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  1. I don't get why it gets so long to counts those votes either. I guess there are time consuming procedures to verify votes sent by mail.
  2. I think they have a clear system to predict the winner in a state. They compare the lead with the votes remaining to be counted and they call a winner if there is no reasonable mathematical chance for the result to change. They act exactly the opposite way that Trump does.
  3. Never been there. Most movies suggest it's a normal country;-)
  4. His result is extraordinary given his presidency. I can't believe you can be such a liar and narcissist, speak like a total idiot and get almost half of votes.
  5. She must have had a bad day and overreacted. A journalist has a right to give her opinion, comments and present things the way she sees. M may be not happy and critisise quality, but that attack was too much.
  6. You know I just can’t change This is how I’m made I love how she sings "made"
  7. It was fun to watch. Especially for tv viewers, for live audience it was probably a bit messy. The chemistry between Madonna and Maluma is great, so I would probably scrap the whole story and rather cheap decorations and build the performance around the two of them, with 100% live vocals. Something more intimate.
  8. Her vocals havent sounded this fresh and not forced for a long time.
  9. It does get better with every listen. Production is flawless.
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