of prevented these protestors stopping it I thought it was the law now for same sex love/commitment to be taught in UK schools.
  10. Critically yes it did very well but not commercially.
  11. No it didn’t but I think Graham’s comment was highlighting albums that are no where near as MX That did do well rather than a put down.
  12. Oh God it was just as slow and boring from a different angle.
  13. It’s shocking stuff. He lied to the Queen it’s a serious abuse of his position. Surley he will reign now how can he carry on when his actions have been found unlawful.
  14. Spot on baby! I don't think she would of made this type of album at any other point in her career. She is at a point where the masses just aren't exposed to her work anymore through the sheer demographics of the audience that defines the charts. So rather than try to appeal to it which I feel much of RH did she has chose to create an album where she can really be artistic and make statements that she wouldn't of otherwise. But MX is holding its own and through great reviews, stunning visuals and the exposure it has got it's been so warmly recived. MX challenges convention. The songs
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