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  1. You can say that a million times! And I love that she took them on tour It means it's not just the video It's an integral part of the story she wants to tell
  2. Eerie, powerful But they continued playing It's always the damn Church! I'm shaking
  3. You can add Mormons, Pentecostal, you name it. They're all sects. Frightening
  4. Because evangelism = evil disguised as sainthood
  5. Taking on Canada? Good luck dear Is it true somebody has been shot outside the WH? Trump being removed before starting some press conference?
  6. I'm sorry but you're missing the point of what's happening globally right now. End of the second world war, America takes over what was once Britain's role, a de facto global Empire. With the excuse of liberation in Europe (when it must be noted that Russia contributed to the defeat of Hitler too) Europe becomes a de facto US colony and every foreign office is subjected to and responding to Washington DC and the CIA, our own foreign offices in Europe are nothing but CIA branches Anyway, in the past twenty years in particular US governments, utilizing 9/11 as an excuse to do so (ther
  7. Blasphemy! On a Madonna forum!? You HAVE TO blindly love her
  8. It's embarrassing China and Russia are the Devil but Saudi Arabia who openly sponsors ISIS and Al Qaeda and Wahhabism in general is fine, go figure And it's not just the US, it's the UK and the EU too. Unacceptable hypocrisy So let me get this right, those Saudi secret service pros can waltz in and out any international embassy and kill undisturbed? Oh right they're getting all those billions to kill poor innocent Yemeni children with internationally banned weaponry, so that feels like the least Shame on the hypocrisy of "The Unquestionable West". Keep using Sa
  9. Couple who claim they saw Dominic Cummings on second lockdown trip complain to police watchdog EXCLUSIVE: Number 10 are under pressure to produce the evidence Dominic Cummings did not make a second lockdown trip after new witnesses make claims New witnesses who believe they spotted Dominic Cummings on a second coronavirus lockdown trip to the North East have complained to the police watchdog claiming that officers did not properly investigate their case. Dave and Clare Edwards put in an official complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct on Wednesda
  10. Isn't it ironic?? They literally shut off Portugal for having a few clusters and yet Britain remains the worst affected country in Europe with the highest numbers six months on and the moron goes around playing with bricks?? Poor UK if they get out of the EU without a deal, if they have spent months dealing with this unprecedented situation with such a shambolic, careless, lying way made of announcements that never came to anything, many times contradictory between them, what would could they deliver on the Brexit talks front?
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